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crush thread Anonymous 26570

tell us/gush about your crush!

anything - be it just an exchange you two had, a whole story of how you two met/started liking eachother, a bit about them? do they like you back? whatever!

i'll go first - i really like this guy whos nicer than anyone else i've met. he has blonde hair and a very cute grin and glasses. he walked up to me and told me i seemed lonely and he made me feel so welcome around others. we've had a few brief conversations and he's exactly my type. i don't know if he likes me back or not for sure but we've exchanged a few heart emojis. the first time he sent me one i thought it was a mistake and ignored it (whoops) but he walked up to the glass of a room i was in and made a heart at me through the glass, and that's the most romantic thing i've ever experienced. (yes i have never had bf)

your turn!!

Anonymous 26580



now anonne, i'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure the heart thing means he likes you back.

Anonymous 26587

meh, maybe but maybe not. i hope so. we've had an inside joke about referring to eachother as 'best friends' since the day we met so it could be about that, and he called me a sweetheart and a gem a few times very early on so he could just be a very very friendly person.

Anonymous 26590

I'm in a similar situation, although I don't feel anything romantic for him instead. So I'm hoping he doesn't like me lol.
He also calls me his best friend, calls me cute, and sends me hearts.
What the fuck are men?
I hope your friend likes you, anyway.

Anonymous 26595

guys are strange, aren't they?
how long has he been doing that? if its been going on for a while and he hasn't made any further moves, then maybe its not romantic.

thank you!

Anonymous 26596

We've been friends for two weeks lmao, but I'm his only friend and he he's borderline so I chalk it up to that a bit.
I just thought girls were the ones who gave weird signals.

Anonymous 26600

He super desperate and doesn't know what to try any more so he thinks acting silly and sending hearts will eventually attract enough attention to get him laid.

Anonymous 26601

There's this guy I have a crush on at uni and I've been following him for 3 years so I know quite a bit about him, but he doesn't know who I am and I've never talked to him. He seems like he has some form of autism (witnessed him having a meltdown plus he always sits alone at meals.) I haven't had any friends or dates during all of college so I don't really remember how to talk to people who I don't already know. Realistically, is there any hope for me at all?

Anonymous 26603

hey anon! following him on social media? try striking up a conversation there. maybe send him a meme you know would be relevant to him, or a meme thats relevant to one of his posts.

Anonymous 26604

If he seems autistic, just cold approach him. Say "Hey, I've seen you around and you seem interesting. Let's get to know each other!" I'm sure he'd appreciate the directness if he's shy/lacks social skills.
Not just giving out hypothetical advice, either. I've done the same and gotten a date (although he didn't like the bluntness in our later conversation since he's a normie, but awkward people always appreciate this trait I've found).

Anonymous 26607

In high school I had a crush on one boy since the first grade, he had really cute long eyelashes and he always made the stupidest puns (just like me) and I was always so happy just to talk to him but I never talked to him myself, I always waited for him to talk to me first which is really stupid. He also liked anime, like me, and he said that we are just like soulmates a few times. And he hugged me for my birthday, it was the best thing ever. But now we are in college and I probably won't see him again, that's ok I guess because in college there are lots of nice guys too but I think him and I would have made a perfect pair, but I was too autistic to say anything, and he was probably too scared as well if he liked me.

Now in college there are tons of qts I would like to get to know better but I am still too autistic.
There's a boy with long red hair and long nails and pierced ears, and a curly haired boy who is forever wearing band shirts, and another long haired boy who wears a leather coat and always draws really cute bad drawings of soldiers in his notebook, and another one who is absolutely the most adorable boy I have ever seen in my entire life… ok I am really going on a rant here but I could go on for an hour about all the qts I have seen at college but I feel as if I am violating them so I will stop

But that also might scare him and make him think she has some ulterior motive. Or he might find it really annoying. But try it anyway, even if he does think those things at first after you get to know each other any initial weirdness will be forgotten.

Anonymous 26610

I have a crush on one of my new friends. I met him a few months ago because he came into the place I work at. He used to work there before I did and occasionally comes in to visit my coworkers. The first time we met I hated him because I'm shy and awkward with new people, but he's very friendly and extroverted so he kept asking me questions and pointing out my shyness and saying "Why are you like this?" But after that I felt more comfortable with him and was able to talk to him normally.
A little over a month ago we talked about video games and played one together over the internet, and then he asked for my number and started texting me. He's been texting me everyday since then! Even when we have nothing to talk about.

We started hanging out a month ago. He spent the whole day with me on his birthday a couple weeks ago, and we were holding hands when he was driving me home. We haven't held hands since then though, but I really want to! He also came home with me for a little bit to meet my dad that night. My dad approves!

