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Anyone get depressed when going on incel spaces online? Anonymous 257134

I've been lurking on incel forums the past year just out of curiosity since I've been hearing about them a lot and that shit is so demoralizing and has made me more scared of men outside of my family lol. Idk why I do but I feel like many other girls can relate to this when lurking on fucked up places on the internet out of morbid curiosity. Like I don't obviously generalize men but I just assume any man or boy my age I see is an incel now. The negativity just gets me down and it doesn't help that I am already a depressed shut in.

Anonymous 257135

I think it would be weird to browse incel spaces online and not get profoundly depressed. I had this habit too. The only thing you can do is to not read it. Find a new morbid fascination. It's only reasonable to not trust men, but spending so much time marinating in the absolute dregs of male echo chambers serves only to harm you and your worldview

Anonymous 257136


Lol, this is how I feel when I watch true crime stuff, competitive reality TV shows, or codependency recovery videos.I had to go out recently, and I got so scared and was worried so badly that someone would sexually harass me, mug me or if I'd get into an accident. But the moids I interacted with when I went out were actually kind to me and helped me relax.

I check out incel servers and even get into arguments with them for fun so seeing them in their natural habitat germinating in hate and toxicity actually makes me laugh, but seeing psychopaths and trying to understand them to protect myself genuinely scares me. I know that psychopaths make like maybe 1% of the population and I'm 99% safe if I go out, but I'm still affected emotionally by all this, and fear is a really powerful emotion.

Anonymous 257137


It's really depressing

Anonymous 257138

Patriarchy at it's full glory.

Anonymous 257139

I find it funny. There was this one post that made me laugh. It went something like
>I would never rape a woman, because woman love rape and I don't want them to enjoy themselves

Anonymous 257140

It's not even real patriarchy. Just a bunch of perpetually butthurt rejects cherry-picking the most cancerous and edgy aspects of the old times with zero historical or societal context awareness.

I'm sorry if I'm being too preachy, but you really shouldn't browse places that. You shouldn't do it if you feel empathic towards them. You shouldn't do it if it affirms your negativity towards scrotes. Outrage addiction is by far the absolute worst aspect of the internet, humans aren't built to handle this stuff in the long term. It will eat at your soul and radicalize you. You're better off focusing on finding a group of people willing to love, support, and listen while committing to retaining their humanity, and stick with it.

Anonymous 257141

Whenever I read incel spaces, I just get angry at how retarded they are.

Anonymous 257152

Yeah. The worst part is I don't believe all misogynists online are incels, I think a lot of them seem normal IRL. Why? Because I know people who have good reputations but "behind the scenes" they're fucked up.

Anonymous 257154

Its retarded that you think only certain guys are incels instead of the most obvious ones which are the most common and were in your face the whole time. You dont have to go online.

Anonymous 257208


LOL, did incels finaly became so infamous that hibistrophilics started liking them?

Anonymous 257212

When everybody's too online I guess incels have become the new bad boys.

Anonymous 257264


I just feel sorry for them

Anonymous 257266


No my man hating career started long before I knew what an incel is, I don't understand how could one go their whole life without noticing that men are generally evil until they see some of them verbalize their thoughts online? it's really confusing to me because you should intuitively know that men are a threat to you imo

Anonymous 257269



This is an incel forum (nor are you out of it)

Anonymous 257283

Actually, I don't feel depressed, It only confirmed to me that men are retards.

Anonymous 257296

I do feel kinda bad for them, but theyre also keeping themselves in a self-sabotaging loop by engaging with incel forums in the first place, so not really

Anonymous 257394

I usually defend womens looks from their nitpicking.

Anonymous 257397

This is actually hilarious when you take into consideration that most scrotes who post this shit are total losers, though. If these men, who are self-admitted NEETs or people with no prospects, had to impress a respectable woman's father or brother, they would never find a match. Not that it makes much of a difference anyway since they still can't find a woman in modern times either.

Anonymous 257446


Anonymous 257454

The redpillers are scary and sad. They're deluded on propaganda they don't recognize as propaganda because they have no media literacy. They yearn for a world that would have culled them off. They let grifters shape their worldview with zero self-awareness.

