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If the feebleminded turdwipe trump wins again we will all have to evacuate the country. Anonymous 256438

Where would you go and what is your plan ?

Anonymous 256441

trump ftw

Anonymous 256442

Put this mans testicles through a cheese grater stat

Anonymous 256444

not a moid :) god bless the USA

Anonymous 256445


Why would anyone in the right mind vote for a certified narcissist like Trump though?

Anonymous 256446

if you are not a moid then you must be retarded

Anonymous 256447

Then you won't mind if I turn your tranny shlong into salami?

Anonymous 256448


Don't care about voting or politics. All politicians are pedos and all governments are corrupt.

Anonymous 256449

Pfft now this is just a psyop to convince people not to vote against the fruit of Satan loins.

In reality you have a secret hard on for the orange freak

Anonymous 256452


Not really. We've know the politicians were openly pedos since the 80's. With the Boys Town scandal and Finders Cult. Now again with Epstein and Podesta. What has any president really accomplished regardless? Just another pointless war in the middle east? Even before that we had the Vietnam war and CIA toppling South American governments. So why vote for a bunch of war mongering pedophiles only interested in spreading untold human misery?

Anonymous 256453

Your desire to not participate is what enables the worst of them, nona. Presidential elections may be a shitfest, but state and local ones are where your vote truly matters. Not only because less people participate, but also because these people are in charge of the little things that affect your life the most.

Anonymous 256458

Uh I for one want my daughter's to survive beyond climate change ignorant asshole

You can't just call every elected person you vaguely know a pedophile because you have two brain cells and too lazy to look at the facts. Trump would doom the world if he was reelected. If you seriously can't tell the difference between a progressive and a christofascist that wants to ban birth control you're either unforgivably stupid or a liar psyoping

Anonymous 256460

The world's major polluters are China and India. Doubt any American president has much influence or interest in their foreign infrastructure.

Anonymous 256461

All government institutions are self-serving and self-preservation systems funded by big-tech and big-pharma lobbying that don't really exist to solve world problems, because solving these problems means they don't have reasons to exist.
For example, diary industries set up during world wars to satisfy milk powder demands supplied to soldiers and refugees across countries became redundant once the war ended, so the diary lobbyists decided to approach the government to do something about it, and the institutions chose to introduce milk into the American diet and lunch provided at educational institutions, that way both the milk industries survived and the workers didn't end up jobless.
Voting is and never will be a solution. It's simply eyewash to give the illusion of choice, between democrats and republicans, both funded by industrialists and businessmen in suits with a briefcase full of cash to perpetuate the system. Even an idealistic presidential candidate will give in to the harsh reality that waits for him once he takes power.

Are politics allowed in CC now?

Anonymous 256462

The ignorance never stops. Good God stop talking. You don't care about politics right ? So why are you still here ?

Anonymous 256463

Oops, meant to quote 25642.

Anonymous 256464

>Doubt any American president has much influence or interest in their foreign infrastructure.
They actually did. It was actually Trump I think, he managed to punish industries and products from China with tariffs and get a lot of them moving out to other locations.

Anonymous 256466

More tradthot psyops. RW's have conspired to do anything to sabotage voting including rip out polling machines, sabotage the post office, tear up ballots. Now they're here insisting voting is pointless in giant paragraphs dedicated convincing people 'they don't really care' about voting lmao

Anonymous 256467


Anonymous 256469

And shit up virtually everything else in the process.

Anonymous 256472

Yeah, it failed I guess, but just wanted to point it out as an example that the presidents do have power to influence policies elsewhere. They call each other on the phone to talk about important global events and how things should move to, and even participate in G20 or G7 summits to discuss about these things and come to agreements. If they want to, they can control pollution or do something that affects pollution levels in China and India, considering that these are countries that aren't direct consumers but exporters of finished products supplied to first world countries. They're technically customers.

