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Anonymous 24401

Why are Indian Chads so rare?

Anonymous 24403

Eh, I've seen a couple at my university.
I'm actually really attracted to just average South Asian/desi dudes, I like that they're smaller on average but still often have angular (not square or neotenic) features. Too bad their culture often affects them negatively in regards to women.

Anonymous 24404

because their culture tends to mold their personalities to be super autist-tier, at least around women.

Anonymous 24407


Excuse me, they are mega Chads. They have the best pick up lines too.

Anonymous 24410

I scremed (from sexual pleasure)

Anonymous 24445


Anonymous 42548

what the fuck
Is this normal way of thinking among indians? It's creepy as hell.

Anonymous 42560


they all went to pakistan

Anonymous 43705

indian masculinity has been broken by centuries of foreign rule, all that is left is subservience

Anonymous 43746

They aren't, the hottest guy in my school was indian and it's difficult to find Chads amongst Indian fobs.
Ngl, Indian men are hot but the way they treat women disgusts me and hearing about how women are treated over there along with their caste system makes me steer clear of them

Anonymous 44238

I assume it has something to do with dysgenic development due to arranged marriage. Lots of Indian chads where I grew up since only the strongest would have survived the trip when they came. Indian guys are assholes and treat women like garbage though. I do not recommend it. White guys are much nicer. They treat you well, are less likely to cheat and actually help around the house.

Anonymous 48525

Indian boys are super cute…

Anonymous 48528



Anonymous 48534

I've noticed that indian men are same as men here, dress same look same(but shorter and browner) but 70 years ago. Mustache, those thick glasses, shirts etc

Anonymous 48535

Why are we having so many threads about Indian moids?

Anonymous 48562

I fucking love skinny/lanky brown boys.
I've noticed it too lmao

Anonymous 53554

they smell weird always and have tiny frames

and typically unattractive faces

there are billions of them so that also isn't in their favor

Anonymous 56895

Aryan/Indian admixtures.

Anonymous 56969

pajeets are the worst moids, they're so desperate the strangers on streets go out of their way to do the creepy i-want-your-attention-but-i'm-too-beta-to-risk-talking getting closer, and i do the cringe emoji face. i probably have a face only attractive to poop. will happily die femcel married to a craft.

Anonymous 57023

I have a Pajeet fetish.

Anonymous 57061

> the hottest guy in my school was indian
kek where do you live?

Anonymous 57062

i had a chad indian classmate in highschool, they def exist

Anonymous 57088

I like cute Indian guys, if they're Westernized they usually interact with women pretty normally. All the Indian guys at my high school were pretty handsome, well-liked, and popular, I went to a very liberal high school that wouldn't tolerate sexism/sexual harassment so that probbaly helped weed out the bad ones.

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