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low quality.jpg

Battle stations Anonymous 25858

Alright girls, post you are battlestation in this thread.

No cleaning up before hand.

sorry for 25$ walmart phone picture quality

Anonymous 25859

Give me the HoHos

Anonymous 25860

they are for me to cry the evening away with

Anonymous 25861


your mouse pad is so smol

Anonymous 25871

i like your pigs, those pringles sound gross though

Anonymous 25872


Anonymous 25873

cool books

Anonymous 25874

i've hardly read any haha
reading is too hard i'd rather shitpost and nap

Anonymous 25875

that is my favorite theme too

Anonymous 25881


OP here, you both motivated me to grab my late grandpa's monitor from our storage room and start dual screening.

Hi tech life starts now

Anonymous 25882

haha i have a second monitor but i don't even use it

Anonymous 25885

prawn cocktail is so good
everything becomes better with an extra screen

Anonymous 25887

Looks like my desk. UMD?

Anonymous 25888

stop having nicer things than me

Anonymous 25889

no but a few states away from there

Anonymous 25906

I just noticed that snack you have on the left corner and I've noticed the box is open….

Anonymous 25907


and they're all gone now…

Anonymous 25908

I've noticed the box with the chocolate cupcakes is closed… for now.

Anonymous 25909

this kinda looks like my mom's laptop
and this one looks pretty good actually
why 2 monitors?

Anonymous 25921

Multitasking is much easier

Anonymous 25931

I want to upload a picture but I am too lazy to get up and take my phone in the other room. maybe later.

Anonymous 25937


Ultrawide bb

Anonymous 25965


Anonymous 25990


looks cute, can i come over?

Anonymous 25997

Tidying your desk doesn't just mean pushing all the rubbish off it and onto the floor.

Anonymous 26017

That's what tidying your desk is when you're redpilled.

Anonymous 26025

stay woke

Anonymous 26067


Anonymous 26068

I must know where you obtained those trash cans/garbage bins at the bottom, especially the orange one

Anonymous 26069

They're from Daiso. I actually keep plastic bags in them for my real trash can.

Anonymous 26071


I want such an aesthetic set up as yours ;_;

Anonymous 26100


This is home.
Skulls, makeup, dead roses, candles, and peanut butter filled pretzels.

Anonymous 26127

>pringles on a coaster

Anonymous 26135

I’m ignoring the computers in these pics and just focusing on the snacks instead

Sorry it’s my fetish

Anonymous 26144

dont shame me

Anonymous 26157

>not using a giant hardpad under your softpad for consistency @ lan

just wow anon, how are you even getting yourself out of bed in the morning

Anonymous 26168


this bullying needs to stop

Anonymous 26193

sorry I don't know where else to ask but my friend's laptop is super slow and I want to help her. It's defragmented, the antivirus says there's no problems, and I uninstalled some unused programs which were hogging resources which I saw in the task manager but it's still slow. She has barely any stuff on the laptop, no games or anything.
Have any of you tried speeding up your pcs successfully?

Anonymous 26201



Lmaoing at your lives.

Anonymous 26206


I had been running Disk Cleanup on her pc while I was writing this post and now that it's finished I can say her pc is quite a bit faster than before. (She had 6GB of old Windows Update data. Why doesn't that stuff delete automatically?) Thanks for your concern.

Anonymous 26208


>all these plebs with their pc on their desk

Anonymous 26214

gotta go fast!!1

Anonymous 26229


I have to clean my watercolor glass, and it's a little messy because I was drawing ;(

Anonymous 26231


Anonymous 26233


Anonymous 26234

Cute dog pic!

Anonymous 26235

tidy and cute anon

It's like you can assume so much about how the poster presents themselves just by seeing their set up. I imagine you in a beret


What's with the writing on your table?

Anonymous 26237

windows xp nostalgia

Anonymous 26238


I write poetry for fun, and decided to write random lines I wasn't using in any project on my desk.

I like the aesthetic of things covered in words.

Anonymous 26239

Okay, that's fair.

Anonymous 26240

Do you like South Park?

Anonymous 26245


Anonymous 26268

Would cuddle/10.
Tho I'd just disassemble the lid and physically remove webcam.

Anonymous 26310

You just wrecked my life, but all my stuff is actually on the floor because I like putting my feet up.

Anonymous 26461

my level again.jpg

part of my battle station. I do music work and play all right here

Anonymous 26462


>dat printed meme on the background

Anonymous 26480

advanced astrology right here

Anonymous 26499

What kind of music? You seem cool I want to be your friend.

Anonymous 26511

>Solar Fire and Astromaps

Too bad there's no vers without the Outers for the latter

Anonymous 26551


you want to make music together?

Anonymous 26552

most definitely!
Which DAW do you use?

Anonymous 26563


Wtf you’re not me.

Yeah that would be really cool! although I’m super busy at uni right now so I have a little bit less time than usual (I mostly visit cc on the train or late at night like right now help). I do have to say I don’t know all that much about EDM, although I do know a bit about electronic music in general (and like grimey techno clubs). I’d really like to learn more about music production and want to lstart incorporating more electronic elements in my music.
Please Mail me at [email protected] (yes I’ve posted this on here before)

Anonymous 26924

So cool anon. I'm >>26067 and my dad tells me my room looks like NASA because of all the monitors but you're the real deal.

Anonymous 26925

I'm cheering for you two, please post your collab once it's finished!

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 26973

Moved to >>>/media/3870.

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