I guess the blackpillers aren't as bad when i think about it. Not that it's not depressing to read stuff they write, but i mean, ultimately they have the right idea. Most men (including them) are unattractive, and i don't think they could really do much to be attractive. Have you seen pics of gymcels? Disgusting! This is where i kinda disagree with other feminists, specifically in regards to stuff like hentai or hololive or onlyfans or whatever. These dudes are losers. Look at a picture of an incel, and any of you tell me that enough therapy or self-care would make you attracted to them. It wouldn't, they'd be slightly less uncomfortable to look at, but no way I'd give them the time of day! Maybe that's just me? Would you all really, genuinely consider it? Idk. I wouldn't.

So let the self-imposed quarantine run. They choose to self-isolate, which means they don't bother us, they keep their rage in check with their media anodynes, and they still work. Win/win/win. Why give that up to have a hoard of cringy attempts to hit on you in public by scary uggos, instead? The stuff is gross to look at, but you can generally avoid it if you're not looking for it, and it beats any of the alternatives, doesn't it? What else would you have an ugly moid do?

Anonymous 257457

>I just assume any man or boy my age I see is an incel now

Have sex with them, then you'll know with certainty that they aren't incels.

Anonymous 257458


>Look at a picture of an incel, and any of you tell me that enough therapy or self-care would make you attracted to them.
Not a h word or something but he honestly looks okay to me. His narcissistic personality and entitlement is an instant mood killer though.

Anonymous 257461

Alright, Sure, he's not unattractive, i guess, maybe he'd be ok with some serious therapy, but I think that's an outlier.

Anonymous 257464

I've met tons of pudgy, below average moids who have no trouble finding a girlfriend because they are outgoing and charismatic. I've also met (online at least) tons of average or above ones that can barely leave the house because of their anxiety.

Anonymous 257467

Yeah, maybe he's an outlier but I was just poking at you for presenting an idea that incels are virgins because of how they look. You'd never know, and there probably are some extremely ugly looking scrotes that are having unprotected sex right now for whatever reasons.

Anonymous 257468


>I've met tons of pudgy, below average moids who have no trouble finding a girlfriend because they are outgoing and charismatic.
All of the creatures of this stripe I've ever seen had serious personality disorders (including inclination towards violence, Ethan Ralph is a registered sex offender) and I suspect that their women are hybristos or otherwise mentally impaired. There are not enough sufficiently mentally infirm women to make this a demographic of note.

That is a very selective image. I think he's below average overall. The lips are full but alsoset about a mouth that is small enough to make me think he's pulling a face to make them fuller, which would not be unusual considering his somatic narcissism (clinical). His nose is unfortunate and the facial shape is unappealing for reasons I can't entirely put my finger on.

Anonymous 257470

>all women who don't date 10/10 men are mentally impaired

Nice job doing the incel's legwork for them and taking away women's agency.

Anonymous 257471

Nona. Registered sex offenders, tantruming manchildren, men who stuff their faces daily knowing that it will not only offend the senses of everyone who has to look at and smell them but will also kill them from the inside starting with their own organs and irreparably damage their brain tissue. You think the women who get with or stay with these subhumans don't need any medical help or support? Be realistic.

Hellfire even Fiona (the girl who wanted to date and sex Chris Chan whose manipulations exposed his incest crime) did it specifically because she thought he was a grotesque monster and still wanted to do it after learning he'd been raping his mother.

Anonymous 257472

That's only because their girlfriends don't have standards. Maybe they're settling because they're insecure, or because they've faced trauma. Maybe

Incels can be incels for a lot of reasons. My point is that we need to be realistic about what we really want broadly, long-term. There's going to be lots of men none of us want. It's easy to kinda glaze over them when they seem unthreatening, but having them awkwardly harass some poor woman who's just minder her business is much worse than them just fucking off to their sad little basements. The solution to the problem is right there, but we reject it because it's unseemly.

Honestly, remove the stigma and social factors and they just become harmless hobbyists. Not to glorify the past or anything, but there were incel old men back in the day who just found something to get obsessed about and lived their lives devoted to that, like a sport or making clocks or something. They didn't have violent outbursts or spew hate. Maybe we could get back to that if we changed the rhetoric a bit. Idk. I think it's the violence, mentality, and the red-pill-ness that are the problem, not the actual incel status.

Anonymous 257473

You either misunderstood what I said or you're intentionally making a strawman argument. When the fuck did I say anything about sex offenders or abusive men? I only said that a moid's status as an incel isn't always dependant on his appearance. Although I would be willing to concede that it often is.

