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Mountain hate thread Anonymous 26087

Anyone else think really big mountains are boring as fuck? Everyone gushes over them but they're just bland hunks of rock and snow with no trees or man made structures

Anonymous 26088


>>what did you do today?
>I just climbed this really tall mountain!
>>was there anything there?

Anonymous 26089


>290 people are documented as dying while attempting to climb mount everest
>many of their bodies have never been recovered to this day
lol wankers

Anonymous 26090

I like mountains, they are a nice change of pace from living around many man made structures. The views are nice and the wind feels nice. Some mountains have trees too. Are you the same person who made the hiking hate thread?

Anonymous 26091


>pine trees

Anonymous 26092


More so than the mountains themselves I hate the enthusiasts about them.

>muh skiing

>muh nature better take a picture with my smartphone and upload it for digital thumbsie upsies
>i feel like i can get away from it all, look at my northface jacket and stupid dog and the food i cooked on a campfire and my all terrain vehicle i feel like i am in paradise

Dude we get it, you like to go outside and have even made it a fashion trend.

Anonymous 26093

Best thread on the site.
I don't hate mountains, but this is hilarious.

Anonymous 26095

Don't be jealous of nature's curves.

Anonymous 26096

>mmm me climb big rock, feel strong

Anonymous 26099

Best invention in history: dynamite

Best event in history: anglo saxons destroying muh precious nature in north america

Best recreational activity: hiding inside your bedroom

Anonymous 26103


When they implement the New World Order they're gonna burn down all the mountains so no one who rejects the system can hide so you may see your wish of mountains becoming kill in your lifetime OP!

Anonymous 26107

Mountains are nothing but a monument for the passage of time. And time gives me anxiety

Nuke all mountains tbh

Anonymous 26108


Anonymous 26128


I lived in the middle of the mountains for a while, it was romantic. Don't like climbing them though.

Anonymous 26129

which mountains?

Anonymous 26132


The rocky mountains in Canada.

God there were the cutest rabbits there.

Anonymous 26136

Mountains are fucking CRINGE

if you like mountains, you’re unlovable

Anonymous 26196


It's okay, all I need is my husbando Takatori-san.

Anonymous 26198

is this manga worth reading to the end? I stopped reading soon after his teacher died and everything got all weird (this was when the artist started writing the plot right. But I love the art so I feel bad abandoning it

Anonymous 26203

I couldn't tell you. I haven't finished it yet and I ain't looking at that spoiler.

Anonymous 26204

I dropped this manga, the protagonist was too autistic

Anonymous 26205

Stacy get out REEEEEEEEE

Anonymous 26207

I kinda liked that about him

Anonymous 26209


Anonymous 26216

The mountains of Europe have provided that continent with predictable rainfall patterns and steady rivers. Without them, Western civilisation as you know it would never have existed. You take too much for granted.

Anonymous 26221

Scottish highlander?

More like Scottish bluepilled-cucklander

Anonymous 26243

this is basically how i feel about most natural formations

i visited the grand canyon recently and all i could think was 'wow, a giant fucking hole in the ground'.

Anonymous 26244

Okay all joking aside, I cringed a bit when I read this and decided to dislike the grand canyon after:

>Environmentalist John Muir described its magnificence: “It seems like a gigantic statement for even Nature to make all in one mighty stone work. Wildness so Godful, cosmic, primeval, bestows a new sense of earth’s beauty and size… But the colors, the living, rejoicing colors, changing morning and evening in the chorus to heaven! Whose brush or pencil, however lovingly inspired, can give us these? In supreme flaming glory of sunset the whole canyon is transfigured, as if the life and light of centuries of sunshine stored up in the rocks was now being poured forth as from one glorious fountain, flooding both earth and sky.”

What a twat.

Anonymous 26246

I think mountains are boring but I actively hate them when people either like or pretend to like hiking in them. I'm not sure which is worse, the latter is embarrassingly fucking prevalent on tinder and as for the former… if your hobby is just being in nature, it's not a real hobby. They need some skills and interests and a personality that involves more than walking around looking at trees and rocks.

Please direct me to the hiking hate thread, I think I've found my people.

Anonymous 26247

>if your hobby is just being in nature, it's not a real hobby. They need some skills and interests and a personality that involves more than walking around looking at trees and rocks.

If they knew which plants and fungi were edible, knew how to trap and hunt animals, fished, and did things like archery would you respect their hobby more?

