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Anonymous 24169

Give a hug and tell about your day

Anonymous 24170

Helper, what are you doing here? Miners don't associate with frogs

Anonymous 24171


>when the guy you meet is attractive but he's a sperglord and a social disaster

Anonymous 24172


I saw a man with a Mgla shirt (a band I like) and my day became 20% better
To everyone who is reading this I hope something makes your day 20% better too

Anonymous 24174


Thanks for the hug OP. Just what I needed. Today, I let someone else cook breakfast for me since she offered, but she got distracted and I had to cook it myself anyways. She's a very irritating person and unpleasant to be with. Yesterday wasn't so good either. I usually don't bother with her but since she lost her job she's home more often. I hope she gets a new job soon so I don't have to see her as much.

how's your day?

Anonymous 24176



My day has just started! I've been NEETing for the past two weeks, so there's nothing crazy to do today, just household chores and shitpost.

Anonymous 24182

Looking for a job, mostly just sat around today in my pajamas drinking and screwing around on the internet. I'm usually more productive but today is a rest day.

Anonymous 24205

frog hug.png

I like how these pics match nicely including the post itself

Anonymous 24206


Anonymous 24212

wtf that sounds great

Anonymous 24218


It does, who wouldn't want an attractive husbando who is socially inept? You wouldn't have to share with him anyone!

Anonymous 24225

the day went well

it's the last day i have the house to myself, so i've been singing and listening to music outside of headphones! i'm gonna miss practicing as loud ::(

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