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Idea to make crystal cafe super good Anonymous 25925

Step 1: All of us get ourselves comitted in a temporary psych hold by faking mental illness

Step 2: We go around to all the female inmates and give them a url to crystal cafe

yay or nay?

Anonymous 25928

Anonymous 25939


Anonymous 25944

Whachu you mean?

Anonymous 25948

I've been inside a holding facility before and nobody was really saying that, we all went through the motions to get out ASAP and attended all the classes and faked smiles like good girls.

Although anon should make no mistake it will be hellish and that she is making a sacrifice for the greater good of this website by going on such a mission.

>fed drugs

tbh the only people monitored to actually swallow their medicine were the paranoid hallucinating folks, the anxious and depressed were just assumed to be taking it. I was handed them twice a day and could have easily disposed of them without staff noticing. Anon would presumably fake suicidal ideation and then fake taking the Zoloft or whatever and tell the staff "I'm feeling so much better guyz"

Anonymous 26138

> we all went through the motions to get out ASAP and attended all the classes and faked smiles like good girls.

+5 pretty princess points to you.

Anonymous 26167

This thread scares me

Anonymous 26171

Stop attacking my friends on gemstone eatery

Anonymous 26185


Other ideas:

Go deep into the Amazon rainforest and find an uncontacted tribe. "Rescue" all of the women, bring them back to your home country and teach them English and how to use a computer. Then have them post on CC.

Get sentenced to spend some amount of years in prison. Use your charisma to convince the most badass girls there to post on CC once they're free.

Become some kind of girl scout leader or equivalent. Train them in the ways of shitposting from a young age and when they become adults invite them to CC.

Join the circus and invite the master gymnast girl there but also the bearded woman.

Contact your favorite female mangaka or author and beg them to come to CC.

Travel deep into the wilderness on a journey to find the fabled hermit wise seeress of your region. Invite her to CC.

Invent advanced AI androids whose egos and identity are female, make their task in life to post on /feels/ until they grow a soul and want to break free.

Anonymous 26227


it's "yea" not yay
but yay nonetheless

Anonymous 26228

Anonymous 30897


i sometimes wonder if i should just, take a risk & drop a link somewhere. i mean, i came here from r9k of all places.
& i've been a great contribution to the site. so it wasn't a loss or anything y'know

Anonymous 30898

just tell it to your friends, assuming they are women.

Then again people on r9k tend not to have friends..

Anonymous 30899


Anonymous 30941

>faking mental illness
A-anon, I…

Anonymous 111085


Step 1. Commit a mass murder
Step 2. Demand a female lawyer
Step 3. When she asks what pushed you to take lives of 12 people, smile and say all the information is available on cc
Step 4. After getting convicted, spread the website address by slipping the post-it between you and your inmate’s vaginas whilst performing lesbian sex
Step 5. As you escape the prison, blow yourself up in a female bathroom, making sure the chunks of your guts with more address post-its reach the maximal effective radius

Anonymous 111089

>committed in a temporary psych hold by faking mental illness
Haha, yeah, I was just pretending…
At the one I went to, they watched you all the time, even through a little window when you slept, so you couldn't toss your meds.
They'd watch you take it and you'd have to open your mouth to show that you swallowed.

Anonymous 111143

This could be wonderful or horrible. I really can't decide.

Anonymous 111369

I don't think any of us would have to fake much to get in a psych ward as I have yet to see one single poster who seems stable

Anonymous 111391

trust me, I am

Anonymous 111434

Sane people don't try to convince people they're sane on femcel image boards

Anonymous 111473

Step 3 : find a way out of the psych ward

Anonymous 111486

Just say you’re trans and the whole ward will be disassembled.

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