Anonymous 257474

>I only said that a moid's status as an incel isn't always dependant on his appearance.
Yes, but you made it in a way that suggested that men who are outgoing and ugly at once are fine when really being outgoing and ugly simultaneously means either being callous to others' reception of their appearance (psychopathy), indifferent to it (aggressive type autist), or in fixed denial about how ugly he is and what it means to others (narcissist). Nobody should get with this kind and anyone who does needs help because they are signing up for abuse and sex-related crimes based on those mental prerequisites.

Anonymous 257475

Yeah lol I never understood when ppl said elliot was actually handsome. I guess he could've gotten gfs but was too mentally ill and narcissistic. There's just something weird about his face like it's very neotenous which is off putting for a man.

Anonymous 257476

I think a lot of them look at a picture or two of him with heavy glasses posturing as aggressively as an instagram girl hiding her nasolabial folds and get fooled by it.

Anonymous 257477


"Eurasian genes" maybe.

I don't know. Sure, he's not attractive but he isn't ugly either. His dad [right] looks like a marvel villan, what the hell.

Anonymous 257541

The blackpilled incels come in three types: the ones that want to just rot away, the ones that want to just ignore woman and walk away from society, and the suicide bomber types.
>So let the self-imposed quarantine run. They choose to self-isolate, which means they don't bother us, they keep their rage in check with their media anodynes, and they still work. Win/win/win.
That's the problem. They are working and going along right now. The problem is that they have no loyalty. A man in his 30s/40s/50s with no remaining family is a recipe for all kinds of bad shit. My concern is that they will just start trying to steal what they can and leave the country or cause havoc for the sake of it.
>The solution to the problem is right there, but we reject it because it's unseemly.
This isn't a viable solution because you create a giant underclass of moids that will basically act as gasoline in the event of a major crisis, which we will be encountering more of as the world becomes more unstable. Essentially, my worry is that these scrotes will be in their later years with nothing holding them to this world anymore beyond their own morals. What stops these men from just being spiteful fucks and killing people and destabilizing society? They can't be threatened with death since that would be their preferred outcome. Suicide is not getting rid of these men fast enough.
>Honestly, remove the stigma and social factors and they just become harmless hobbyists.
This only works in a stable society. In other times, they become bandits, criminals, and terrorists.

The only foolproof way to get rid of these men is war, but most of these men would rather shoot their neighbors than then some other incels on the other side of the planet. We need to fix this somehow before it blows up all the progress we have made in the last 120 years.

Anonymous 257545

I think the thing that really made me alert to the depravity of men was touching grass and actually getting into relationships with them. I think incel spaces just struck me as a bunch of insecure and fragile and easily manipulatable men - it's the normal seeming RL ones who are the ones who hide the depths of their depravity who really fuck you up.

Anonymous 257546

I really like your writing style
he strikes me as overly feminine and boyish. I'd imagine if he was considerably tall he might be able to attract a certain kind of maybe bisexual woman, but in the absence of that he'd have been better off as a gay twink.

Anonymous 257549


>but in the absence of that he'd have been better off as a gay twink

Anonymous 257571

>Essentially, my worry is that these scrotes will be in their later years with nothing holding them to this world anymore beyond their own morals.
That's nowhere near the depths of the issue.
Let's assume that Sam Harris and the other moral philosophers amongst the Dawkins-inspired New Atheists were right. That morality is about genetic lineage and adapted to promote one's own genetic lineage. Not just the lineage of someone, somewhere, and particularly not the lineage of nearby rivals and rival groups, but one's own. That that is what morality fundamentally IS, and that this cannot be changed into something more spiritual or social or emotionally uplifting because all of that spirituality sociality and sentimentality must be built upon a biological foundation and that biological foundation must be genetically transmitted - that it is and will always be inherently immoral, necessarily, to accept nontransmittal of your own genes and to promote rivals over them.
Then apply that as was done here:
The weight of unconscious, countersocial but instinctive requirement becomes clear. Spite, in particular spite-killing of rivals, becomes on its own a moral requirement, one which is clouded by socialization due to the overwhelming supermajority (said rivals) protecting their own moral requirement for kin-preservation but never actually absent from the biological sphere at any individual level.
That amounts to "incels who kill are acting morally, those who do not, are immoral."