Anonymous 26249

I guess I understand why OP might dislike them. The only mountains I know nearby are littered with frogs and trees and birds and lizards and a bunch of cool stuff, but I wish I lived somewhere less tropical because I really really like how snowy pine forest mountains look in movies. I know that bears are dangerous and all but I'd like to be in a sturdy cabin in the woods on a mountain and see a family of bears walk past.

I do dislike people who go out into nature and upload photos on instagram/facebook, especially tasteless selfies and very basic animal shots. I'm not a "photographer", I just think that people could at least take nice looking shots, if there's nothing nice to photograph then don't waste my time by uploading it, I don't care and I don't want to see it. With that said, I like to take the photos of cool and beautiful scenery that I think looks nice. I generally share it in group chats with my internet friends who don't live near me, because it's fun when I get to see areas around where they live and they feel the same way. I don't spam them constantly, we space it out enough that it never becomes unwanted.

Anonymous 26250

Yeah probably, but someone saying they enjoy hiking in no way implies they know jack shit about archery or mushrooms

Anonymous 26251

You know, walking outside is probably the most wholesome and healthy activity for humankind, we literally evolved to do just that. Hills and mountains, to add to that, have very high probability to find good places to live (fresh water, shelter, terrain overview).

Being on mountains is good by design.

Anonymous 26254

Lord of the Rings would have been a nice trilogy if not for all the mountains and the scenery they forced on the viewer. What a bunch of garbage.

The movie The Hills Have Eyes taught us that only deranged schizos live in the mountains however.

The worst part of Obama's presidency was that he renamed Mount McKinley to Denali to please the natives when it should have been renamed Mount Retard(after the boomers who travel to Alaska and take pictures of it).

> walking outside is probably the most wholesome and healthy activity for humankind, we literally evolved to do just that.

I'm evolved to sit at a desk eating fried food and pastries, no idea what you're talking about dude.

>have very high probability to find good places to live (fresh water, shelter, terrain overview).

You can just get an apartment or house for shelter and drink purified water in the comfort of your home. Shelter and fresh water are available like everywhere in the first world.

>terrain overview

Also a good place to sprain an ankle or fall to your death(or tumble down a bunch of sharp objects and die much later from your injuries)

Anonymous 26255

The virgin Appalachean mountains.

The chad Great Plains.

Anonymous 26260

They call my countrymates "Schluchtenscheißer", translating to "Canyon shitters" because we live on mountains. I'm sure you would welcome that piece of vocabulary in your life

Anonymous 26266

cece gun.png

>tfw people talk shit about Mountain-chan

Anonymous 26267

reddit here. whats up

Anonymous 26271

I'm going to grind your mountains down with my bare teeth if i have to

Anonymous 26275

Mountain haters should be hung. Day of the climbing rope soon.

Anonymous 26282

What's with people who believe that a hobby isn't real if anyone can do it? A hobby is just something you do on a frequent basis in your free time. It doesn't need to be a real skill.
Watching anime is a hobby
Playing video games is a hobby
Shitposting on imageboards is a hobby
Travel is a hobby
Listening to music is a hobby
Hiking is a hobby
Having hobbies that require a specific skill doesn't make you an interesting or fun person either. Just because it's common doesn't disqualify it from being a hobby.

Anonymous 26285

>you should be rendered down into axle grease.

Anonymous 26287

>our shared wild heritage

Alright, calm down, Mogli, flipping h*ck.

Anonymous 26289

The residents of the Appalacheans are all white trash with jacked up teeth and either overweight or meth heads. Is that what having a soul means to you?

Anonymous 26290


If you love your wild heritage so much why don't you marry it?

Anonymous 26291

fukkk mountains!!




>people living at higher elevations also have a higher rate of suicide in the United States.

sometimes I wish I could grow to a gigantic size and just stomp on the Himalayas like some insignificant ant-hill and destroy it. no mountains = no war

die mountains die!!!

Anonymous 26292

I have really intense day-dreams of living on a misty mountain in China. So lol nah.

Anonymous 26297

>patent contempt for rural poverty

You just romanticize them and do a "we wuz kangz" tier socio-economic apology for all of their disgusting shortcomings. People like you profess their greatness and then tuck all of the uncomfortable facts about them under a rug when they're compared to how other people in North America live. West Virginia having the highest obesity rat is an argument against a white ethnostate in North America if there ever was one.

Anonymous 26299

Why are you bringing race into this? Making broad generalizations about the character of the people who live there seems equally as shortsighted as praising them unconditionally. The anon you replied to wasn't even praising them that much.

