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Anonymous 26908

Who here /short/? What have been your experiences as a short chick? Do you ever wish you would have been taller?

Anons above 5’3 are NOT allowed in the thread

Anonymous 26909

>What have been your experiences as a short chick?
I'm short (under 5’3) and I don't think it has ever affected me in a positive nor negative way.

>Do you ever wish you would have been taller?

No, I don't mind being short.

Anonymous 26920

I'm 5'3 and that's a really average height for women… I hate when girls around my height are like "I'm SO short and small! uwu"

Anonymous 26922

I'm 5'3 so borderline short and I've never had negative experiences one way or another. Guys are usually the ones who go "ur so small uwu" but that's since most of them are taller so everyone is short to them.
The only annoyance I have is that clothes are always too long, but only just. With jeans and sweaters I can just roll them up a bit, but when I buy a coat or a dress it always falls really weirdly on me and makes me look frumpy. It's a pet peeve of mine.

Otherwise I don't really feel tall or short, I like my height.

Anonymous 26923


>I'm 5'3 and that's a really average height for women
Sure thing my fellow womanlet

Anonymous 26931

im only 5 ft tall. it's fun when you're young, but im 28 now. as you get older, you'll realize a crushing truth:

nobody wants to marry a short girl. guys only use short girls for sex but would never see us as long term potential because nobody wants manlet sons.

Anonymous 26936

nta but it really, officially is in Canada. It's 5'4" in the US and 5'5" in the UK.
t. 5'6" Canuck and most girls are a few inches shorter than me

…sorry I just broke the rule of this thread by posting and being above that height.

Anonymous 26946

>because nobody wants manlet sons
This must be either a scrote or a trolling lanklet.
People don't marry others based on how tall or pretty their kids might (!) be, we're not breeding sows.

Anonymous 26949


>…sorry I just broke the rule of this thread by posting and being above that height.
Yes you did

Anonymous 26951

I’m 5’1 and I love it. I find that it makes me cuter and helps me look younger. Also I love huge height gaps between me and the guy.

Anonymous 26952


I'm 4'8 (139cm) tall and everyone I say it to is really surprised that I'm also an adult. I'm the smallest one in my family too.

Only grievance I have is what >>26922 said, clothes can be a pain. And for me it's shoes especially, I don't even fit into adult sizes.

I do sometimes have sexual fantasies about being a tall gfd onee-san with a small shota, but all in all I'm okay with my height. There are definitely guys out there who want to go for small girls (my bf is one), though most of them are probably lolicons.

Anonymous 26953

So is your bf a lolicon too?

Anonymous 26954

He has admitted to kind of being one in the past but that's not the main reason he likes me, and he's not at all creepy about it either. Trust me I wouldn't go out with an actual lolicon nor am I defending them.

Anonymous 26966

Why are short girls obsessed with being mistaken asbyounger than they are? Most short girls I meet that love to tell people that look old or their age in photos of just their face. It's not really appearing youthful. I also don't get why short girls are so sensitive to other people saying they're short when it's most short girls being all uwu online.

At least tall girls aren't so cunty about being tall, from what I've seen on here, though they can be terribly insecure.

Anonymous 26968

Sorry but anons above 5’3 are NOT allowed in the thread. Please do not post again, thanks.

Anonymous 26970

The only reason I would want to be taller is so I can eat more. I feel so jealous of people who can eat 2k calories a day as their maintenance, I hate having to watch everything I eat and either having to choose the "diet" option or a regular portion but not each much else for the rest of the day at restaurants. I'm always hungry and I hate it.

Anonymous 26974

5 feet 1 here and I'd love to be a bit taller. My boyfriend says I'm perfect height but isn't obsessed with it. The only nice thing about being my height is that people say it's cute.

Taller girls can consume more calories and look more elegant in general.

Anonymous 26975

hi, anon

Anonymous 26978

Work out more and put on some muscle. I'm 5 feet and my maintenance is 2k. Martial arts and lifting sped up my metabolism so much, although it makes gaining weight very difficult since my stomach hasn't seem to caught up with my calorie needs.

Anonymous 26984


Being short (under 5' my whole life) wrecked my self-esteem growing up. I was convinced that no one took me seriously bc I was short, so I tried to overcompensate by being a perfectionist about my appearance (hair, clothes, facial expressions, weight, etc). From ages 13–17, I never left the house without wearing heels that were at least 3 inches tall.

That perfectionist attitude was definitely a contributing factor to me developing a debilitating ED, but I didn't consciously acknowledge the connection between my height insecurity and my ED until a therapist pointed it out.

Nowadays I could give less of a fuck about my height. My tall bf likes me the way I am and I realized I like being small, I feel cuter this way. But I do wonder if other short girls had similar overcompensating tendencies due to their height.