The reality is that the overwhelming supermajority of incels not only do not kill, but that incels seem to kill at strangely lower rates than most comparable male demographics. Police agencies have collated records of worldwide incel killings since the 2000s and I believe the total number over those decades is still only in the double digits–the number of spree killings in a single populated city in a single year in the United States will frequently exceed three digits. An extensive reality of incel violence is not the reason incel violence terrifies so deeply, as though one's bones were cut with ice. Nor is their violence particularly extreme or brutal. It seems like the male predisposal towards rape-murders involving collection of bodypart trophies, for instance, is mostly practiced by men who are able to secure dates and seclude them from public view. The reason incel violence is more terrifying than any other variety is the same as the reason a slave revolt was more terrifying for the ancient Greeks and Romans than any of the numberless organized military rebellions that endlessly ravaged their societies, killed far more citizens than their servile wars, and directly caused their entire civilizations to collapse. No Greek would ever say that a helot had perfect moral justification to kill a citizen, any citizen, every citizen, including child-citizens, nor would any philosopher devise an ethical treatise whereby that is articulated. They would instead initiate their children into citizenship by requiring them to kill and decapitate a helot and declare that to be perfectly morally justified. And so any helot who killed a citizen must have no moral compass, since morality dictates that serviles be good and obedient to masters who are by moral and social requirement stern and harsh enough to prevent servile rebellion. But below the level of social ethics, below the level of philosophy, below formulation and argument at that Sam Harris biological selfish-utilitarian level, where utilons-for-me are utilons-for-future-progeny but utilons-for-rival-progeny are negative utilons, they knew that an especially virtuous slave is a bad slave, and a killer slave. The Spartans would kill in particular those who demonstrated particular honor, forbearance, kindness even, to prevent them from developing any rival social structure. Incel violence is terrifying because it is not in particular prevented by the kind of biologically rooted natural morality that our current philosophers have promoted as a permanent truth to unseat God and Church. Under those conditions they are only held back by a social artifice upheld by others' moral imperatives, not an internal requirement. The only reason that an incel could be said to have the same moral requirement against incel violence that sexually integrated people have against incel violence is the idea of the incel having some potential path towards integration, to become a not-incel or to devote his success to promoting immediate relatives (similarly to the "gay uncle" hypothesis).

THAT's why the Black Pill is terrifying. It doesn't matter if you find it logical and reasonable and believe in and maybe even promote literally every single individual thing that a blackpilled incel says. When THEY say it, it's wrong, and morally bankrupt, and terrifying, and threatening. No matter what. When THEY say looks are more important than pickup lines and that no pickup artist ever created attraction from nothing through raw buffoonery, when THEY say no woman wants a male virgin over the age of ##, when THEY say any number of things that make that social passage from incel to father impermeable, it plunges deep to the well of unconsciously remembered nightmares.

Anonymous 257573

>Most men (including them) are unattractive, and i don't think they could really do much to be attractive. Have you seen pics of gymcels? Disgusting!
A lot of incels (at least the ones that post themselves) aren't even physically unattractive, funny enough. They just don't want to do the bare minimum self improvement.

Anonymous 257576


What is the bare minimum of self improvement, and where would a man worthy of a woman's mutual, first love be able to find them in the first place? No matter how much meandering about men and their specific forms of thought-cancer that I see, I still don't see a clear path for an actual tradition aligned (see: not a brainrotted pigslave) man to fall in love with someone of equal sexual, emotional, financial value, if that makes sense?

Anonymous 257577

I'd also say upon examination that his face looks really asymmetrical. His eyes are the worst of it but even the jawline and cheekbones, they might go out the same distance but not at the same line or however you might say it. Each separate half of his face looks okay but when you put both of them together they don't look like they belong.
I guess that's why all of his glamor shots like the one nona posted earlier have at least half of his face hidden, and why he was always wearing those sunglasses that hide the eye mismatch. The "he looked fine" shot manages to hide almost his entire face with shadow, glare, and glasses, something of an achievement of cinematography.

Anonymous 257598

they hate women and it’s getting worse and worse. in the early 10s, these views were combined to just a few fringe websites. now they are mainstream. nobody is doing nothing to stop them even after roy den hollander. qanon were removed from social media and their t shirts removed from amazon, but the manosphere are still allowed to operate.

they also renamed their groups from mgtow to redpill as an intentional misnomer…. so men who were interested initially in just right leaning conservative politics will now get a crash course on misogyny. i also discussed manosphere in my shoe0nhead post. it’s sad all the disgusting women like her who promote manosphere as well.

