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Anonymous 25066

did you ever beat a boy in a sport?

Anonymous 25067

Sorry im not into satisfying robots femdom fetishes

Also I never played sports (other than tennis)

Anonymous 25068

no because i don't play sports

Anonymous 25076

You browse /fit/, don't you?

I've beaten men at arm wrestling and cross country, but that was in my high school days. I've never done any other sports.

Anonymous 25081

In fencing in fifth grade because I had already hit puberty and was the biggest kid in the class lol.

Anonymous 25097

I can hold my boyfriend down and tickle him and he's not able to fight back. It's great.

Anonymous 25100

He must be fat

Anonymous 25102

Or very small (the superior boy size).

Anonymous 25104

Nah he's average for his height.

Anonymous 25114

Are you big then?

Anonymous 25118

I'm a big girl(ban evading smeg)

Anonymous 25120

In what way?

Anonymous 25121

For you

Anonymous 25127

That's not me. I guess his first attempt at posting a selfie and attention whoring didn't work so now he's trying to get revenge on me? Joke's still on you, incel.

Anonymous 25128

Is table football considered a sport? if so I've kicked many guys' asses. Same with Mario Kart ofc

Anonymous 25133

Of course it is

Anonymous 25135

I've never lost in a race with any of my friends being a former track star

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