This was the first week where we actually didn't hang out since we started to, but he did come into my workplace a few days ago to say hi to me. I asked him to see a movie with me on Tuesday, and I really expected him to say no but he said yes!
I admire him as a person and I really like being around him because I feel good and confident when I'm with him. I don't know if he likes me back though, I can't tell if he's just being friendly with me because it's his personality, or if he just wants someone to hang out with, or if he actually is interested in me as more than a friend.

I wanna ask him out but I'm nervous about making things weird and damaging the friendship that we do have, because I do like just being friends with him. He told me he's only had 1 gf before so I feel like he might also be nervous about initiating something if he does like me. I also really really wanna hold hands with him again lol

Anonymous 26639

even if you're nervous, anon, you should try to work up the courage to do it! it'll be worth it, i promise.

Anonymous 26643

I have a crush on someone in my lectures. Ive never talked to him apart from one time when I dropped my pen and he passed it to me. at the start of the year he always sat by himself and looked really awkward, but sometimes glanced at me when I sat near him. I wanted to talk to him but was too nervous and didnt know how

after a while he started to make more friends. I sat near him and heard him say something funny to a girl I think has a crush on him. my heart sinks whenever I think about it and whenever I think about the glances he gave at the start of the year, I think, what if I imagined it, or worse, what if he was looking in disgust because some autistic retard was near him. the other day I went out of my way to walk past a building because I knew he had a class in there and Id be able to catch a glimpse of him

hes not conventionally attractive, but is cute and has a good sense of humour. its similar to mine, but because I have emotional walls I cant really joke around with strangers, so I come off as a boring, apathetic robot. how could he be interested in that

Anonymous 26650

I don't like calling him my crush because I don't want to admit to myself that I like him but for the sake of this thread I suppose I'll discuss my "crush".

We met at a party and made out. I would say we clicked really well, had a lot in common and talked the whole night. His hobbies are everything I look for in a person which is crazy to me. And makes me really really attracted to him. I don't think he's very cute, and not necessarily my type, but the more I think about him the more I become attracted. His personality was suuuper sweet and he's pretty smart too which is a plus. Look wise his face isn't the greatest but his hair and eyes are nice. Don't remember what his body looks like tho.

He never hit me up since that night so I've been trying to get him out of my mind but it's hard when you follow him on Instagram. I've seen him once since we first met and we talked a little but he didn't seem as interested in me compared to when we met that first night.

Anonymous 26705

It's pretty much extinguished, but I liked how he looked - cute in a dorky, endearing way. He's in choir and so am I. Woah!

I then asked my friend who's in a similar program as him and she told me to stay the eff away from him. Basically, he has a somewhat girlfriend (ie. They're on break) and he lied to her when he didn't hook up with a girl that she just saw talking with him. I don't want no pussy-hungry boy who lies about such things and hooks up with narcissistic, shallow women.

Anonymous 26803

>following him on social media?
i wish. he doesn't have any under his name. all i've got is his e-mail.

Anonymous 27074

Updating this to say that tonight I told him I had a crush on him and asked him to go on a date with me. He said yes, he thinks a real date would be fun and he wants to get to know me better! We're both not looking for anything serious atm because we have some other priorities in our lives, but we're definitely going to date and see where things go

Anonymous 27079

I posted on the vent thread, but my crush, without going into specific details, is tall, buff/fat (I look past this, I really do) and a smart lad. He's got a deep voice and nice lips I want to smooch. A bit sassy, but it's very much appreciated. We actually met on Tinder, but had mutual friends and started hanging out more due to another friend's recommendation. Like I said in the thread, I was going through a breakup and thus never really thought much of him as a romantic interest.

We hung out in a group on Canada Day and he gave me the most intense stare as I was eaving. Asdfghjkl. I think I just looked away.
I got to know him better this summer and really got to stare at him and realized he was cute. We kept hanging out in a group with my other friend on campus and only this week have I realized I like him.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if he thought of me as a friend or if he even liked me as a person, especially start of this term. He would just act awkward and not respond to texts, but according to my friend, he was just unsure how to act. I don't know where I'm going with this.

A caveat is that he's decent friends with my ex, who ignores my complete existence.

Anonymous 27244

Ok, I went to a poster presentation of his, talked to him and asked him questions about his research, then asked him to get TEA with ME. He said sure with a smile, and he had to pack up, I to class. I said "let's talk about tea later!" which he responded with "Yes, but go to class."

Fast forward 3 hours, he's in the same small office I am in, alone, TOGETHER, and he hasn't said anything.


Anonymous 144726


>mfw cute, skinny crush with tattoos looks buffer and older without a mask

It's only been 3 months or so since I last saw him. And I was even looking forward to being transferred back to my old workplace that's in the same building as his.