Anonymous 256610

I really don't see the country getting any better under either candidate. Most of the stuff people credit Biden with is shit that isn't even actually going to happen. I personally couldn't care less about Ukraine but they still try to credit him with fighting for student debt relief and abortion protection when both of those fronts were failures.
The country has slowly been getting worse under each president since LBJ at least.
Local elections only matter in smaller commumities like suburbs and small towns. I live in a city so no my vote still doesn't count because unions control electoralism one way or another in cities ( I'm not anti union but it's true)

Anonymous 256611

you're right nona! also the russians are involved too!

Anonymous 256613

True. You can affect small rural town politics. Cities on the other hand are a lost cause. I've lived in both rural Oregon and Los Angeles. Feels like parts of California are just a lawless wasteland. While parts of Oregon still have wholesome mom & pop communities. Seeing the whole country as your neighborhood is kinda dumb and also futile. Just focus on your community, family and friends.

Anonymous 256614


Gonna register as a republican so I can vote for Nikki

Anonymous 256615

Have you not seen her debase herself whoring for Israel?

Anonymous 256643

You don’t want trump to win yet you like Biden who allows troons in our bathrooms and allows they/thems to feel oppressed in their retardation? You’re a sperg

Anonymous 256648

Troons were allowed in womens bathrooms under Trump too. Besides if he were to try and enforce anti troon policies like that, businesses would all tell him to fuck off due to it being "unconstitutional" to tell them what to do.

Anonymous 256650

Don’t vote for trump but don’t vote democrat. Choose the least cancerous repub you can handle or vote for Robert Kennedy. We can’t stand another term under Biden

Anonymous 256653

There is literally no one you can vote for who isn't pro Isreal. I like her policy on immigration

Anonymous 256654

One being bad doesn't mean the other is good you fucking autism. Fucking Roe v Wade got overturned under trump because he gave us a nutty christfag judge

Anonymous 256655

You spergs are pro-Palestine bc you wanna relate to their “oppression” so bad. Those people hate women. Would you rather have the country ran by Jews who don’t actively try to covert people or a country ran by a bunch of Muslims who wish you were dead?

Anonymous 256656

Israel "doesn't try to convert you" because to them jewishness is an ethnicity, not a religion. and if you're not ethnically one of them they still hate you and want you dead. They have given judicial refuge to jewish-american rapists before, what a heckin valid and progressive and pro woman state.

Anonymous 256657

I don't give a shit about Palestinians, but in war you have to follow certain rules. You can't just genocide a population of civilians and take their land. Aside from that, Isreal originally created Hamas. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it's well established fact.

The main reason I hate Isreal is because of the influence they have in my countries politics. You know all that censorship you keep seeing all over the internet? You have Isreal to thank for that! They pay US politicians to pass legislation to "combat hate" which basically means you aren't allowed to laugh at troons anymore. For example, Isreal paid Ron DeSantis to pass a law in Florida that gives a 5 year jail sentence for anything that can be interpreted as a "hate crime". So, if you pass out flyers that say "trans women are men" this can be interpreted as "littering" and you can go to jail for 5 fucking years. Fuck Isreal.

Anonymous 256658

Anonymous 256661

and Muslims are any more progressive?

Anonymous 256663

No one is trying to defend islam here bud. The main difference is that Palestinians don't have much power while Isreal does, and they use that power to promote their people at the expense of others

Anonymous 256664

>The main difference is that Palestinians don't have much power while Isreal does
Fucking this, I hate how people try to turn this debate into Jews vs Islam when the reality is just that Israel has occupied Palestinian territories for decades, been given a mandate to work towards a two state solution and instead have been slowly but surely colonising the West Bank and blockading Gaza
They're the ones in control and the ones denying agency to Palestinians, the people in Gaza who have nothing and no future resorting to terrorism isn't a surprise

Anonymous 256665

Again, Islam Shmislam. They are against Palestinians as an arab people, not as muslims. that includes the women there.

