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A time anon was brave Anonymous 24166

What is the bravest or most badass thing you have ever done?

Anonymous 24177

ran away from an abusive house

Anonymous 24181

Beat the shit out of one if the girls and her boyfriend who had tormented me for years back in highschool. Something just snapped in me one day and wailed on them. Ever since been rather aggressive and like to fight.

Anonymous 24183


That sounds cool asf, deets pls

Anonymous 24184

Well this girl and her friends liked to bully me in highschool, honestly before that too, but didn't really get bad until highschool. I was a rather tall lanky skelly girl then. Still tall and lanky now, about 6'2. Anyway on that day had a bad morning as it is, and the bitch with her bf decided to fuck with me at lunch. I usually sat alone didn't have many friends and just a loner in general. Typical mean girl shit picking apart my looks like my height, and how basically almost flat as a board. I just wanted the bitch to shut up. Her boyfriend was eating shit off my trey and chipping in here and there. I suppose I just finally broke and I punched her right in the mouth as hard as I could. Then kicked the bf in the gut or maybe nuts? It was an under the table kick hard to tell
I knocking the wind out of him. Both of them where on the ground now so I just started screaming and wailing on the bitch on the ground as she curled up. Got a few good punches and kicks in before a teacher pulled me off.

I wasn't going to take shit anymore I had it that day. Because it wasn't a secret I was being bullied I didn't get in a lot of trouble some in school suspension but that just gave me time to catch up on some school work. Few months later she tried to pick a fight with me again, this time some butch lesbian in tow, think she was trying to scare me, but I took a text book to the lesbians head and gave her a concussion. I actually did get in some hot water for that. Though I was left alone in peace since. I became a gym monkey and work out rather obsessively, like to do some amateur boxing at the gym when the fighting urge crops up.

Anonymous 24192


Anonymous 24233

Wow anon we could be friends or at least gym buddies irl.

I can relate to

>Ever since been rather aggressive and like to fight.

But probably not to the same extent.

Anonymous 24234

Do you want to share story? Like where did you run off to, what happened afterwards?

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