Time to find another pretty boy to secretly ogle at…

Anonymous 144743

my crush is my long-term scrote, oh how the mighty have fallen

Anonymous 144955

I was crushing all semester for this cute girl in my uni class. Luckily I worked in a gorup project with her and got to know her. We really hit it off she's shy but I feel we have a good chemistry when we talk. afaik she's never dated anyone. So I have no idea if she's into girls. All I know is she comes from a traditional christian family and I don't have the confidence to try to suss out what she's into. You know what I mean? I'm not that cool girl that makes you discover you're a lesbian. This was more of a vent, sorry.

Anonymous 145890

My crush is at first glance intimidating (he's really smart) but also sort of autistic and weird in a cute relatable way once you get to know him. He's really social and friendly with everyone though, so any attention he gives me may be completely non-romantic (he also mentioned that he currently doesn't feel any close connection with anybody… so…).
Our dynamic is fun as fuck though: sometimes we chat in a more heated/passionate way (it's kind of like playing ping-pong, but mentally) and tease each other about silly things, and other times we discuss our personal problems in a serious manner. Also, I like telling him that some detail about me is a secret and having him get all jokingly-annoyed about it.
Plus being infatuated with him makes me 10x more motivated to improve myself and grow as a person.
Oh and he interacts a whole lot with what I post on social media, writing witty replies to my tweets and such, it always warms up my heart a little bit.

Gosh I hope he likes me back, thinking about him makes me glow with delight despite us having never even met IRL (yet… he keeps asking me for a meet, and I'll accept soon).

…Honestly I guess I wouldn't mind if he didn't like me, the sole fact of knowing a person like him somehow leads to me being happier than ever, even without him returning my feelings.

Anonymous 168859

Update: it's going well, we've met several times and he's really thoughtful and nice as well as just fascinating to talk to :) though a bit shy, really didn't expect that based on his online persona

Anonymous 168868

We met in a lab in a uni. We probably won't meet because we don't work together anymore and he will get his diploma this winter.
I hate mornings but at that time I was so happy to wake up knowing that I'll see him. At first I thought he was nothing special even though he fits my fetishes. He always talks so quiet. When he introduced himself I didn't hear his name. Also his speach was very dry and he was not very talkative but later he started talking more and I fell. He has very soothing voice and I like how he handles himslef. Every time he smiled to me my knees felt weak. Now I just stalk his social media I found in google. I like his social media too. Almost no faces, nice photos of architecture and bature, no politics and no controversial shit.

Anonymous 168892

He told me he bought a brand of candy because it reminded him of me. Anyway that was 3 months ago and it never went anywhere but I still think about it. Gah I should've taken my shot when I had the chance.

Anonymous 168983


My crush is tall, dorky, he has beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, a totally kissable mouth. He has gotten well defined biceps and abs since he started exercising like 2 years ago.

The problem is that he is my brother.
So I can't do anything besides tease him on the phone and force him to go on "dates" when he comes home during the holidays.

Anonymous 169213

Nona, I…

Anonymous 169254

I was expecting the spoiler to say gay…

Anonymous 169282

Sounds weird, but I can relate. I was estranged from my dad from birth and only found him when I was a teenager. His eldest son, my half-brother, is literally my ideal man and sees us "hanging out" by eating as restaurants, going on romantic walks, enjoying activities like rock-climbing and cuddling in his bed under the covers with a movie afterward as completely innocent.

Anonymous 169306

Are you the same anon who confessed to wanting to doink her brother a year ago? We can't possibly have that many incest anons on this board…

Anonymous 169323



Well..not to be cringe, but he's really cool, loves to give me food, is really energetic, and is built like a fridge. I just love my fridge.

Anonymous 169326

>We can't possibly have that many incest anons on this board…
I remember a thread where there were like four or five or them, all were into their brothers and wrote lengthy posts about how they were so perfect in their eyes.

Anonymous 169328


I'm sorry for inflicting my disgusting post on you all.
I was a little drunk yesterday and didn't really think before hitting post.

>is literally my ideal man
That is exactly how I feel about him.
I make scenarios in my head where he and I would live away from our hometown in our own house, where I could hang out with him, hold his hand in public, do couple things, and be able to proudly say he's mine.
I know for a fact that will never happen, because even if one day I get the courage to confess my feelings to him only two things could happen:
- He will find me disgusting and will never speak to me again.
or, in a less likely case
- He will try to make the relationship work but it will be extremely difficult since we will be forced to hide and lie to everyone all the time and I don't want to ruin his life.
I already prepared myself for when I would have to kill myself when I'll see him happy with another woman and the pain would be too unbearable.
I'm not interested in other guys because I feel like no other man could treat me with as much respect and affection as my brother.