Anonymous 256667

This, 1/4 of the people killed have been women
Hard to benefit from women's rights when you're dead

Anonymous 256668

Trump is not going to win. Many are encouraged to vote Biden because of the “risk” of trump winning when they could be using their votes on better candidates. This mindset is not helping anyone, OP should stop fear mongering over a trump presidency.

Anonymous 256670

Isn't Trump polling higher than Biden right now according to some sources?
I know it's pretty far out from the election but e Trump presidency is definitely not out of the question

Anonymous 256675

Trump stands no chance at reelection.
I hate Biden but the fact of the matter is that Trump went with the worst strategy possible. Crying conspiracy and persecution is never how you win political power.
People are losing faith in the democrats but it's happening so fucking slowly while republican voters are falling apart faster than a burning house.

Anonymous 256679

because biden fucking ruined the economy and caused 3 wars

Anonymous 256680

personally i think its morally wrong to destroy a civilian area which is 50% children

Anonymous 256688


The real problem is the voting system itself. In the current method of only one vote for one candidate, the voter picks either the Democrat or the Republican over a third party candidate who might be superior to both, out of fear of wasting his or her vote. For example, you might prefer Kennedy over Trump, but you vote for Trump because you know Kennedy has no chance of winning, and you'd rather have the possible Trump win than Biden. Then, because only two parties are voted for, it is only necessary to appeal to 50% of the population in order to win, so these two parties become more and more polarized, spread more and more propaganda about how the other party is totally evil to convince moderate voters who could otherwise vote either way, adopting more and more outrageous ideas to the point that Democrats believe men can be women.
The solution is Approval Voting. With this method, you're allowed to vote for as many candidates as you want. Then the voter is able to vote for third party candidates without cost. You could vote for both Kennedy and Trump. Then, the best strategy is no longer to appeal to 50% of the population, but to 100%, since everyone's votes are now available for the taking. This will lead to parties becoming more moderate, and there will be less gridlock and extremism.

Anonymous 256691

It's ironic. With the way things are now, Republicans would 100% win if they went with anyone other than trump, but they'll never do that because they're retarded.

Anonymous 256692

Anonymous 256693

Yep hamas is happily letting Palestinians die because they’re terrorists. Putting women and children in harms way for their cause, typical behavior for those in lesser developed countries. Animal behavior that leftists want to expose first world countries to

Anonymous 256694

As long as moids are in office, there will be problems. We need a feminist party and feminist president.

Anonymous 256695

the IDF targets civilians deliberately

Anonymous 256696

Literally less than half of the places Israel targeted during operation Cast Lead alone had any verifiable Hamas presence.
They killed medical staff on purpose during the marching protests in 2018. The "human shields" myth is just that.

Anonymous 256697

No. Sadly for them, even with how badly Trump is doing, he's all they got. DeSantis is even dumber than geriatric Biden. Once the MAGA movement dies, the republicans collapse.

Anonymous 256698

They literally ordered their own civil population to stay at their homes after it was clear Israel was going to invade.

Anonymous 256699

them giving that order gives ZERO validity to the idea that the killings of those civilians wasn't avoidable by the IDF.

Anonymous 256700

It is not up to you to decide whether it could be avoided or not based on propaganda from Iran and a bunch of literal terrorists.

Anonymous 256704

>based on propaganda from Iran and a bunch of literal terrorists
This is the funniest thing you retards say. First of all because it stands to imply that literally every humanitarian organization that's reported on this is part of some plot by Iran, which is hilarious when you consider plenty of them have had condemnations of Iran as well. But it's also just rich coming from the side that has AIPAC which has far more reach and resources for poisoning america's well than Iran, who doesn't even have a fucking intelligence community ever could.
Go back to the Destiny subreddit.

Anonymous 256705

Don't care. Hamas is a bunch of self-proclaimed genocidal terrorists and assurance of their destruction should be the top priority to everyone who's not a brainwashed dummy. When the entirety of Hamas is six feet under, then we'll start picking sides.

Anonymous 256708

I get you married a fat dysgenic freak Hila, but you don't need to take it out on those poor palestinian kids.

