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fuckign idiof thread Anonymous 26649

itt post times you were just an absolute fucking moron and got exactly what you deserved

>be me

>drawing a bath for myself after a long week
>have bath bomb in, oils and everything super comfy
>soak myself in the tub, never been so relaxed
>had music playing on my phone but it wasn't "real" enough for me
>want to have the music echo and reverb for a sort of underwater feel
>dip my phone speakers in the water so it'll sound like it was underwater and also maybe make bubbles
>speakers immediately clog up and have to spend the next 3 hours ricing them and drying them and praying that my phone wasnt broken

i was 18

Anonymous 26662

>sitting in basement
>depressed and edgy and doing weird stuff
>take a bic light and set fire to my sleeve
>stare at it like a badass
>it starts to get out of control by the time I decide to put it out
>starts to hurt really bad
>freak out and start running around and then stop drop and roll and then throw the sweater off
>fire alarm goes off and there are burnt remains of this sweater everywhere
>room full of smoke
>next day arm has a bad wound and is leaking puss
>still have a scar like 9 years later

i was 17

Anonymous 26869

>get game that comes with poster
>it's a nice poster I want to hang up but it's folded
>look up how to get folds out
>people say to put a towel over it and iron
>ok, I start doing it
>it's going by really slowly and I can't tell if it's working or not
>get the genius idea that it will go faster if I remove the towel and directly iron it
>of course it melts
I was 17

Anonymous 26934

This is hilarious

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