>"hanging out" by eating as restaurants, going on romantic walks, enjoying activities like rock-climbing and cuddling in his bed under the covers with a movie afterward as completely innocent.

You're so lucky, I try to have as much physical contact with him as possible.
When I was 16-17 I could sit next to him on the couch or stay in his room at night listening to him nerd out about his interests but since he's in college he grew distant. The last physical contact I had with him was when I was able to hold his arm when we were outside because I had "ankle pain" (absolutely not faked btw wink wink)

Nope, I don't visit this site frequently and this must be my 2nd post here haha.

Anonymous 169332

>I remember a thread where there were like four or five or them
That's actually pretty scary.

Anonymous 169338

Oh Crysta.cafe, never change.

Anonymous 169342

Anonymous 169376

mango... man... go…

Anonymous 169446

absolutely fatherless behavior
this post reinforces my point

Anonymous 169525


Girl what the fuck.
Anyway. Normalizing the thread again, sort of.

My crush is a nice woman. I wish we could meet up, draw together, and just fuck around in her home town or mine. She seems like the type I could have a laugh with and then deeply bond over trauma in the next moment. I envision a future of visiting her under the guise of attending a convention, but it's really to link with her (even as friends). I just want to make her feel like the cute, intriguing, and pretty woman she is, and warm her heart…
Perhaps a past online friendship/flirtationship gave me too much hope with such things. We're both lonely and similar so I'm a bit caught up on her ugh. At the very least it's fun for me to focus on during my boring days. Unfortunately meeting the type of woman I like in real life is pretty unlikely. And my romantic interior voice is whispering "you must have been weirdly draw to her for a reason (fate), huh?"

Anonymous 169551

that feel when you realize women love more fiercely than men ever could hope to.

Anonymous 169553


he is friend of mine, that i met through mutual friends. we are from the same city, but he goes to an out-of-state uni. we have very similar tastes in a lot of things, but we especially share a love for animals. he is much taller than me, which i cannot help but feel attracted to.
we've been friends for a few years but these past few months have been a little more vaguely flirtatious.
maybe cringe on my part but we talk about our exes a lot, mainly jokingly, and whenever he talks about wanting to run over my shitty exes, my heart beats faster
at first i was a little afraid that if anything were to come out of this, and it somehow ended poorly, that we wouldn't be friends again. but i am no longer friends with the mutual friend we met each other from, so i don't feel i have anything to lose from giving him a chance.
he is coming back to my city during the holidays and im really excited to hang out with him.

Anonymous 169575

posts like these make me glad my brother isn't hot

Anonymous 169589

My brother is handsome and I'm still completely repulsed at the thought of being in love/having sex with him or anyone else from my family. This is disgusting and I can't even imagine how can someone have sexual thoughts about any family member.
Those nonas who want to fuck their brothers are insane and need a therapist/psychiatric help asap.

Anonymous 169611


yeah I kinda feel like these incest stories are moid posts. Although I knew a girl in high school that would post a bunch of instagram pictures of her on "sibling dates" with her brother and everyone thought it was weird as fuck. So I guess women can be degenerates too so I shouldn't put it past females to be into weird shit.

Anonymous 169688

theres a lot of ways to be a weird girl that dont involve fantasizing about fucking your own brother kek you need psychiatric intervention

Anonymous 170965

Spoken like a true normgroid.

Anonymous 170972


older or younger brother?

Anonymous 171052

Stop letting your dreams be dreams, you need to seize your destiny (your brother).

Anonymous 171056

Right? Its not like 1 generation of incest actually puts offspring at serious risk for genetic defects, whos to say theyd have kids anyways.
I wouldn't tell her to act in it though, purely because it will ruin her life and relationship with her family if she makes a move on him and he doesn't reciprocate. Maybe get him intoxicated is the best I can think of and bait him into making the first move, but idk if this actually works outside of creepy erotic fictions in real life.

Anonymous 171058


I'm sort of crushing on an online friend who i know a lot about but don't even know her true name and have never seen her face kek.

It's not a serious crush, i think, but i am drawn to her. It's funny to me when she gets mad over silly things and i love how cute her relationship to her family is. Spending time with her is really fun, and always leaves me with that feeling of wanting more and more of her around me. She seems kind of lonely and introverted irl, and doesn't talk much about friends so i don't think she has many, if any at all. She's creative and funny and i love how outspoken she gets when she feels safe to do so.