Anonymous 257599

my advice however to you is that you have nothing to prove to these men. your sex life, marital status, age, and ability to conceive are none of their business.

i find it hilarious the lies though. marriage rates have really decreased not because of feminism, but because most average millennial and gen z men are broke and unable to afford housing or a wedding. then hollywood promoted the bachelor lifestyle with their spirit animal dicaprio. it’s also funny that they want traditional women while rejecting roles as traditional men.

Anonymous 257603

even he wasn’t as hateful towards women as the manosphere of the 20s

Anonymous 257606

try harder, but why are mras so against pets? humans have had pets for ages.

Anonymous 257608

so many retarded video essays abt "millennial women and their pets." and abt how they can't TRULY be happy, no POSSIBLE WAY their life can be fulfilling. dude its not ur life mind your business…

Anonymous 257615

His manifesto is full of anime villain tier writing. It's hilarious (and tragic)

Anonymous 257616

i believe his step mother was genuinely bullying him. no excuse for what he did, but what roy den hollander (men’s rights attorney) did was traceable to the manosphere and his motives were a clear hate for women rather than a case of a sexually frustrated 22 year old.

Anonymous 257617

it’s so disturbing how they are now claiming women are having sex with dogs and their ridiculous claims that women also prefer sex with dogs over ugly or average looking men. i saw a group of male attorneys on a now defunct forum called jdundergound make these claims. these manosphere conspiracy theories are not just common amongst basement dwellers anymore.

i do hope something will get done to address this radicalism soon. if qanon shirts can be banned from amazon and they can be forced into dark corners of the internet, the same can be done to nut jobs like andrew tate.

it’s gotten to a point where i assume every millennial and gen z man hates women.

now sexists of the past such as hugh hefner objectified women and were part of the pig culture that disrespected women. however, this pure hatred for women is sort of a third wave of sexism.

first wave- men who thought women belonged in the kitchen. some were good guys and genuinely good providers who just had old fashioned views, a minority were abusive, but hate towards women and a belief that women are parasites still didn’t exist.

second wave of sexism- pornography leads men to objectify women and view us in just sexual terms rather than as humans. again this is what i remember from the mid 00s. there was the sexual assault culture in full bloom and disrespect for women, but not full on disdain and hatred.

third wave of sexism- a genuine hate for women and views that we are parasites who do not even deserve to live. these are millennials and gen z. maybe even younger gen x. they still of course objectify women and sexualize us, but now it’s combined with full hatred. finally, unlike sexists of the past, these losers can’t even screw a light bulb or tie their own shoes. i have met losers who are unemployed and cannot drive a car at 35. no wonder they hate women who have their lives together.



Anonymous 257619


Reminds me of this 4chan screencap.

Anonymous 257621

>the purring jew
I can't stop laughing at this - shit like this makes me almost like incels if it wasn't for the fact that they were always on the cusp of trooning out

Anonymous 257622

I genuinely believe these scrotes are so depraved and pornsick they can't fathom the idea of women loving something without any personal gain so they make up their own convoluted explanations to try to understand why.

Anonymous 257625

lmao the whole "dogpill" and them accusing women especially white women of having literal sex with their dogs is so fucking depraved. Like yes there are freaks out there who are zoophiles or whatever but instead of acknowledging that, they literally make up and jerk off to scenarios of women doing that to their dogs. Like at that point you're telling on yourself because no normal person can come up with something like that wtf. I don't have a burning hatred for men unlike many on this forum but I'm very disgusted at their depravity and I stay being scared of them because wtf is this. Like it isn't even women should stay in the kitchen type misogyny anymore it's full blown animosity which is so weird like do they hate us being they want to be us ? lmao

Anonymous 257627

I grew up with all men and certainly don’t hate all men, but I now when I meet a new person, I assume all young men dislike women until they prove to me otherwise.

The amount of men not just online, but IRL who defend somebody like Tate is disturbing.

I do think they are envious of women and lament gender norms put on men by society. Most of these guys have basically failed as men. Their whole lives now are online echo chambers and dreaming of the revenge fantasy “the wall.”

In their sick minds, they fantasize all the women who rejected them in the past will come back when they are 40 and then they can call them old hags and drive past them in sports cars with 18 year old princesses. It’s pathetic.

