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Anonymous 24450

i really fuckin hate anime(U no rike glorious anime art from nippon? アク禁)

Anonymous 24451


i really fuckin love anime

Anonymous 24455

why didnt you post this in the unpopular opinion thread instead of making a whole new thread?

Anonymous 24456


Anonymous 24458

because fuck you bitch i do what i want

Anonymous 24460

Based and redpilled

Anonymous 24463



Anonymous 24464

future self.jpg

say that to my face and see what happens

Anonymous 24467

Stop being mean to my friends on diamond.bistro

Anonymous 24479


Anime died in the early 2000's

Anonymous 24480


Yep, they just don't make'em how they used to. Neon Genesis Evangelion, now THAT was an anime.

Anonymous 24483

dagashi kashi came out in 2016

Anonymous 24485


most anime is shit

Anonymous 24488

looks pretty bad ngl. i'm not saying the story is shit just because anime is shit. there's a lot of good mango out there, it's just anime in general is shit now. not op but it's mostly the art and fan service that ruined anime.

Anonymous 24490


Anime used to be good, but this dumb artstyle like in OP is everywhere now. 90% of the anime in any given season are moeshit. Then top that off with screeching dumb girly voices, fanservice, and lazy writing. Now I just hate anime in general. Is there any reason to follow the industry anymore?

Anonymous 24491

>90% of the anime in any given season are moeshit.

I just ignore these and pretend they don't exist, so I am able to say that I enjoy anime. These anime are entirely pointless except for as a source of reaction images.

Anonymous 24492

D-did OP actually get banned?

Anonymous 24493

insult japan? get handed a ban

Anonymous 24495

what's the closest anime counterpart to FMA for the latter part of this decade? (dont mention SAO)

as in; little/no fan-service, a adventurous story of sorts (not slice of life), not relying on pure heavy violence/shock-value to tell a narrative, no dependence on moe for unique characters etc. It's not to say that FMA was even a masterpiece (its not). I'm sure there maybe some recent sci-fi anime I may have never heard of with all those traits but I dont wanna deal with mecha-shit

Anonymous 24496

no, she responded after the fake ban too here >>24458

Anonymous 24497

zero. rip.

Anonymous 24498


The best one I can think of is Parasyte, but it is violent.

Anonymous 24499

what's your most favoritist anime series?

Anonymous 24500

I hate these questions because anime liking is so elitist.

Anyway my favorite of all time is either samurai champloo or michiko to hatchin. Both old so it's not really disproving your point about this decade being shit.

And yours?

Anonymous 24501


Have you seen Mob Psycho 100, anon?
Despite the slow start it's genuinely fun once it gets going and even side characters or villains have their own arcs or life philosophies. While it may not be a super deep show, it's great for what it is and I'd recommend seeing how you feel after three episodes

Anonymous 24502

mid-2000s is considered old now? I guess EVA and akira are ancient, and I am sad.

I never said this decade was good or shit, I only asked for your favoritist anime series to see other user's tastes and see what brings them enjoyment/happiness; I dont see what would be elitist about that. As for my favorite anime; that is extremely hard for me as I enjoy 90% of what I see but with that comes the problem of not necessarily seeing a anime as "great" as opposed to just "good". A scatter of titles I enjoy say 1% more than others in their respective diverse subgenres for own respective merits would look like this:

Shiritsu Tantei: Toki Shouzou Trouble Note
The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Violet Evergarden
Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin
Salaryman Kintarō
Golden Kamuy
91 days
C (thats the name just "c")
Spice and wolf
Galaxy Express 999
The Laughing Salesman
Mystic Messenger
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Supermilk Chan!
Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler
Wo De Tian Jie Nv You
Bernard-jou Iwaku
Shima Kousaku no Asia Risshi-den
Ghost in the Shell SAC

these are all very fine Japanese cultural exports; but the pattern is simple, if it has wolf-boys I like it. The only anime I dont actually like is probably anything by Ghibli (I tried to like it but couldn't but I found Porco Rosso and Mononoke to be "above average"); but I guess thats due to the praise distorting perceptions and making you expect more (+ nostalgia ranking those highly). Speaking of nostalgia my very first anime I got into (as in actively watching the story and caring for the plot as opposed to just glancing over your brother watching yu gi oh/pokemon) was Witch-hunter Robin on adultswim. I would rate it as good, but I am immune to nostalgia and recognize that I may like it more than others for reasons other than the anime itself as opposed to my experiences with it so I wouldn't put it down on the list.

Anonymous 24503

that was 13 years ago, so yeah they're old now.

>I dont see what would be elitist about that.

I didn't mean you were elitist, it's the moment I open up it opens up for condescending attack(not from you necessarily but from anyone) so I am hesitant to ever discuss.

Anonymous 24507

also, I mistook you for the anon that said

>anime this decade is 90% moe shit


no bump

Anonymous 24514


I really fucking love anime. If I don't watch at least 10 anime per season I feel incomplete.

Anonymous 24515

Yo use smaller words if you dont want to be an elitist. I almost had to bust out the dictionary to read this post.

Anonymous 24517

>A scatter of titles I enjoy say 1% more than others in their respective diverse subgenres for own respective merits would look like this

My head hurts trying to read this.

Anonymous 24527

Anime is good and the character designs keep getting better and more moe as time goes on, I am glad to be alive

Anonymous 24566

Anonymous 149287

your average shonen-tard everyone, yikes

Anonymous 149294

This but unironically

Anonymous 149299


hakumei to mikochi is very chill and cute

Anonymous 149337

Nowadays I only rewatch anime from the 90's and 00's and wait for the adaptations of my favourite mangos.
Anime is so shitty now that every time a new manga becomes semi popular you can tell by the cover alone which one is going to get an anime, because Japanese otaku preferences are so repetitively predictable

Anonymous 149380


Demon Slayer is a bit bad when it comes to the fanservice (every adult MUST HAVE giant titties) but it does what it does really well (shonen action).

Maybe Jujutsu Kaisen for something closer to FMA? It has some gratuitous body horror though.

I usually only watch slice of life so my exposure and taste isn't the best but I enjoyed those two shows a lot.

Anonymous 149381

Men ruined anime and took the soul out of it by simping for retarded one dimensional moe and yandere girls.

Anonymous 149382

Most of its pretty awful.. yeah… I really love k-on and hyouka though. My all time faves. Anime is usually written like shit and I have a hard time with that

Anonymous 149409

what's wrong with death note?

aside from how misa amane was written. they could've done better with her.

Anonymous 149411

yeah, seems that way for the most part. i tried watching 5 different anime from last season, but none of them really kept me hooked like 2000s anime.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 149416

Moved to >>>/media/26111.

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