I don't know what will come out of it, as i'm not really desiring her to hell and back like the usual, and the obsessive side of my personality is more focused on knowing her better than on being crazy over her, so it's a lighthearted thing compared to what i am used to feel, even if sometimes i still get overly stressed over whether or not she'll talk to me. Considering i just came down from a huge crush where i was crying over her daily and understanding personally why lust is a cardinal sin and i'm still reeling from all of the damage it caused for both of us, it's been a strange new feeling that definitely isn't unwelcome since i do want to heal from my usual obsessive patterns.

Sometimes i imagine what she would look like, and i imagine the both of us cuddling at night on the porch, and what she would smell like and how her skin would feel. It's nice.

Anonymous 171081


The guy next door to my room in my dorm. He seems like a bit of a dork, but in a cute way. He's quite outgoing and real nice to me, which is probably why I'm slightly crushing. I swear sometimes it feels like he's staring into my soul, which is a little hot. I wish I had more time to get to know him, but I'm doing electrical engineering, so I'm a very busy gal. Between constantly being in the lab and being too tired to socialize, I typically see him maybe a couple times a week in passing. Also, I'm extremely socially awkward and too afraid to even approach people that I already know.

The other guy I'm also sort of crushing on is a guy in my microprocessors class. He's an even larger dork, but extremely intelligent. He's a lot like a golden retriever, if that golden retriever was an embedded systems whiz and also had human skin. I think he might be into me, as he's very nice and has started getting physically closer to me when we're debugging. But also, I think he might just be a nice person, and I might be reading too much into it.

Ah well. I guess I'll never know. A good fantasy is enough for me.

Anonymous 171082


my crush is tall with glasses and blue eyes.
i thought he had an amazing personality and that's what made me fall for him at first, but after he hurt me again and again in classic moid fashion, now i'm only interested in him because of his looks.

Anonymous 171649

i wish i had a crush. even a 2d crush. i miss being obsessed about a person and feeling butterflies in my chest when i make up scenarios in my head….
i havent had a crush in years and its really making me depressed

Anonymous 172230

im in his room rn he's playing guitar it's so cute :3 he has pretty blonde curly hair and the cutest smile ever

Anonymous 172232

can it be your crush if you got officially together? I just still gush over him after years of being together and want to spend every second with him. He's the kindest person I've ever met and accepts all the little flaws and weird things about me. He reminds me that I'm beautiful and hugs me every day. I feel in a bliss next to him, like everything is right in the world.

Anonymous 172526

God I wish that was me

Anonymous 173152

During COVID my local gaming store had to shut down and my RPG group's GM couldn't handle the whole online thing, so we decided to join a shared universe game with 2 other groups playing Chronicles of Darkness. We were playing as werewolves tracking down a corporation that was intentionally poisoning the groundwater near an important spiritual site and came across a corporate site where masked gunmen had taken the staff hostage and were interrogating someone. We tried to intervene, but one of the gunmen held us at bay with a homemade silver fragmentation grenade and they escaped. When we came across them next, they were being chased by animal-hybrids possessed and mutated by spirits and I recognised one who was trying to save some nearby campers. My group didn't want to interfere because it was too risky, but I broke ranks and helped them escape. We had a standoff, but I got the impression we were working toward similar goals and let him go. Being curious, I came back later and tracked him down to find him teaching at a local college. We pieced together pretty quickly they were mortals and Hunters.

We didn't meet again in-game for months, until we saw security footage of the same masked team using homemade explosives to sabotage a dredging pump at one of the corporation's plants. Knowing the corporation was using powerful tracking spirits, I reached out and offered them help to avoid detection. A few weeks later I asked him to repay the debt and he joined our session with his character. I kind of fell for him instantly.

Besides his voice being incredibly sexy, I realised we went to the same store and looked for him in pictures, and dear me was he handsome. I realised I'd seen him around because he was friends with the owner's daughter who worked there, and it was weird trying to mesh the two together. When I saw him in the store, I thought he was really intimidating because he was huge and had this permanent scowl on his face like he was always fuming with anger, but talking to him he was just so warm and nice and funny. He made me laugh so much I couldn't breathe and had to lie down to stretch my stomach muscles. After that session, I started talking to him a lot and pretty quickly developed a hard crush.

In-game we were pretty flirty, but nothing happened for real until quarantine was over. It took me over a month before I could summon the strength to force myself to go in and meet him, but when I did he hugged me and I felt like I was melting. I wanted to instantly tell him how I felt, but I was not well, mentally, and forced myself to hold back until new meds had a chance to run their course and to see how I felt then. It took a long time, and over that period I think he figured out I had a crush on him but couldn't do anything about it, so he just let me use my character to express what I felt. We didn't force everyone else to suffer our love dovey mushiness, but it was nice being able to live out what I couldn't have.

I took a turn for the worst recently, so I have to keep my emotional distance, but I haven't lost hope and he's turned down girls who've asked him out and hit on him, which just makes me love him more.

