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Anonymous 24112

Let's play a game, miners. Bring back a face.


>Hobbies: Aggressive Skating

Anonymous 24118


>How much money would you need to shave your hair off? You actually mean: ‘How much food would you need to shave your hair off?’

Anonymous 24123


I actually follow pic related on insta. He cute.

Anonymous 24144


This one is pretty cute in a weird way.

Anonymous 24158


>What’s your favourite fashion city and why?: None, not very into “fashion”

Anonymous 24161


How do some of these dudes even find work

Anonymous 24162


This guy looks like he just got bonked over the head

Anonymous 24163


This is literally Chad. Chad White.

Anonymous 24164


Some of these guys are pretty but also look like they belong in high school and so that's a weird feeling

Anonymous 24165


If I had to pick one, this guy is probably my top choice, but damn does he need to trim the beard

Anonymous 24173

Anonymous 24175

This one's the cutest.
Ugly-cute male models trump all.

Anonymous 24178

must be nice to make a living off your face

Anonymous 24193

must be nice to sit on them

Anonymous 24213


Rate this dude

Anonymous 24214


Anonymous 24215

6/10 not white

Anonymous 24216


Anonymous 24217


oh my GOD this guy is so attractive

Anonymous 24230


>What is your biggest fear?: Dogs lol

Anonymous 24239


>A challenger approaches.

Anonymous 24240

Most of these guys are effing ugly

Anonymous 24246

Many models look… unique. What's your type then, anon?

Anonymous 24249


This guy at least doesn't look like a teenage alien.

Most of them remind me of my pupils, which makes me want to punch them hard in the face.

Anonymous 24251

he looks like half these boys but older

Anonymous 24262

Hot, slender, and French

Anonymous 24282


this dude looks like a monster
this guy you can just tell in a second he is French

Anonymous 24283

so many of these guys just remind me of weird vampires

Anonymous 24285

true, but I'd let >>24249 suck me dry

Anonymous 24286

I have literally seen at least two Merkelmen similar to him IRL.

Anonymous 24292


>suck me dry
Did you just let it slip that you’re a guy?

Anonymous 24293

he looks like off-brand zuckerberg

Anonymous 24295

suck dry as in suck all your blood because they look like vampires

Anonymous 24296


Who's your favorite vampire, anon?

Anonymous 24300


I don't even know any good 3d vampires besides like Bela Lugosi but I'm not >>24285
this person anyway.

Anonymous 24302

this site is really useful for me because when I am drawing I have a huge supply of reference photos by just opening that page so thanks op

Anonymous 24303


Anonymous 24327

What do you have against facesitting?

Anonymous 24337

HAHA no i meant my blood but true the optics are bad, ((mods pls no ban I'm a girl))

Anonymous 24376


He looks really feminine when you can't see his eyebrows.

Anonymous 24380


>My friends sometime refer to me as Model-Erik or Drum-Erik and my family call me Pusspinnen (kiss stick).But just Erik is more common.

Anonymous 24415

the ideal bishonen

Anonymous 24465



Anonymous 24494


>Who are your idols?: Miyazaki Hayao
Why is there one woman randomly on this page?

Anonymous 24610


>What’s been your most lavish purchase: My girlfriend’s Christmas present
well fuck

Anonymous 24633


>What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud? Seeing a dog on a scooter

Anonymous 24663


Blond qt man

>Hobbies: I like spending time with my friends and working out. Also i’m really into video games!

Please play vidya with me you swedish hottie

Anonymous 24817


>What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: P.O.D. – Youth of the Nation

Anonymous 24819

driver walter farr…

Looks like this guy.
>Driver Walter Henry Farrell of the 2nd Divisional Signals Company, with the unit mascot, a rooster named 'Jack' or 'Jackie', perched on his shoulder. Members of the unit had brought the animal from Egypt in 1916 when it was still a chick. They found 'Jack' a better guard than a dog, as he attacked any stranger who entered the unit lines.
pic taken in 1917, France.

Anonymous 24823

That rooster is so cool. They really do look alike, like a reincarnation.

Anonymous 24830


>Nickname: Wolverine. Some folks seem to think I have a bit of Hugh Jackman going on.

I thought I wouldn't find any that I like because almost all of them look like young teens even though most seem like they're in their early to mid 20s. I found this one though, yumm.

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