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Anonymous 25910

Machine Gun Kelly's appearance as a late 20s boomer really trips me out.

On one hand his face and phenotype look like something right out of a Nazi propaganda poster showing the ideal man. On the other hand he's covered in tattoos, does plenty of drugs and makes a living participating in African American hip hop culture.

It isn't just him being a "hurr durr white rapper #woah so cool", his facial features are so aryan it's tripping me out.

Anonymous 25926

>aryan features
He looks like your typical inbred american mouthbreathing beta soyboy. Just look at that weird small mouth, kind of creepy…

Anonymous 25927

he could probably beat up 99% of the people using that term lol

Anonymous 25929

>aryan features
he looks like your average mouth breather, but blond

Anonymous 25932


he has the line running along his jaw as well as the jaw itself, and the brow ridge and cheek bones of top left


screenshot if when he's opening his mouth to speak

Anonymous 25938

I think he's hot tbh

Anonymous 25950

>using aryan unironically

Anonymous 25951

>smug green text

Anonymous 25968

tends to be that black and latin girls think he is really ugly and asian/white girls think he is hot

Anonymous 25998

I'm maybe the whitest person living and i think he's really ugly. He looks like a cross between a chav and a skeleton

Anonymous 25999

let's vote everyone!
I think he is really handsome

Anonymous 26000

Same. I would kiss his gorgeous face.

Anonymous 26001

Not my type.

Anonymous 26003

/pol/ go home

Anonymous 26013

I'd not use the term 'african american', have attacked "the redpill" or mention finding certain black men cute if I was from /pol/

Anonymous 26016

This guy is absolutely disgusting, fucking love yourselves. His small mouth, piercings, butchered hair and dumb expression makes him look like every British dad from a low-income area ever. I can smell the piss and stale beer from the photo.

Anonymous 26019

>makes him look like every British dad from a low-income area ever
Do you even live in Britain? That's not what most look like lmao

Anonymous 26020

I never thought a simple question like "do you think he is hot" could have such very polarized answers

Anonymous 26022

>low-income british dad
I'm dying
as a british person I can see it, still think he's hot though

Anonymous 26023

Not my type, either in base looks or presentation.
I can aesthetically appreciate his face since I do with most people. But he's not hot to me.
He also looks very different from photo to photo. Odd.

Proof that incels are wrong about our homogeneous taste tbh.

Anonymous 26024


Damn, none of the ones where I live are this attractive
Pic is all I see

Anonymous 26026

I don't see much of a difference between OP's pic and yours.

Anonymous 26027


>she doesn't like slavcore/chavcore
sorry about your taste anons

Anonymous 26028

i like slavs but not chavs

Anonymous 26029

zero practical difference

Anonymous 26030

Maybe you're autistic and bad with facial recognition.

Anonymous 26064

What a pointless fucking thread. He's hot and white and follows modern trends, did you think you came up with some deep paradox between aryan features and being a trend following fuckboy?

Anonymous 26066


sorry please forgive me

Anonymous 26072

all that i know/ ever want or need to know about machine gun kelly is that one time when he was punched in the chest 65 times

Anonymous 26079


>humble green text

Anonymous 26083


Yeah he'd totally be my type in decent clothes and without his piercings and tattoos. And with his mouth shut I guess, poor guy must be dumb af.

Anonymous 26141

Since this thread I have noticed my mouth is often sitting slightly open. I already knew I was half retarded though.

Anonymous 26155

>>Without tattoos and piercings
Anon why are you boring. He looks cuter with those things.

Anonymous 26158

Well, I meant he'd better remain silent.

Anonymous 26195


Never even heard of this guy before but a few days after this thread was posted I see this on fb
(this must be some sort of sign)

Anonymous 27704

He kinda looks old school irish. This thread brings up a good point. What is machine gun kelley. I guess german and irish. Could be russian.

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