Anonymous 26301

They aren't generalizations, they're statistical trends. Just look at this:


So much soul, omg

Anonymous 26302

Wow, poor people have inferior dental health? What a shocking revelation. Somebody call the New England Journal and the Nobel committee.

Anonymous 26303

They're poor because of their shitty genetics, their teeth are jacked because of their impulsive drive towards shitty sugary drinks.

Anonymous 26304

Progressive eugenics revival is a pretty obscure manner of turn-of-the-century throwback. What's next, art nouveau? Temperance movements?

Anonymous 26305

>Many people don't trust the well water in their homes because of pollution concerns and probably drink more soda because of it
No, the reason why they are fat is not because they are 80 iq subhumans like you seem to be implying. You are looking at complicated problems through a very simple lens.

Anonymous 26306

Mountains play a factor into their state.

As such we should encourage humans to avoid living near mountains

Anonymous 26307

Even bottled water is either cheaper or at an equal price to mountain dew. This is stupid logic.

Anonymous 26308

>You are looking at complicated problems through a very simple lens.

You are looking at failings of people that are simply explained as them being faulty and instead explaining it as complicated as possible in order to avoid being cruel or come to the conclusion that they are lesser people that make poor choices, or if not that then being an intellectual that looks at things with a broad lense crafted of fantasy and delusion(which is any sociology explanations that excuse all failings). You're likely to hold that bias that excuses the hillbillies of all wrong doing since you have an emotional attachment to Appalachia(unless you're not that anon talking about walking through stupid wilderness as soulful).

Anonymous 26309

I'm not that anon, in fact I have not been to Appalachia or even know much about the area at all. I just don't really buy into that the area is shitty because of personal failure. I don't really think that I am looking at them through a lens of fantasy and delusion, just writing them off as dumb hillbillies seems dehumanizing and that isn't something I really agree with.

Anonymous 26315

You're the one who digressed into upbraiding the people of Appalachia when my post was about the mountain range per se. I only pointed out some virtues of Appalachian people because your assessment of them was so childishly one-sided. Truthfully, I think you're just a fractious dumbass lashing out for attention, probably because you can't enjoy the natural world owing to a paucity of soul.

Anonymous 26316

But the "soul" talk, thesaurus vocabulary, and pseudo-intellectual writing style are childish though. You've probably never worked a day in your life and bring up labor movements.

Anonymous 26317

Your initial assesment of people who hate mountains was that they were “soulless automatons” who needed to kill themselves

Anonymous 26318

Are mountains sexist, racist, trabsphobic, and fatphobic?

Anonymous 26320

Calling me "attention seeking" for blasting back at your talk of soullessness was substantive criticism?

You're hiding behind big words but haven't actually said anything more mature than I have.

>If you don't enjoy hiking in the Appalachians in early autumn and taking in the wondrous diversity of bryophytes, fungi, lichens, frogs, salamanders, birds and so on, the crisp mountain air and the solitude afforded there among elderly hardwoods and glacial boulders

Nobody actually talks like this, but an attention seeking pseudo-intellectual would totally write this in a silly thread.

Anonymous 26321

NTA but bryophytes and fungi are a actual terms and things found on mountains and not creative adjectives pulled out of a thesaurus to pass some creative writing essay

Anonymous 26322

I was talking more about

>in early autumn

>taking in the wondrous diversity
>and the solitude afforded there among

Anonymous 26327

>maturity is admiring the outdoors

That isn't the definition of maturity though.

Maturity isn't entering a thread about a certain opinion and telling people they don't possess a human soul and should kill themselves for not being like you. You don't get to call people immature in your position.

And I appreciated nature and went hiking constantly as a child and teen, playing in the trees and swimming in rivers and admiring wildlife. None of that was maturity. I keep spotting this rabbit on my walks and don't think the time I spend admiring it has anything to do with my emotional maturity.


Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass sometime you'd realize the pompousness of how you communicate.

Anonymous 26328

>in early autumn
It gives context in terms of timing in the seasons. Completely normal

>taking in the wondrous diversity

Just describing the wide variety of things to see in mountains

>and the solitude afforded there among

This sounds a bit poetic and forced but only due to the use of “afforded”

Why are mountains causing all this fighting?

Anonymous 26329

>Why are mountains causing all this fighting?

sarcasm being taken to a vicous extreme

Anonymous 26331

Is hawaii a mountain? I’m no paleontologist but if hating mountains means hating hawaii I am contemplating my opinions

Anonymous 26333

To think that a thread about hating mountains is the most aggressive thread on CC at the moment.