Anonymous 256710

Maybe one day I'll get to see a Palestine supporter who won't melt down, start whatabouting and throwing ad hominems when faced with the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization that is open and proud of both its genocidal ideology and terroristic methods.

Anonymous 256711

Automated response.

Anonymous 256712

>if you support Palestine you support Hamas
Holy mother of whataboutism
Hamas doesn't even have anything to do with the West Bank

Anonymous 256715

>Holy mother of whataboutism
It is not whataboutism when it is directly tied to the conflict at hand. Hamas is a terrorist organization that is willing to kill thousands and then brag about it. It is the closest thing to the ontological evil on the planet. Even Russia and China, at the very least, bother to try and hide or deny their atrocities. Not bombing the crap out of Hamas is like not bombing Nazi Germany just because there were civilians in there. Yeah, it sucks, but, sadly, that's what you get for housing a bunch of genocidal freaks.

Anonymous 256716

"that's what you get for housing a bunch of people I was just arguing were forcing you into a position of human-shieldom not even 10 posts ago"
there are trannies who are less prone to speakong in bad faith.

Anonymous 256717

Hamas using human shields is yet another reason to destroy Hamas no matter the cost, not an excuse against it.

Anonymous 256719

Hamas is an organisation that thrives off radicalised Palestinians, if Israel were serious about defeating it they would give statehood to Palestine with the condition that no party that wants to dismantle Israel be allowed to take power, instead of radicalising an entire new generation by making living standards in Gaza even worse
Israel clearly wants to blow Gaza to smithereens and hope most of them flee overseas as refugees so they can continue to lord it over them and further settle and claim the West Bank (a process that has sped up due to the recent conflict)

Anonymous 256721

>if Israel were serious about defeating it they would give statehood to Palestine with the condition that no party that wants to dismantle Israel be allowed to take power
Cool because this is literally what Israel is doing right now. Just have to get rid of the heavily armed terroristic organization that's currently in control there.

Anonymous 256722

>Cool because this is literally what Israel is doing right now.
They haven't pursued this over the last few decades, what makes you think they're doing it now?
The only thing they're doing right now is speeding up the colonisation of the West Bank, like I said, making Palestinian statehood even more unrealistic

Anonymous 256723

You can be a bad actor and call self defense against people, who want to literally genocide you and have taken active action towards it, "colonisation" as much as you want. It won't make it true. What is happening in Gaza right now is the only course of action that can possibly lead to the outcome you desired in the post above.
If you think terrorists should be bargained with or allowed to hide behind civilians or abductees, then you're either very stupid or are secretly supporting said terrorists.

Anonymous 256725

Isreal created Hamas to begin with. If you believe that terrorists are not to be negotiated with, then don't negotiate with Isreal. Hamas is just the excuse Isreal needed to take over Palestinian.


What Isreal is attempting is literally genocide


Anonymous 256726

Yes, it was created by Israel, but it is now clearly out of its control and is propped up by every country that wants Israel gone. Destroying it at all costs is still the best solution for all parties involved.

Anonymous 256729

A continual conflict in the middle east just results in a migrant and refugee crisis. I'd rather Israel be returned to the Palestinian people. Maybe some of the refugees can return to Palestine and repopulate the newly acquired land. While the Israeli people seek refuge in America.

Anonymous 256730

How does the genocide of all Palestinians defeat Hamas? Do you seriously think that defeating Hamas justifies the genocide of an entire ethnic group? I think your missing the point of me bringing up Isreal creating Hamas. Isreal would look like an asshole invading and taking land unprovoked, so they created this terrorist group as justification so they can claim they were attacked first. The conditions of losing a war are usually "give up land" and thus Isreal is able to take over the whole country without violating the Geneva Convention. They don't even care about their own people dying, so long as they achieve the end goal of reclaiming Isreal for the jews.

Anonymous 256731

>While the Israeli people seek refuge in America.
Fuck off, we don't want them. We have enough jews in America and they're all overly sensitive anti free speech warriors.

