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Popular opinions thread Anonymous 24466

Post your popular opinions here. Get things off your chest that you feel comfortable sharing in any other setting.

Anonymous 24468

Torturing an infant baby is cruel and wrong.

Anonymous 24469

is that an unpopular opinion? wat

reminds me of a case that happened in the US this week. someone stabbed a baby and roasted them in the oven. this world is horrible.

Anonymous 24470

OH OH me again. i misread OP. proceed.

Anonymous 24471

Stagnation is the worst feeling and change is good

There I summed up every self-helf book ever written. Where’s my book deal

Anonymous 24473

Food yummy.

Anonymous 24474

Change is indeed good, but it has to be good change and not bad change. For example, changing by losing all your teeth and having mold grow on your scalp would be bad, but changing by becoming /fit/ and happy and healthy and making new friendships would be good.

I hope this discussion has clarified things for you.


Agreed, this world can be so mean. Babies shouldn't be stabbed and roasted in ovens.

Anonymous 24475

Rabbits are cute

Anonymous 24476


I believe in love

Anonymous 24509

Anonymous 24511


I love crystal cafe so much.

Anonymous 24512

Cats are awesome.
Dogs are also awesome.

Anonymous 24513


Animals are awesome.

Anonymous 24520

more muscular men are by far more atractive

Anonymous 24522

I disagree.
But this is still a popular opinion, after all…

Anonymous 24526

I don't mind listening to music on the radio

Anonymous 24531

Hey all you people

It’s not good to kill someone and take their life.

Please no more killing

Anonymous 24536


Chocolate is good.

Anonymous 24539

me too! I don't like it when people say they're above it

Anonymous 24543


Donald Trump isn't a bad president.

Anonymous 24545


don't derail the popular opinions thread with controversy please

By their very nature political views can't exist here

Anonymous 24546

People who smell bad should do something to smell good.

Stinky things are unpleasant to be around.

Teeth should be brushed, butts should be wiped, showers should be taken.

Anonymous 24547


Oo, sorry. That political opinions cannot be popular is an unpopular opinion and belongs in the other thread. Please submit all further complaints there, thank you.

Anonymous 24548

epic troll dude

Anonymous 24553

Males don't really smell that bad

Anonymous 24575

Men are responsible for all the problems in the world.

Anonymous 24576

Chocolate is delicious.

Anonymous 24578



Anonymous 24579

I'm stupid

Anonymous 24580

Is 51% of people holding that opinion enough to make it popular?

I’m sure 99% of people have expressed doubts in themselves and have said those exact words therefore I can conclude this is popular opinion

Anonymous 24582


Anonymous 24583

do you think there aren't men out there who feel men are a problem?

Anonymous 24596

Based and redpilled

Anonymous 24612

you people here seem to be really into chocolate and smell. Therefore I can conclude that the smell of chocolate is popular

Anonymous 24613

Transsexuals is a mental illness and they should not be encouraged in their delusion.
Like everyone with a mental health

Transition is not a solution.

Anonymous 24614

>Like everyone with a mental health

Anonymous 24615

OH ffs I can't write right. Ok guys make fun of me. i deserved that.

Anonymous 24617

You're iq must be low to make such a mistake.

Anonymous 24618

You failed miserably. But I understand what you wanted to say and I agree with you.

Anonymous 24619

Russian women are very pretty.

(Unfortunately I'm not russian)

Anonymous 24620


>tfw to inteligent for gramar mitsakes

Anonymous 24686

men have a shit life til 30 and women's life ends at 30

Anonymous 24687

Can't believe I'm dying at 30, like all women.
I have never known any women in their 40's and 50's, you're right.

Anonymous 24688


You mean I will die at 30?
Oh stop it, you only want to make me feel better.

Anonymous 24690

Remember: you're here forever.

Anonymous 24692

>never known any women in their 40's and 50's
right?! every time I ask my manager how old she is she says she's 29! the woman simply doesn't age
I guess she wants to live forever~~

Anonymous 24727

1: An average man in the first world has a very privileged life before and after 30

2: We are not gay men, we do not have some arbitrary gay death just because our youth is going away. Although I'm dreading 30 and am fast approaching.

Anonymous 24739

Define "privileged"

Anonymous 25046

>1: An average man in the first world has a very privileged life before and after 30
compared to average men in 3rd world countries yea sure, that's the whole advantage of being born in first world places

I think the "life ending" bit was taken too literally~~
>tfw less than 2 years til 30
>tfw it's almost over

Anonymous 25047

>compared to average men in 3rd world countries yea sure

To the point they couldn't really be said to have a "shit life" as a whole.

Anonymous 25688


All of us are beautiful.

Anonymous 25699

AAHH who's the black haired girl/character below Winona?

Anonymous 25722


Why, that's my waifu Audrey in Twin Peaks ( Sherilyn Fenn)

Anonymous 25793

Thanks, she's gorgeous

Anonymous 25996

I think so too. I've never met a russian woman who was overly fat or ugly. They seem to always look incredibly put together. Something I've noticed (there are many at my uni) is that they often don't really wear the newest fashion - but it still looks very good on them or makes the stand out even more in comparison to all the other basic bitches. I'm jealous.
Russian anons, please share your ways! lol

Anonymous 26031

Don't live in Russia but the country next to it - there's a lot of social pressure on girls to look good, that's all. Lots of my classmates tell me that people will treat you VERY differently based on how you present yourself, there's a lot of bullying amongst girls based on how you look, even some family members will roast you for not conforming. People think that every girl who isn't hyperfeminine is a "lesbian" according to a friend of mine and people (sales clerks etc) will be meaner the worse you look, especially in Moscow which is very competitive.

Anonymous 26032

Is it true Russian women hate lesbians? I met one and she reallyyy hated anything to do with lesbians, I don't know if it was just her or because their gov hates gays. sage for derail.

Anonymous 26075

I don't think they feel very strongly about gays in general unless they grew up in a religious/traditional household… which is many of them. A lot of Russians I know are from St. Petersburg which is decidedly more hipstery and liberal and they tend to be fine with it. The others were more reserved, there was one girl who bragged about the police in her city 'dealing with' burqas. So like everywhere, it's kinda individual.

Anonymous 26076

Anonymous 26077

she clearly identifies as an american

Anonymous 26080

Her food looks American too.

Anonymous 26084

You shouldn't be mean

Anonymous 26085

cold fucking steel…


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