Anonymous 26335


Anonymous 26339

This is a great thread. Lots of new insights will be generated here with positive effects for the world as a whole. Please continue the discussion.

Anonymous 26340

yes hawaii is a mountain PSA to everyone here all islands are underwater mountains
>I’m no paleontologist
good one

Anonymous 26341

is africa a island?

Anonymous 26343

yes Africa is an island, therefore it is a mountain, a very interesting fact about Africa is that it is the first mountain in the world to have smaller mountains on it.

Anonymous 26344

what's the world's smallest mountain?

Anonymous 26346

thank you it is comforting to know that everyday I step on mountains in the form of dust particles

but what if we ourselves are made up of mountains? How can we hate our own literal foundation and being?

Anonymous 26347

>How can we hate our own literal foundation and being?

Lots of suicidal and self loathing people out there.

Anonymous 26348

people who live in high-altitudes are at higher risk of suicide compared to ground-level counterparts…

Anonymous 26349

The air is rarer the higher up you go, so it probably means there are less mountains being inhaled than otherwise. I can't act surprised when people with less mountains enjoy life less than those with more mountains.

Anonymous 26364

I don't hate mountains, but they somehow have always given me a feeling of melancholia and unease. I live near some and whenever I go there or see pictures of it, I feel a certain tightness and claustrophobia (despite them being so vast). I also don't think they're pretty.

Anonymous 26365

Samefag, maybe melancholia isn't the right word, it's more like plain sadness. No idea why. Maybe I just want to move far away.

Anonymous 26372

Not sure if we're dealing with legitimately blue pilled mountaineers here or have been invaded by MIDF shills

Anonymous 26376

yeah, i definitely would be hard pressed to wax poetic about it like that.
mostly it was steep and brown and filled with scrub-brush. and i hate heights. but the visitor's center was filled with pretentious quotes like that so i guess other people thought it was cool.

Anonymous 26422

This is a common misconception that is really blown out of proportion.
Africa is actually a collection of mole hills.

Anonymous 26426


the fuk s going on here

Anonymous 26443

hi fuck mountains

Anonymous 26444

Good video.

Anonymous 26450

A mountain stole my boyfriend
Why are mountains such assholes

Anonymous 26591

why the hate? they're boring but yeah

Anonymous 26592

>have thousands of miles of perfectly good land
>replace them with a fucking rock
Yeah I have no idea why we would hate mountains
Other than them being a giant fucking waste of space, a parody of good landscape design, a raging sore upon the continent, a car air freshener laden pile of frosted goat shit
They can't even stop an elephant. Imagine being 3000 meters tall, spiky, covered in ice and overall impassable then a bunch of elephants from North fucking Africa stomp all over you without a care in the world and go on to plunder Italy and your stony ass is unable to do anything about it
Mountains are completely and utterly detestable.

Anonymous 26608


>people think mountains actually exist
dear christ

Anonymous 26629


Anonymous 26630


theyre like rainbows. you can see them in the distance but you can’t actually touch them

Anonymous 26631

How do I reach this level of shitposting meta

Anonymous 110110

Shut the fuck up decidiot, why don’t you make like your stupid leaf loser treelets and stop breathing in the winter

Anonymous 110121

Um bill Cosby was there and I smacked his tits clear to mexico

Anonymous 110123

Lol let it go 🥸

Anonymous 110124

In their imaginations they were shunned by colorado and nepal. This thread was born to assuage their undying rage.

Anonymous 110125

Ie a thread for schizos perpetually stuck at sea level

Anonymous 110128

Mountain hands typed this post

Anonymous 110134

What does this thread have to do with moid shills again…?? fuck them completely

Anonymous 110136


Mountainfags think they are special for paying 60k to wait in line at the top of everest

Anonymous 110137


Deep inside I know you loath being stuck in Oklahoma :p

Anonymous 110139

Omg you sound so cute I don't normally ask this but what's your discord. You sound so manly and clever

Anonymous 110142

All you've talked about in this thread is mt everest and things people have done on it anon.

Anonymous 110143

I think they look neat

Anonymous 110150


Nope, no thanks not giving it out but here's some eyecandy in case you ever need motivation to leave the suburban coffin I know it's not easy but

Anonymous 110157

>A mountain so gay mountain climbers build a bridge to avoid touching it
Can't make this shit up

Anonymous 110159


I love you.

Anonymous 110162


Literally building a bridge to avoid touching every scrote and trapped deluded tradpill anon

Anonymous 110164


Please sell it harder I really want to belieeeve ;____;

Anonymous 110167

Mountainplebs? I’ve got a video for you.

