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How did everyone here figure out their adult life Anonymous 24349

How did everyone here figure out what they were interested in? How did you all come the conclusion you'd like to have the job you currently have, if you consider yourself relatively pleased with your job? What is the divide between your hobbies and your job?

I'm hoping to gain some insight from this.

Anonymous 24360

I'm not working in my field yet (still in school) but I picked what I did because of money tbh.
Or rather, a balance of wanting to get ahead and wanting to do something I wouldn't despise. In my case, ideally I'd make comics for a living but that's just not congruent with escaping poverty (unless I resorted to drawing furry porn but…well, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered it lmao). To max out income I could have gone after a STEM degree but I know deep down I couldn't handle that, so I settled for business.

In the end I think most people settle when it comes to work.

So what are your interests anon? What goals do you have in life?

Anonymous 24364

I feel exactly the same. Also I think most people here are in school still right?

My dad would tell me I needed to figure out what I want to do, I realized there was not a single job I wanted to do. So it all boiled down to money and not hating my life every day for it. So I went for something that minimized suffering/dread, wasn't above my intelligence or abilities and wasn't this uphill battle to achieve while making a decent enough income to never have to worry about finances again.

So now I'm working to be a tradeswoman. I thought I wanted to be a nurse for the longest time but in the end didn't want to handle people's disrespect for a living because I'm short tempered and thin skinned.

It has absolutely nothing to do with my hobbies or passions. It's a means to and end and the income will fuel my hobbies and a wardrobe full of expensive stuff.

In public school, and especially towards the end, they were always pushing this "take this test and find a career that is suited for YOU and your personality", it seems like this massive lie that we're all supposed to fall into these careers we love.

Anonymous 24365

>>resorted to drawing porn
If I could draw I'd gladly do that lmao

Anonymous 24367

electrician, sorry

Anonymous 24369

I was always sort of my family and friends' "therapist", so that's what I became. Now I'm in this weird bind where I feel resentful that I had to learn these interpersonal/emotional skills from an early age, and yet I've also been fairly successful in this professional venture. I just finished my PhD and look forward to good job prospects.

I also think you just have take opportunities that you come across or are offered to you and try them out. I know that sounds dumb, but you often really can't know til you try.

"Natural" talents/tendencies + Trying shit out = Possibly fulfilling career path

Anonymous 24375


Most adults don't know how to be an adult. Like me. The older you get the more you see it.

Anonymous 24386

You need time to figure that out, try different things, find a general direction and then research what you want to specialise in.

When I was younger I started a training where I did stuff with my hands (I don't want to be specific, sorry). But I ended up hating it. The only thing I liked about it was planning/organizing things.
So I studied business with the intention of doing something with marketing because it seemed to be fun. After an internship I realised while marketing is interesting I liked finance much more. It sounds really boring at first but if you actually research it you will find out there are a lot of interesting things about it.
Last year I started my carreer and it just feels right. I like my job.

>In public school, and especially towards the end, they were always pushing this "take this test and find a career that is suited for YOU and your personality", it seems like this massive lie that we're all supposed to fall into these careers we love.

I hated these tests so much. They are extremely superficial and gave weird, seemingly random results that didn't help at all.

Also I dislike the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. It's naive. There are always going to be things you dislike about your job, no matter what you do.
I've talked to a successful artist once who pretty much made what he absolutely loved into his carreer. He told me it's great but 75% of the things he does are things he doesn't enjoy, i.e. organizing things or managing his company.

Anonymous 24409

I like aesthetics, puzzles, variety in workload & tasks. Studied art at uni but dropped out. I've had a lot of diff jobs in diff fields (art teacher, secretary, graphic designer, barista, + more) and I think the more jobs u have, the more you begin to see what roles suit you and what to look for in a company. I like my current job as a graphic & industrial designer a lot, every day is different and I learn a lot. I think finding what u love just takes a lot of doing and learning by experience.

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