Anonymous 257628

yeah cats can do all that. they fail to acknowledge that they have failed as men and are so repulsive that the thought of procreating with them is a nightmare. Many are economically unstable and cannot even support a child into their 30s and 40s. The ones who have careers and money are usually jerks and/or will go to Russia or the Philippines.

Anonymous 257629

Also 4chan in the mid 00s was such a different place than today. It was a refuge for nerds and anime lovers. Racists were always present, but they were frequently told to go back to stormfront and quickly shut down. Now 4chan may as well be stormfront. There was also always some sexism and there were the white knight memes, but those white knight memes were actually funny. Some of those guys would go crazy defending cam who*es.

Now anybody who steps away for just a minute from manosphere views is a “simp.”

Every thread even if unrelated to feminism or sexism quickly turns to manosphere discussions or racism.

I’ve seen some sexists even direct their hate towards their own mothers and sisters and start to ignore women in their family. It’s truly disturbing the way they have it out for half of the world’s population.

Anonymous 257631

I hate 4chan so much but sometimes go on /lit/ because of the interesting discussions and recs but most of it are retards pretending to be intellectual and their seething hatred for women. Like if you hate women so much that you have to bring it up when talking about books, then you're obsessed bb <3.

Anonymous 257633

Tbh I think I remember the birth of the "dogpill" before pill names were being appended to everything and it went a little differently Back In Ye Day.

First there was the windup, of someone (probably male) claiming that women do like "all kinds of men" and meaning liking those specific things about those specific gross male bodies, so male virgins, fat men, bald men etc. only suffer social shaming and stigma from other men but that women have the same sort of dumb gross tongue-lolling flesh fascination that men get.

Then the rebuff, where is the evidence, where are the novellas, the shoujo storylines, the whatever else, when men say they have all these preferences there are mountains of erotica ranging from billboards and television commercials to hard fetish porn that prove it is real and there is no excuse for claiming that fat chicks don't get dates.

Then the counterthrust, "women don't talk about such things, women only mention anything at one one millionth of the level that it happens." Again, almost certainly a scrote saying this thing as though it were reasonable or in any way a defense of women.

Then the punchline, links to women's spaces, women's livejournals and news articles in which women have talked about having sex with dead bodies and describe their lust for dead bodies. Sometimes citing passages from that book by that woman who became famous for her necrophilia back in the '90s. Since it's so easy to point to out and proud necrophiles but women are too ashamed to say anything about liking virgins, anywhere, ever, but you say that perhaps as much as 1% of the normal population likes virgins, then it should be safe to say that 100% of women are necrophiles with no exception.

Then idk everybody claps and leaves the stage or whatever. Scrote internet ritualposting. At some point, I think after two or three different news stories were published (one involving a mother from ireland, another involving a sperm allergy) it turned from high profile out and proud necrophile woman to dogs, and since at about the same time scrote echochambering intensified it completely broke off from the original windup and counterthrust, which completely destroys the structure of the form and turns the punchline from "haha you got 'im proofed he was a hypocrite who didn't mean anything 'e said did ye good one" to "jesus fucking christ what's wrong with you Craig." I don't know why internet humor becomes so fragmented and so quickly loses the buildup and tension that are crucial to humor everywhere else. When I saw it happening I assumed that receiving the punchline without the setup would kill what little humor there was to be had and so the idea wouldn't transmit to any future generation. But holy shit was I wrong. Idk, guess they're just retarded?

Anonymous 257636

I'll also add that it was more common to see this sort of exchange between sexually experienced men and to see it center around some nonsense like hair loss at first. "Where are the blogs where women are explicitly excited to find out that their date was covering a bald spot with his hat, where are the shoujo mangas about a coed who goes crazy with lust over her adjunct because she sees his hair is thinning, where are the women advocating against rogaine the way these feeder men advocate against dieting, blah blah blah". The moment it started happening about virginity was the moment it touched something real and something deep in the male collective psyche. Maybe.

Anonymous 257637

I'm confused on what you're saying? Are you saying the whole dogpill shit started of more innocently and less seriously or something? I guess the freaks I'm talking about were unironically saying a large contingent of women do weird shit with their pets and would rather do that then be with them which is pure insanity. I just laugh at it and don't take it seriously tho since it's so retarded but it's some sick shit.

Anonymous 257638

the sheer amount of fanfic and memes of women fucking animals just serves to reveal scrote fantasy. they'll literally fuck goats in some countries and they self admit that they will fuck anything with a skirt.
“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.”
― John Berger
tldr: theyre projecting their sick desires onto women.