Anonymous 110168


Aren't the lot of you doomed to wipe yourselves out anyway through gross negligence?? Here get in line for it why don't you.

Anonymous 110169

Lol seems the hills are just as angry as the little men that climb them

Anonymous 110170


Still screams resignation to me.

Anonymous 110171


Anonymous 110172

Makes we want to play sim city

Anonymous 110173

I didn't start a thread lambasting Oklahoma. It would be too fucking easy. :)

Anonymous 110175


>Mad at a 2 year old shitpost

Anonymous 110177


:)) don't mind me kek

Anonymous 110178



Anonymous 110179



Anonymous 110189

Please don't post gore

Anonymous 110263


Anonymous 110264


ok, this picture has me on OP's side now. FUCK them rocks.

Anonymous 110299

I leave any time I hear a mountain open it's stupid mouth too

Anonymous 110339

My dear sides

Anonymous 110366


>w-wait people ACTUALLY like the outdoors and not sitting on your 300 lb ass all day
>Nature sucks
>People who have hobbies that aren't masturbating while eating sloppy joes are obviously lying!!
Can't stand city folks. Same for you fake country hayden-ann-lynns who live in trailers and never go outside except to Walmart

Anonymous 110368

Anonymous 110374


Anonymous 110485


I bet the beachfag normies are behind this post. Have fun getting your free skin cancer, we don't want you in the mountains anyway. They should stay beautiful, tranquil and untainted by the presence of s*nburnt dumbfucks and their diabolic structures. FUCK beaches and beach enablers. We tower high above them in both altitude and quality of character.

Anonymous 110583



Anonymous 110590

Don't blame them honestly. Imagine being stuck near a mountain

Anonymous 110600


Still better than this one

Anonymous 110633

proof mountains ar…

Mountainsoy please. Humanity evolved to walk on plains. If we were meant to interact with *ountains, our feet would have conical arches.

Anonymous 110867

We weren't meant to interact with them, we were meant to admire their beauty. We also weren't meant to interact with space, but we do and it's beautiful.

Anonymous 110894

Don't you just mean to say they leave a massive footprint.

Anonymous 110895

I think you mean to say YOU were evolved to walk on plains. Don't lump us all in there jesus.

Anonymous 110916


>her feet aren't conical

Anonymous 110918

Negrito Feet.jpg

You joke, but this is a real thing.

Anonymous 110927

m**ntainoids on suicide watch rn

Anonymous 110966


not actually going to go out of my way to avoid this for your shrill fishbowl hysteria and nearly abandoned strip malls anon.

Anonymous 110998

Yes I fucking hate mountains and always have. I gave them a chance and they are so annoying to actually be in. Like I respect them and their existence is beyond anything my tiny brain can comprehend. But spending time in them is not something I enjoy. Especially those little mountain towns. they're so fucking depressing and creepy. And I already live in the rural south so that's saying something if even I think they're too barren.

Anonymous 110999

ah the two places humans can spend time at. mountains or parking lot.

Anonymous 111005

are we really comparing the creepiness of the south to the creepyness of mountains tho

so crawl back into your southern comfort zone and decay there, don't complain because some people don't want to follow your tedious ass into some sea level-stupid apocalypse

you can take you're precious comfortable denial and shove it right up your ass

Anonymous 111030


Fuck m*untains

Anonymous 111206

Have you ever been to the south? I've actually been to the mountains

Anonymous 111213

yes and its really increasingly a giant pill >:Y

Anonymous 111220

where at? I lived in mississippi and louisiana, which are pretty flat states

Anonymous 111226

Pretty much the only two flat southern states, along with Florida and the coastal portion of the carolinas. They rest are all part of Appalachia. It's a much older mountain range and won't have peaks like the Rockies but it's not flat, and there's probably more flat land in the Colorado high planes than any of those individual states.

Anonymous 111227

The Appalachian is on the east coast. I think by the south you mean places like Virginia. Plenty of the south is flat and a desert.

Anonymous 111228

The Appalachians start in northern Alabama with some foothills in the very north eastern part of Mississippi. Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana are largely flat, though Mississippi and northern Louisiana have some hills. But Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, the Virginias, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas are all mountainous. I think South Carolina may have mountains in the northern part but I can't really remember.

Anonymous 111231


Anonymous 111236

Teeeexas. Get me out.

Anonymous 111237

I'll take the Himalayas over this shit

Anonymous 111251

What part of Texas you in?

Anonymous 111258

That one part where abortion is banned

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