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Anonymous 25364

>tfw never pooping
>tfw never farting
>tfw never sweating
>tfw peeing from butt

I love being a woman

Anonymous 25365

are you a boy?

Anonymous 25366

Aren't at least 70% of the people here low key infiltrators, shitposting the day away?

Anonymous 25367


>she doesn't pee from her butt
Are you????

Anonymous 25368

I'm not though. Are you?

Anonymous 25369

Nope. We are the 30%.

Anonymous 25372

>that feel when I poop after breakfast everyday and won't be dying of colon cancer like OP

Anonymous 25376


>claims to be able to poop

Anonymous 25397

Women still have to take showers though

Anonymous 25399

wow I ended up doing it twice today of all days

Anonymous 25405

I love that this is becoming a meme here.

Anonymous 25406

Is it bad I always try to force a pellet out when I pee? Peeing and not pooping is weird to me.

Anonymous 25407


Pellet poops are the result of some kind of nutritional deficiency, I don't really know which and it's probably not such a big deal.

But a poop that doesn't point towards anything being off is supposed to be a 3 on the Bristol stool scale iirc, with 2 being also acceptable.

Anonymous 25408

Don't speak too soon, a bunch of horny krauts from krautchan might start invading worse than r9k already does.

Anonymous 25409

I thought their imageboard was dead?

Anonymous 25410


Yeah for pure pleasure, not because we actually smell DUH

Anonymous 25414

A few of successors appeared after.

Anonymous 25416


>poopy boys stinking up the nopoo pride thread with poo discussion

Anonymous 25424

Real women poop, face the truth.

Anonymous 25425

Fake and gay

Anonymous 25426

smug lain.png

Gay women would accept this truth even easier and not be held back by sexist male "girl don't poop" dogma.

Anonymous 25432

If "she" poops, she's a man baby.

Anonymous 25433


It's highly improbable that every time I've smelled someone taking a shit in the bathroom it was a transwoman.

Anonymous 25436

Foul odors can also be produced by ghosts, habeeb it

Anonymous 25441

>ghosts taking ghost shits in the womens bathroom to troll

Okay I like your idea

Anonymous 25448


Why do you think women's restrooms have a reputation for being dirtier and danker than men's restrooms, you REALLY think we're doing all that when we don't even poop? No, it's ghosts. Trufax.

Anonymous 25457


I've cleaned a lot of bathrooms in my time when I was a teen and early 20s, this meme was untrue the majority of days. It was less than 5 times that the women's bathroom was actually more disgusting.

Although I've heard different from someone who had to clean bathrooms at Walmart. It must get a lot of ghosts.

Anonymous 25458


On second thought, I wonder if this meme stems from various men who had to wipe up period blood a few times?

Anonymous 110108


>get on the computer
>turn on wi-fi
>immediately disappear

Anonymous 110149

The walmart bathrooms were dirtier because of female crack addicts

Anonymous 110158


>transgender tries to become a woman

>""""she"""" still has to poop

Anonymous 110163

>party with 7 feet chads all night
>stumble home to your $1 million house paid by internet orbiters
>get hit by a car and die

>respawn with full inventory because you’re on easy mode
Being a woman is cool ngl.

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