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Anonymous 25649

ITT: we post stupid problems that not many will share and may or may not be only in our heads

I can't stand looking at my face and wish I could cut it off and replace it. Don't even think it looks that bad, I'm just tired of looking at it. I don't allow candid pictures for this reason.

Anonymous 25655

my nationality, like I said in another thread >>14847 I feel like whatever I do I can't be classy or elegant like continental europeans

Anonymous 25657

Me too, I hate it when someone tries to take a photo of me, and sometimes I wish I could transplant skin from somewhere else to my face somehow. When I hold my hand next to my face in the mirror, the skin on my hand is so beautiful, soft and light, and my face is riddled with spots.

Anonymous 25658

There is a single hair grows in the middle of my forehead away from the rest of my hairline. I've plucked it forever and it always comes back. One time I let it grow pretty long.

Anonymous 25694

My issue is that my reputation is cursed forever. I have been accused of being paranoid even though its normalized to gossip and talk about other people….? so its not dumb, its just people refuse to believe it or "be aware" of it.

Anonymous 26887


I get so bitter when I see people make friends with one another. Especially when they're people I wanted to talk to. I'm a pretty unpleasant (?) person, so most don't want to be bothered with me, and I know I'm not worth anyone's time, a friendship with me would never work, but it still hurts to see things happen I'll never be part of.
In the next life, I really do hope I'm able to have a few good friends to Rabb.it things with or go exploring the plains or, whatever is available.

Anonymous 26888

I feel exactly the same anon

Anonymous 26959

I know exactly what you mean. The skin on my body is absolutely fine but my face is scarred by over ten years of acne (and nothing to help it has worked well enough). Makes me feel very self-conscious.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 26971

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