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creepy crawly thread Anonymous 24557

I declared that I was going to bed, turned out the lights and laid down with my laptop.

Suddenly I see some pincer like things on the bottom left of my screen.

I jump up and flip the lights on and grab my cat in hopes she'd kill whatever it was.

It's some tan fucking centipede thing that must have been 3 centimeters. She just stares and is all confused and doesn't see it before it crawls down the side of my bed.

It's 4:30am I can't sleep anons. I've never seen such a horrifying creature in my life(irl). Why does this have to exist why why why why is it in my room I keep it tidy and throw away the garbage.

I'm afraid to sit or lay anywhere, I've been ninja squatting for the last 30 minutes while shivering. True suffering nightmare mode tonight.

Anonymous 24558


>not finding centipedes cute
How does it feel to be so wrong?

Anonymous 24559


AHHH spoiler your images


to the gas chambers with all of them

Anonymous 24560


The worst for me is when the only light source in the room is my monitor and a moth comes in 5cm infront of my face and scares the life out of me

i feel for you anon, I'm not good with this stuff too

Anonymous 24561


This man is your friend, he fights for freedom(from creepy crawlies)

Anonymous 24562


This man also fights for your freedom

Anonymous 24563

How big of moths do you get? Luckily they seem small here.

I hope you don't deal with "let me in I'm a fairy" .jpg tier ones.

Story time: Once I left my window open in the rain at 7 years old while it was dark out, with my light on…

30+ moths made a home in my room and my mom had to exterminate them all. What a nightmare.

Insects with fur are 10 times more terrifying, cutie bees being an exception.

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