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Anonymous 24238

What's your opinion on physician gender in obstetrics and gynecology? Are female physicians always superior in this field owing to their greater natural empathy for lady problems and enhanced ability to put patients at ease? Or do female physicians tend to be more dismissive and less receptive of patient concerns than males in this field?

Anonymous 24387

My OBGYN is a man and he's very good at his job, it doesn't bother me that he's a guy. I picked his practice because it's part of a facility known for being very good locally. You see a lot of dicks and vaginas working in healthcare and it's not sexual.

Anonymous 24390

If I saw that my gyno was a male, I'd walk right out again. Men don't have sympathy for women and could not properly diagnose one, there are studies to show that.

Anonymous 24392

Anonymous 24393

Agreed. It's also your right to refuse them.

Anonymous 24397

Usually I pick women, unless they're Brawn Hilda the Speculum Warrior or are old they're gentle enough.

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