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Anonymous 26872

Is strawberry and cream the ultimate best tea flavor?

Anonymous 26873

yes and anyone who says the only valid tea is made from actual tea leaves should leave

Anonymous 26875

by the way your keyboard is really cool

Anonymous 26876

thank you, unlike other keyboards it is an actual keyboard because it is made from actual keys and boards collected in rainy suburbs of New Jersey

Anonymous 26878

wow, quite fascinating

Anonymous 26881


keyboards are most definitely a thing.

Anonymous 26882

are those handcuffs on the left?

Anonymous 26926


i agree wholeheartedly

Anonymous 26929

Hibiscus with a little sugar FTW

Anonymous 26945

I believe that some of the best teas are not neccesarily made from the tea plant, but CREAM? What the fuck? Your beverage is clear, there physically is zero possibility of any trace of cream in it.

Anonymous 26947

it's only cream flavor

Anonymous 26948

My favourite is apple or mint. Mint tastes really good after dinner and apple just makes me feel all cosy and autumn-y.

Anonymous 26960

Chamomile is the God tier tea

Anonymous 26976

mint with a little honey and lemon for the autumn atmosphere

Anonymous 26977

no, lemon ginger is

Anonymous 26979

i shiggy diggy

Anonymous 27007

That doesn't seem right, you want your tea to be warm and soft, not cold and spiky. I'm bad at describing flavors but you get the gest.

Anonymous 27011

Peppermint is a good masking flavor for when you dump your entire herbs cabinet into a cup and call it tea.

Anonymous 27013

Why wouldn't it be right? Tea comes in all kinds of flavours lol. Mint tea is common in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. You drink it hot, not cold. It helps with digestion and can ease nausea. It's no different from drinking green tea or a mint flavoured sweet.

Anonymous 27015


For me personally tea is about getting warm and cozy when its cold outside and mint just feels like it would ruin that. The places you listed are mostly areas with hot weather, so its understandable there, but its just feels wrong to imagine drinking mint tea on cold autumn day.

Anonymous 27016

I don't really care for dessert flavored tea, I like rooibis and earl grey tea the most with a cute mug from anthropologie

Anonymous 27022

>not liking hot liquid desserts
you are just wrong in the head

Anonymous 27025

I like every and all types of tea~ Name a tea and I will give you my take on it.

Anonymous 27029

I recently discovered caramel tea, never drinking anything else again.

Anonymous 27030

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to have any! It's from the Balkans iirc though yes?

Anonymous 27050

So is that water with caramel flavoring?

Anonymous 27078

Sounds like a tea for fatty-chans
Where can I get some?

Anonymous 27096


don't mind me
just makin' tea

Anonymous 27099

The amount of sugar. OOOH NO NO NO. You could literally freeze this and call it ice cream afterwards.

Anonymous 27100


you can barely see into it

Anonymous 27101

my mother always taught me to put sugar only after I take out the tea bags. I'm not sure whether that's a good way to do it but anyway seeing the sugar and tea bags put in before water feels so wrong

Anonymous 27103


remember to add coconut oil after its finished brewing for that extra health boost

Anonymous 27104

>extra health boost
Why are you pretending to care about your health when you just dumped two tablespoons of sugar into it?

Anonymous 27105

excuse me those were three tablespoons

Anonymous 27132

I love tea! Don't really drink anything else besides tea and water. I mostly drink Hojicha (Roasted green tea) Mugicha (Barley tea) and Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice. I usually drink them chilled so I have cold brew tea bags for them. No sugar or anything. Recently though my fiance has been into david's tea type teas, since he drinks a lot of milk tea. We got one called caramel shortbread and it's really good with milk, too good!

Anonymous 27166

Is the dessert tea keeping you from the real deal fatty treats?

Anonymous 27171

I never tried this before, and this is great thank you

Anonymous 27184


I'm not even Bri'ish but this is so fucking good. I'm having one cup every morning and it gently warmy wakes you up while also being actually nutritious thanks to the milk so it substitutes breakfast

Anonymous 27197

Anonymous 27198

good choice

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