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Drink your water Anonymous 25341

I can't believe we don't have a water thread. Pls go drink your water, anonette. You don't wanna get dehydrated.

Anonymous 25342

Is it ok to drink water kept in a plastic bottle that isn't meant to be reusable? I've been doing it for years and I heard that small bits of plastic can come off of the bottle and into your water so that can be unsafe.
Also why is that girl in the image handing us a bottle labeled sweat

Anonymous 25346

as far as I know, yes, unless you leave it in a hot car for a few hours.

Just thought it'd be funny, it was one of the first pics I found when googling anime and water

Anonymous 25347

Pic related is a type of drink that I think it's called Pocari Sweat IRL. it's a sports drink. Also, yes it's bad to do that, you should buy a proper water bottle.

Anonymous 25348

Thanks, that makes sense.
Do you think it's ok if I just buy a bottle from like Ikea or is that just as bad? I haven't seen water bottles sold anywhere else

Anonymous 25351

Anon, if you have some money to spare, get a Zojirushi. It's worth it, I SWEAR.

Anonymous 25357

Thank you, but whoa… I don't have that much money to spare - and I don't need a thermos bottle, just a plain bottle for water. But thank you, it seems really nice if you want to carry coffee or tea around, or for iced tea in the summer
I've been reading about reusable bottles now and I think I'll buy a simple glass bottle because all the other bottles, like steel or durable plastic come in sizes too big for me and I have a relatively small purse.
Thanks OP for making this thread, you inadvertently made my future a bit healthier

Anonymous 25380

I have replaced most of my water intake with green tea. Many liters a day keeps the doctor away.

Anonymous 25398

Juice is bad
Soda is satan
Water is bed

Bed = good

Anonymous 25400

Be carefull with your iron level my dudette.

Anonymous 25402

>tfw love tea and coffee and am constantly anemic
I chose this path and I will die on it.

Anonymous 25403


You're trying to hold me back from true glory aren't you?

Anonymous 47449

Not good for your kidneys

Anonymous 50017

i want to see who won get

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