Anonymous 257639

>more innocently
No. It was a kind of rage.
>less seriously
Yes, sort of.

But what's much more important was that it was also directed knowingly at male white knights instead of at women's sexuality. The people posting it then knew that women weren't interested in zoo or necro, and the whole thing relied completely on everyone being on the same page on that.

Anonymous 257640

Not the person you responded to, but when I first started seeing dog pill propaganda, I assumed it was satire. However, these guys are dead serious. They really have been made to believe women are having sex with dogs and enjoying it more than men.

What’s crazy is that when I think of zoophilia, I think of sick horny men who can’t get sex never women. There may be some women, but it’s not common and certainly not the norm.

Anonymous 257643

>There may be some women, but it’s not common and certainly not the norm.
Yep. I usually see only the same 3 to 6 women when some scrote spams threads with this gross dogpill stuff, and yes they do unironically believe it. The twitch streamer Alinity is one of the girls btw, and some of her videos actually look weird.

Anonymous 257644

wow there is now a reverse dog pill. incels are threatening to start sleeping with dogs instead of women.

they are so sick and know no boundaries. i’m not even sure anything can be done to stop these men after somebody like andrew tate has become so mainstream that piers morgan is interviewing him. i also see elon musk as sort of a manosphere sympathizer.

Anonymous 257645


>reverse dog pill

Anonymous 257683

i'm convinced most men are "incels" my age too. every boyfriend i've had and most boys i've just had a conversation with have been somehow affiliated w/ incel community. it's kind of horrifying

Anonymous 257695

I don't think it can be stopped. We are disgusted by incels. We vent our frustrations. Not everyone does it in a proper manner. Incels find the worst examples and use them to justify and perpetuate their inceldom. Some women and men learn to grow past it, a lot don't.
Our best hope is a new generation that might see them with fresh young non-biased eyes and instantly realize how much of a cancer this whole thing is.
Even then, the new generation is not safe from pushing their newfound wisdom way past any reasonable limits, damning the generation after them to once again devolve into inceldom. In the end,this cancerous hegelian cycle might never stop. Or will only stop when societies stop changing so rapidly and have enough time to reflect deeply upon themselves. One way or another, we won't see that.

Anonymous 257699

it feels like there are so many factors to it that it can't be stopped. like men take feminism as emasculating themselves> grow hatred for women > spread that to younger and younger boys using the internet, especially w people like andrew tate where the whole thing is like a joke. and these ideologies become so widespread and normalized that most boys you come across that use the internet have somehow been exposed to or affected by incels. atp I just want to shun all men cause I'm actively disgusted by almost every one I meet.

Anonymous 257700

sadly it means many women are validating them. ignoring it allows behavior to go unchecked, but at the same time many of the men are at a point of no return.

Anonymous 257701

i have noticed that most men have been exposed to these ideas now. in the early 10s, these ideas were confined to some fringe blogs and some guys who were going through divorces or had been rejected by women would find these blogs by chance on google. now it’s everywhere and social media are doing nothing to stop them. they banned qanon shirts from amazon, but mgtow shirts and other manosphere shirts are still being sold even after roy den hollander murder/suicide.

Anonymous 257707


It gives me mixed feelings.

Anonymous 257723

tbh there is no need to be an alarmist. incels won't do anything even if they tried there are plenty of countermeasures to prevent any 'rebellion'. also they're too much demoralized to do anything. all that is needed to do is to make society accept the existance of lonely man and build ways to sublimate(?) their desires. the power is in our hands.

sorry for bad english im ESL

Anonymous 257837

>make society accept the existance of lonely man and build ways to sublimate(?) their desires
That is a dangerous line to balance.

Anonymous 257842


The basis of incel-thinking is: I deserve sex from women, I can't control my urges, so it's unfair I don't get a free vagina.
They are laying out social justifications for rape and diminished women rights. It gets repeated enough, it will get accepted.
Be sure that this is what is coming: demography being in the shitter, abortion is going first, equality is next.

Anonymous 258021

yeah, just make it normal for men to distract themselves with video games and porn and never speak to a real woman and… whoops, most men end up doing this because it's the path of least resistance so you just ruined society forever. lmao

Anonymous 258210

Anonymous 258230

This sounds like an incel who wants women to confirm his doomer mindset about all men being unattractive or something

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