Anonymous 173575


Here we go again.

Anonymous 177634


Older brother.
He's 21 and I'm 19.
(Sorry for the very late reply.)

Anonymous 177730

posts like these make me glad i don't have a brother

Anonymous 177732

what about the thread on /x/ with nonas talking about adding pics of dead guys to their wank folders

secretly moids too?

Anonymous 177734


When did you start to have a crush on him? What about him does it for you?

Do you look for guys that are like him?

Anonymous 177737

Dude, don't kill yourself. There's an endless sea of dicks out there. Just don't talk to males from 4chan or Reddit. I tried it and found a guy who regularly wore duct tape over his mouth and wanted to eat the eggs inside my ovaries.

Anonymous 178282

Why am I such a coward? I shoul've confessed. Now I'll probably never see him anymore.

Anonymous 178483


There's this guy at work. He's kind of good looking idk exactly what I like especially, he has kind of a long face and for some reason I always think he'd look good wearing a scarf with a gaudy pattern like polka dots, like some 60s british dandy.
Our work can be kinda stressful, it's at a tourist/cultural location with lots of people coming through but I've never seen him upset or out of balance, he always seems genuinely friendly and caring to everyone, and feels innocent in a way, like from what I gathered he had girlfriends before and has enough life experience for his age and all that, but he doesn't seem jaded like alot of people are beyond a certain age. He's very nice to me too and waves at me every time we meet but I don't know if he likes me since he's nice to everyone.
I've never had a bf and am super boring, I never know what to say when he talks to me, I can only think of the cringy anime shit and series I watch and that holiday I made in Japan 10 years ago so our conversations eventually die down after a few minutes, but he doesn't seem to avoid me. idk what to make of it I'm kinda(very) autistic tbh but it's nice that he tries to talk to me and asks me how I've been and these things I guess I should be happy with what I have

Anonymous 181355


He's just so cute and funny. He makes my heart soar and life colorful. I can't stop smiling when I'm around him. I always have so much fun with him I can't wait to hangout with him again.

Anonymous 181366

tfw ywnslat (u will never sound like a tranny)

Anonymous 181385


I should have confessed. I'm sure he was interested in me too. Even if we weren't going to be together forever, I would have experienced love. I'm such a coward.

Anonymous 181800


this anon here.
we've been dating for almost a month now, got to hang out together irl a few times, and its been going well. he spoils me a lot. really happy about this development.

Anonymous 182244

What's the worst that could happen if you told him now? It may bring some closure.

Anonymous 182425

I had a crush on a friend. I tried to tell him but got scared, I gave a hint which I'm glad he didn't pick up since I just think I have no chance with him. I'm just trying to forget I have a crush for now and just remain as friends since I think he wouldn't even like me

Anonymous 182595

cat hugs.png

It's been a little while. I hope you're doing alright. No guy is worth killing yourself over… you just have to put yourself out there and see how many different kinds of guys there are.

Anonymous 182598

I hate this picture

Anonymous 184213


It's me again. Just wanted to sadpost because she's been distant lately (Just a lot going on in her life, it seems) and i miss her company really badly. I wish we could call each other so i would at least have her voice to remember her by.

I have left her anonymous notes all over the internet, whenever i can. I don't think she will ever see them, but it does offer me some relief when i miss her really badly.

Anonymous 184233

nice cat pics btw

Anonymous 184246

with bf.jpg

We started as 2 people online and then he asked me to add him on tg and I was a bit uncertain first but he seemed pretty sweet and I could just block him if he was nasty etc so I added him in the morning of Valentine's day and we messaged each other all day and even called each other and I was just spinning in my bed after we stopped after idk 2 or 3 hours because somehow he was just so cool I fell for him immediately… And then we kept doing that and talked about stuff and I kept cheering him when he told of his work stuff and praised him when he told how he got good feedback etc and then one day he told me he sees me as someone he could easily live with and told of all the cute fantasies he had like how we'd come home from work and eat together and then watch TV and other everyday stuff and I was literally crying when he wrote that thing and then I told him I want the same and so we met and checked if we liked each other also irl and we've been dating for half a year now <3

Anonymous 184269



Thanks. She also likes my cat pics, so i'm always saving some for her.

It's day 2 of her being quiet all over her social media, btw. Sad emoji here.

Anonymous 184297

Aw, I'm rooting for you, anon. And I hope you can overcome the unhealthy habit of obsessing over someone since such a thing can be all-consuming. Did you guys chat pretty often?