Anonymous 256732

Would you rather have Jewish immigrants or Muslim refugees?

Anonymous 256734

Hmmm. Well, Jews would bring the Muslims no matter what, so I guess Muslims. Better have one then both.

Anonymous 256737

Yeah. Good idea. "Instead of destroying this terrorist organisation that wants you genocided, how about you just genocide yourself." A+ thinking.

Anonymous 256739

All these talking heads like Netanyahu that are fighting each other have to do is to negotiate and come to some sort of agreement but they're both busy destroying each other and the only way this conflict can end is if one side is completely destroyed, and the excuse they use is religion and payback for battles fought since few hundred years ago. Bunch of tyrants and psychopaths are getting to decide the future of millions of people.

Anonymous 256755

>willing to kill thousands and then brag about it
israel does this too

Anonymous 256759

Only in your Al Jazeera propaganda.

Anonymous 256762

this person is retarded, stop responding they're either a troll or Hila Klein.

Anonymous 256763

Yeah hamas just hangs out and fires missiles from hospitals because theyre huge Medical Heads. Can't get enough of the tiles

Anonymous 256764

Seriously though consider Keeping Yourself Safe if you're an antisemite because of some idiotic nation's moves on behalf of some single guy who wasn't even born in Israel.

Anonymous 256782

The Israeli people are just moving to another country. While returning the stolen land to the Palestinians. No Jews die and Muslims refugees can go back to their country. Seems like a win-win.

Anonymous 256784

Everyone said they were going to move the last time he got elected and barely anyone actually did it. The only thing that happened was everyone crashing a site or two checking immigration requirements.

Anonymous 256786

OK so let me just bulldoze your home, hose you down with “skunk”, burn your familys and neighbor farms while it and you leave and do nothing, I’ll also pretend I’m the most victimized. Sound good?

Anonymous 256787

steal it*

Anonymous 256792

>I’ll also pretend I’m the most victimized.
The jews were the most victimized group during WW2. Israel has also proven that it is more than willing to give up the lands in exchange for safety guarantees.

Here's another kicker you poltards and russian bots refuse to acknowledge: even if all the jews stood up and quit, the actual people of Palestine would be left with a radicalized totalitarian government that would oppress and milk its own people no less than it does now in Gaza. Of course, by that point, none of you would actually care, because there would be no outgroup to blame.

Anonymous 256793

Is it true that Israel is actually fighting for its survival and Palestine will outpopulate Israel by 2050 and that's why Israel doesn't want to compromise or face a defeat?

Anonymous 256794

Oops, Jews are already a minority in their own state.

Anonymous 256796

Long term demographic projections of exponential growth are ALWAYS bullshit. The moment Palestinian women get access to condoms and abortions will be the moment their population starts decreasing. It's a win-win situation and do you know what would help them achieve it? Destruction of Hamas and any radical islamist organisations that pop in its place. This is only achievable through western occupation, the same kind that happened in West Germany and Japan.

Anonymous 256798


Why can't America just stop killing people. Feels like they waged war with half the planet already.

Anonymous 256931

Is that why most holocaust survivors didn't support Israel and they literally had to trade american nuclear secrets with the Soviet Union to get a significant jewish population?
Hamas was founded by Israel

Anonymous 256952

>Is that why most holocaust survivors didn't support Israel and they literally had to trade american nuclear secrets with the Soviet Union to get a significant jewish population?

>Hamas was founded by Israel
It was. Why are you defending it then?

Anonymous 256968

I never defended Hamas and Jonathan Pollard scandal is not my "headcanon"

Anonymous 256998

Yep Hamas was funded by Israel. Crazy how Palestinians can’t do anything by themselves. Even their terrorist organization needed a kickstarter. Can we stop pretending like this place would be anything other than the shithole it already is without Israeli influence? Colonization from literally anyone would be the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Arabs oppress women, I don’t care about them, I don’t know why any of you retards do. You just hate Jews because you wanna be oppressed by them

Anonymous 257001

Actual /pol/tard

Anonymous 257003

>Arabs oppress women
Therefore it is ok for Israel to kill innocent women, children, and infants. Please acquire critical thinking skills as soon as possible.