Anonymous 26991

I relate to this a lot, I also am a perfectionist who developed an ED lol. Personally I don't like being seen as cute, it feels a little patronizing. In addition to having height insecurity I work with a lot of men so I'm a bit paranoid about being taken seriously.
Well, at least short people get less health problems and live for longer.

Anonymous 27004


Bye anon

Anonymous 27021

4’ 10”
My mother, both grandmothers, my 5 sisters, and all but on of my (blood relative) aunties are5’ 0” or less with Aunt Dot just 4’ 6”.
So - lots of support, plenty of sharing clothes and shoes. We all learn to sew.
Most of the men are short, too, with only my oldest brother over 5’ 6” (he’s the Family mutant at 6’ 1”).
Just the water I swim in.
The only bummer is my last name is slang for short (not telling) so loooooots if jokes.

Anonymous 27024

Where are you from if you don’t mind telling?

Anonymous 27026

Middle of Nowhere, Indiana

Anonymous 27035

I’m pretty surprised tbh. I thought you’d be Asian or Latina.

Anonymous 27070


I honestly enjoy being 5'1, I feel cute and able to fit into anything

Anonymous 27075

Don't the majority of clothes fit weirdly on you though? Long sleeves, pants legs, etc?

Anonymous 27077

I suppose so, but unless you know how to tailor your own clothes it'd get pretty expensive to see a tailor.

Anonymous 27084

> Personally I don't like being seen as cute

This is so frustrating. I will gtfo this short girls thread after this post but, something about my appearance or style or aura makes me eternally stuck as cute/adorable. That's all I ever get called by anyone, never hot or pretty or sexy. Just cute. Every last tinder match just called me 'cute'. It's terrible.

Anonymous 27111


>tfw 5'7 & posting itt
suck it, womanlets
love being able to stand on my tippy toes and stretch my arm out and like, get things off high places, mmmm. feels good

Anonymous 27112

Why can't we all work together instead of creating rifts between each others because of height? Every short girl should be assigned a tall friend who will help her get things off of high places and short girls in return will help them get things stored in low cabinets.
Also how come when I write 3 dots it turns out like this : …

Anonymous 27113

Anonymous 27116

German and wee.

We’re all busty, too, another reason to see. Although “short and busty” seems popular; all my female relatives married young and very few divorce

Anonymous 27118

*another reason to sew

Anonymous 27122

alright. bye bye!

Anonymous 27139

Dis bitch finna get dabbed on

Anonymous 27176

Yeah, it seems impossible to be seen as striking. It's always inoffensively cute.

Anonymous 32161

Ken, do you have the green text?

Anonymous 152340


I'm around 5'1, I used to play basketball when I was a kid and really really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I didn't grow much and had to stop, it really hurt seeing your girl classmates getting taller and taller while you were mostly stuck at a short height. Obviously not everyone grew to stay on the sport and that made me at least not feel that alone but it fucking sucked seeing that short younger girl shoot up to over 6', I was so so jealous.

Funny thing is that both my parents are reasonably taller than average, not much but still, I shouldn't end up being short. I always expected I'd at least get as tall as mom, she's around 5'8. Deep down I had always dreamed about being at least as tall or even taller than dad, he's around 6'.

Nowadays I'm perfectly fine with my height but I do wear high heels every occasion I can. I never complained about this with my parents and they didn't seem to care that much about it, mom always said shorter girls are cute. Back when I dropped basketball and the girls were growing taller I was very into the idea of getting hormones to grow a bit more but was too afraid of it.

I'm just turned 20 last month and still sometimes hope I'll gain an inch or two someday lmao. Btw, at least dating is nice, men usually want petite women. And while I'm short I have a very shapely body, my hips are quite wide.

Anonymous 152364


>tfw I was the tallest girl in 3rd grade
>tfw grew (heh) up to be a 5'0" dwarf

Anonymous 152365

>le heart problems have arrived

Anonymous 152389

>men usually want petite women.
ake pedo bait

Anonymous 152407

Duh. Male attraction is synonymous with pedophilia.

Anonymous 153026

You're really saying petite women should die alone to protect your feelings.

Anonymous 153053


173cm = heart problems? Le yankeefag has bosted :D

Anonymous 153059

Short women don't look like children unless they actively try to

Anonymous 153094


I understand how this works now.

Anonymous 153202

>men like women who look like me
>um no honey they actually don't!

Don't mind that anon. As long as there's no significant height difference, no sane person would go around thinking you're jailbait and your boyfriend must be a pedo. Or just date a guy who's exactly your height.

Anonymous 153668

>"short chick"

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