My crush is also a woman from the internet, although I have yet to gather the confidence to DM her (hopefully soon). We've talked a bit in comments and done other mutuals activity (we're both artists), but I know it's on me to make the overture. In the end I'm the one who followed first because she's just so charming and has a whimsical view on life that I wish I had myself.
Overall, distance notwithstanding, I do have some concern because I know I'm not really her type at all. Since I'm also an open book, I do think she knows she's mine though. I'd be happy to be just her friend, of course! But I'm allowed to have a hopeful crush for fun.

Anonymous 184325


Thank you nona! I know my obsessive personality can be harmful for both me and the people i get involved with, so i do try to get it under control. And yes! We chat almost every day. She has been a real sunshine during my roughest days, even when she isn't doing so well herself, because i love her company even so and it's even better when i can help her feel better, it might sound dramatic but it does give me a sense of purpose. I just have so much fun when i'm with her that i never want those moments to end. I just hope i can talk to her again soon, because my heart breaks a little bit every time i feel too distant from her.

I hope you can talk to your crush, too! She seems very fun to be around, i hope you guys can become closer friends even if it doesn't get romantic. Rooting for you right back!

Anonymous 185399


I would like to apologize once again for taking so much time to reply, I totally forgot about this wesbite.

>When did you start to have a crush on him?

I think it began when I was around 16. I don't really know why but it happened, I simply started seeing him as more than a brother around this age. We had a good relationship before I started
falling for him, we spent a lot of time together, much more than the time I spent with my older sister, I don't hate her or anything but I much prefer spending time with my brother.
And now that he's in a college far away from mine and that I can only see him a few weeks per year my feelings are going stronger and stronger.
I started with a huge phase of denial, then a phase of disgust towards myself but now I simply don't care a bit, I am aware of the wrongness of these feelings but there is nothing that I can do except not acting on them.

>What about him does it for you?

He is very nice, not only with me but with everyone, he was very appreciated in our high school. I don't think I've ever seen him say anything hateful towards anyone or get truly upset about anything.
He's also extremely patient, and I secretly love testing his patience by teasing him a little bit but he never got upset at me even if I did a lot of stupid things in the past to get his attention.
I find him very handsome, he takes care of himself, he always dresses in formal clothes which I find extremely hot, I wish formal wear was the norm for men lol and he smells heavenly, because of that I've been stealing some of his clothes after making sure they smelt like him, I cuddle with them when I sleep until they don't smell like him anymore (generally after one week or two), clean them and give them back to him to make sure he puts his smell back on them. I've done this twice already and he never complained about me stealing his clothes temporarily so I keep doing it.
My favorite thing about him is that he's very nerdy, he takes studying way too seriously, we're both scientific people (whereas our sister is more of a literary person) so I understand that we have to be rigorous but he takes this to a different level, I make fun of him for it but I love it. I won't tell him tho, I don't want to inflate his ego hahah.
He matches most of my criterias for men. As if God was making fun of me by making it impossible for me to have the one men I want.

>Do you look for guys that are like him?

The only time I tried to get interested in another boy I ended up with by having guy from my high school who kept stalking me on the internet and sending me weird messages, simply because I've talked to him twice in class, until I had to delete all my accounts. So I'm not really looking to date because I'm now too scared now, I will rather continue to like fictional men or make scenarios in my head with my brother.

I'm doing okay, even though I'm constantly stressed about my studies, I'm not sure I want to continue to be honest.
I will spend time with my family and with the most important member, my brother during the Christmas holidays which is nice, I look forward to seeing him and organizing outings with him.
>No guy is worth killing yourself over
It's not really all about him and my failure in 19 years of existence to find a guy that would like me, I don't really feel like I have a purpose, I constantly feel like a disappointment to my family and I think it would be better if I went to sleep forever.
If I don't make any improvements in life for the next 10 years I'll probably just end it.

Anonymous 207048


Yo, fuck FDS for advising women not to confess. Beckys don't have the privilege of just waiting for men to throw themselves at them. I missed such a good catch because I was too much of a coward to confess my feelings for him and believed the "it's men who have to make the first move" bullshit. If you're not bold and quick, only trash men will be left for you, because other women already made sure to enter a relationship with the few good men out there.

Anonymous 207103

Nah girl even if you confessed chances are he wasn't gonna do anything anyway. I was very bold with my intentions to my crush and made it pretty damn clear that I'm into him and he just doesn't give a shit. It really is absolutely pointless as a woman to make the first move, if a guy is into you he'll do everything for you.

Anonymous 207115

Oh my God if you're that distraught over a man though there's something wrong with you.

Anonymous 207121

Nah I have never seen a happy relationship where the woman was the one who confessed. Every single one I know of, the man is cheating and treating her like garbage

Anonymous 207123

Are you from the asshole of Afghanistan or something

Anonymous 207125

Maybe don't follow dating advice from internet strangers, retard

Anonymous 207368

to add. Men always end up resenting their GF or wife if she was the one who made the first move. Always. He'll resent her for "wasting so much potential" or some crap. Basically, he'll get it in his head that she ruined his chances with other women. I mean, just one aspect of it.