Anonymous 257009

Israel is not killing anyone "just because". These people are collateral that comes with Hamas hiding behind their backs while planning and carrying out massive terrorist attacks and having zero reservations about being literally genocidal in their rhetoric.
If you think you can or should talk to literal ontological evil just because it has figured out how to hide behind women, children, and hostages then you are insane.
If you think Israel is bombing hospitals just to be evil, then you are also insane and projecting, since this is the exact kind of stuff Hamas prides itself in doing.

And, yes, under Hamas or any non-western backed government, 99% of those women and children will absolutely grow up into psychotic islamists whose sheer internalized hate towards other women will make the abusive moids in your life look like saints.

Anonymous 257039

>Gaza should be treated as West Germany and Japan
It's kinda funny how many people say this.
You know that most of the political and economic elite stayed in place, right?

Anonymous 257042

All politicians are lying scum. No exceptions. If the current fundamental scum is willing to play ball and abandon their ideology in exchange for a better future, then I'm all for it. Beats having to genocide them for being a bunch of literal genocidal antisemite scum.

Anonymous 257043

>western backed government
like Saudi Arabia who executed hundreds of feminists in a single day, or the UAE that has a literal sexual slavery market? Israel prides itself on "building alliances" with both

Anonymous 257045

this is merely an excuse for your own ignorance.

Anonymous 257047


Listen to this interview with a White American Nurse who lived in Gaza and hear what she said.

It may change your perspective if you're open minded to seeing Arabs as human beings.

Anonymous 257050


Hell yeah. Stay strong, non-participative nona. Don't let them drag you in. Fuck all of this shit.

>nooooo THEY only win because you won't give me your energy

>nooooo just give your energy in THIS way it's totally legit and real if you do it THIS way
>nooooo you won't play because you're actually THEM
>nooooo the only reason not to play is because your dumb

Anonymous 257063

Very odd to use the hamas human shield argument when you mentioned that it only exists because of Israel in your original statement.
Also Israel IS killing people "just because" it is a genocide and an ethnic cleansing, women and children aren't dying because hamas is hiding behind them, they're dying because Israel is killing them like they have been for the past 75 years, the same way nazis attempted to ethnically cleanse jews during the holocaust.
And I'm not going to debate with you on whether literal newborns deserve to die or not because of what they might end up like.

Anonymous 257064

Hamas purposely kills civilians whenever it gets the chance. Israel has the capacity to kill them all with 1 bomb but targets military personnel. Hamas purposefully puts all its assets in civilian areas to exploit the good will of its opponent. If Israel shared Hamas’ ethical framework they would all be dead tomorrow. They breed like rabbits because women have no rights.

Anonymous 257066

>Very odd to use the hamas human shield argument when you mentioned that it only exists because of Israel
It exists because of Israel,but it doesn't obey Israel. Simple as. It's a failed 4d chess attempt that backfired badly and bow needs elimination.

>Also Israel IS killing people "just because" it is a genocide and an ethnic cleansing, women and children aren't dying because hamas is hiding behind them, they're dying because Israel is killing them like they have been for the past 75 years

Crazy how a place that's been getting perpetually "ethnically cleansed" has been steadily increasing its population. You have not even a slightest idea of how many people Israel can murder in a day if it were to actually wish for it. Alas, it only attacks Hamas infrastructure, which also just happens to be located in densely populated area because Hamas is pure evil.

>And I'm not going to debate with you on whether literal newborns deserve to die or not because of what they might end up like.

They don't deserve to die period. But if the murderous genocidal terrorists who just filmed themselves going on a rampage with gopros are hiding under a hypothetical kindergarten, then those children will be undeservedly killed. Israeli weapons may be doing it, but it literally would not have happened if Hamas wasn't using them as human shield. Simple as.
And, while all life is equal, it's not unreasonable to care less about life which will turn into a bunch of woman-hating pedo-worshipping shitheads.

Anonymous 257067

>Hamas purposely kills civilians whenever it gets the chance. Israel has the capacity to kill them all with 1 bomb but targets military personnel.
Where on earth are you getting this information nona? Where were you when Israel was bombing hospitals, cutting off communication, pouring cement into water sources, cutting off electricity (resulting in icu and nicu patient deaths), and wiping multiple families off the civil registry?

>They breed like rabbits because women have no rights.

Do you realize that in times of war and death people reorganize their prioritize for survival? Palestian women don't have the time to start a women's rights movement right now because they're too busy begging for a ceasefire in an attempt to live past 30. Also, refusing to support Palestian women because there are no womens rights is idiotic.

Anonymous 257068

>Do you realize that in times of war and death people reorganize their prioritize for survival?
Wtf? Do you know how stupid it sounds in the context of your post? Women don't adapt to, what you presume to be a constant onslaught, by making more children. We are biologically tuned to NOT get pregnant under immense stress, hunger etc. Them breeding like rabbits is a direct contradiction to all the Hamas propaganda you're spewing out right now.

Anonymous 257069

I wasn't referring to the pregnancies, I should've been more specific but I was referring to the "women have no rights" part of that sentence.
Also I'm not "spewing Hamas propaganda" for valuing human life that happens to be arab, I did not once defend or glorify Hamas, every argument I made was about Israel's actions and/or the effect on innocent civilians.

Anonymous 257070

>Also I'm not "spewing Hamas propaganda" for valuing human life that happens to be arab
The issue is that your approach to "valuing life" just happens to revolve around letting a terroristic genocidal fundamentalist organization go.

Let me put it in a number of simple theses:
1. Hamas is using people as human shields. It's a fact that is ridiculously easy to verify, even through Hamas itself and its own statements (they literally told Gazans to NOT evacuate after provoking a new war). If you deny it while claiming to not support Hamas, then you're either a bad actor or very very very stupid.
2. Hamas lies all the time. For every lie Israel tells, Hamas does 20 times more with one hand, and then brags about murdering and kidnapping innocents with another.
3. 3000 died in a matter of hours during 9/11. It would take Israel, the most well-armed nation in the region, exactly a day to murder 100 times that amount in Gaza if they actually tried. Even the constantly inflated victim numbers provided by Hamas don't come even remotely close to that. And we're talking about an active war conflict that's happening right now.
5. You still haven't provided a single solution to Hamas that doesn't involve civilian deaths. Simply being "for the good thing" is not enough in a situation like this.
6. Gaza wouldn't survive for a week if it actually got its water supplies cut. It would last a couple months at best, if the food was cut.
7. Hamas is getting armed by every worst middle eastern shithole there is despite its blockade. You know how they get their weapons? By smuggling them under the guise of humanitarian aid. Whenever they get caught, they screech about getting genocided.
8. You can not claim genocide while having the fastest growing population in the entire world, damn it. Do you even know what genocide is? Why do you people treat it like a buzzword? Do you consider everything that doesn't please you a genocide?

Anonymous 257085

>if you’re not ethnically one of them they still hate you and want you dead
25% of the population of Israel isn’t Jewish, contrast that with Arab countries that actively murder non-Arabs.

Anonymous 257086


>this thread

Anonymous 257091


They can all kill each other if the country doesnt have forests idgaf
>“Oh no my pile of rocks and sand is under attack”

Anonymous 257093

Based forest hag.

Anonymous 257346

>contrast that with Arab countries that actively murder non-Arabs.
such as?

Anonymous 257354

The way Pakistani and Oceanian laborers are treated by Arabs is infamous, nona. They're basically chattel.

Anonymous 257418

>United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.
You're right, this type of mistreatment is unacceptable. I am sure glad The US and Israel are in explicit opposition to all of these states.

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