Anonymous 208113

You are so weird. You should just confess to him and accept his potential rejection so you can move on.
He's your brother for fuck's sake, have some respect and decency for your family.

Anonymous 215620


Anonymous 215621


He’s your brother nona…

Anonymous 215631


I fucking love her holy shit shes so obsessed with all this memeable type of stuff like weezer but I love hearing her ramble on and on about it. It’s so cute. Talented as fuck at art and shit too. She’s taken unfortunately so I really hope my crush goes away, but I might confess if she’s ever single.

God fucking damn it I keep having this fantasy where we’re watching a movie together at night with a shit ton of blankets and she just falls asleep in my arms. Also one where I somehow make a shit ton of money and spend it all on her. I would do genuinely anything for her. Im so in love I don’t even know what else to say. She’s fucking adorable.

Anonymous 215633

Sorry to be so late but yeah this >>208113
In the nicest (or maybe harshest, you might need it ngl) way possible confess to be rejected so you can get over it. Also, please get therapy. For your sake especially and your brother's.

Anonymous 215634

In my opinion, she shouldn’t tell him at all and should probably just get therapy. I think telling him would be too catastrophic.

Anonymous 215644



>If you're not bold and quick, only trash men will be left for you, because other women already made sure to enter a relationship with the few good men out there.

I disagree, because I think the older you get the higher quality men you can get in your dating pool. Trash men will usually only be interested in younger women and not spare older ones a second glance. You probably do get a smaller pool overall, but when you're surrounded mature, educated professionals you don't have to worry about the men in it being trash nearly as much as when you are younger. They are less likely to ejaculate and evacuate when they're at an age they can't even afford to (Like for building a career).

Anonymous 215645

But older men are ugly and used

Anonymous 215651


At some point you should get to an age where you can't tolerate a hot-but-manwhore and you need someone that aligns better with your life goals.

>But older men are ugly

That's not true. You just need to find one that's taken care of himself better. If he's stayed away from drugs/cigarettes/alcohol/high amount of sex/etc. and isn't some kind of psycho he will almost always be higher tier moid than a stupid 20-year old moid using college and "lifecoaches" to just increase his body count.

Anonymous 215653


Also, even if he is leading a bad lifestyle, I should point out an uggo moid can still make himself decent looking by cleaning himself up physically and mentally. If you date a highly attractive moid but that is a complete douche you will have a much harder time changing him. He will already be too narcissistically high on the endorphins from his high body count and "getting anything else he wants".

Anonymous 216005

>and used
Do you mean sexually? I find there are quite some moids who are still virgins or had just one relationship without any one night stands up to their mid and late 20s. They are just way way less likely to admit it unless you have some deeper kind of relationship with them (family, friends, romantic relationship)

Anonymous 216007

Fuck I’m so annoyed with myself. I think I’m developing a tiny crush on this guy at work, but I think it’s only because out of the four men who work at my office, he’s the only one who seems to be around my age. Plus, I have no interaction with men elsewhere so I think my brain has chosen to latch onto this because I have no other options. It’s stupid shit like looking for his screen when we’re having Zoom meetings or being a little happy when he sends me an (completely work-related) email. Holy fuck it’s so cringe even talking about this because I barely know anything about him. He could be gay or in a relationship for all I know and he isn’t even my type. He’s just been very friendly and courteous to me at work and I guess that’s enough for my stupid brain to get a dopamine rush when he answers one of my work questions with a joke. We haven’t even had a full conversation because our jobs are really busy. The most is saying hi when we pass each other in the hallway or once I asked him a question about faxing and he said he didn’t know.

I’m really starting to believe that context is everything when it comes to attraction. When I was in grad school, there were also like four guys in my entire cohort but I felt nothing toward them. I’ve been on dates before and also didn’t feel much. But of course someone being nice and completely professional with me at work makes my brain totally fixated on them. Maybe out of boredom. Ahh it’s pathetic.

Anonymous 216008


Kazuma Kiryu the 55 year old virgin chad with a heart of gold is not and has never been a real person.

Anonymous 217048

I was on a video call with my penpal when one of her friends dropped by to fix her door. He's cute, funny, tall and strong. He sang to us as he rehung the door, then cooked for my penpal and it felt so romantic. We started talking and I want to visit as soon as the government will let me. I feel like I'm falling in love, but I'm not white and I'm terrified he'll reject me.

Anonymous 217052

super cute sex is great but there'll be these little intimate moments where the real psycothic moid just shines through and yeah that's a big nope

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