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Anonymous 27218

He did not contain a single drop of blood; his heart was the size of a peppercorn; his lungs corroded; his intestines rotten and gangrenous; he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water.”

Anonymous 27219


Better him than Bourbon.

Anonymous 27256

Yess I love reading about this guy. Does anyone knows of a good docu about him?

Anonymous 29735

Dude fucked El Imperio up

Anonymous 29765


Anonymous 29782


Anonymous 29784


He was qt when he was younger.

Anonymous 29791

Kek he looked like Macaulay Culkin

Anonymous 29802


Imagine being the woman tasked with delivering his heir
>One of John's last acts was to arrange Charles' marriage in 1679 to Marie Louise of Orléans, eldest daughter of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans. The French ambassador wrote that '…the Catholic King is so ugly as to cause fear and he looks ill' while the marriage was strongly resisted by the prospective bride but went ahead regardless.
> Marie Louise claimed Charles suffered from premature ejaculation; the lack of an heir made her unpopular, fertility treatments gave her severe intestinal problems and she became depressed.
>Her French attendants were accused of plotting against the King and his family and, as a result, one of her personal maids was tortured.

Anonymous 29866

>tfw the best portrait painters can do, people who are no strangers to making people look better than IRL, is make you look like adult Macaulay Culkin with an underbite.
I am shocked he was capable of ejaculating at all, considering his single, black as coal testicle.

Anonymous 29900


>Imagine being the woman tasked with delivering his heir

Anonymous 29961

Are you one of those /his/ creeps responsible for Charles and Annie Frank love story?

Anonymous 29962


>you will never get to fuck Charles II of Spain
>you will never slowly kiss him then attempt to bite his lower lip only to accidentally sink your top row of teeth into his mouth due to his monstrous underbite
>you will never slowly kiss down his body, your head gently stopping on his soft hairy chest so you can hear the tired grinding sound of his peppercorn heart desperately pumping blood to his freakish deformed penis
>you will never feel the drool falling onto your skull as his body quivers and his peppercorn heart beats so quickly that you can almost taste the pieces of it on your well seasoned spanish dinner
>you will never get a mild whiff from his gangrenous intestines as you kiss down across his belly only to imagine how sexy his cheesey cock must smell compared to this
>you will never make your way to his penis and start suckling on his coal stocking
>you will never hear him struggling to tell you how much he loves you for being the only woman to make him cum
>his tiny black testicle will never struggle to shoot cum out over your face that you instantly gobble down, to be greeted by the taste of sulfur

I have a fetish for disabilities and for royalty. you have no idea how hot this guy makes me.

Anonymous 29963

I am so disappointed in myself I allowed the thought "oh, I didn't expect THIS fetish" to pop up in my mind after so many years on the internet and 4chan in particular.

Anonymous 29965

This is such a mood I’m crying

Anonymous 30504

when did this guy become a meme

Anonymous 30508

I don't know. It's just people discovering odd histories for the first time. Like when all those larpers discovered Genghis Khan used to put babies on spikes alongside the whole "tolerant of other religions :)" thing and it freaked them out.

Anonymous 30577


No, I didn't even know that existed, but I did write Charles ii of Spain x reader story. I haven't posted it yet though, should I upload it on a fanfic site? Sounds interesting though, do you have a link to the story you're talking about?

Anonymous 30578

4chan /his/ started spamming it everywhere about a year ago

Anonymous 30579

God i hate genghis khan, bastard robbed me of my cheekbones

Anonymous 30587


Took me a while to find it.

Anonymous 30591


Thanks anon, this is perfect.

Anonymous 30596


>Charles ii of Spain x reader story
You could put it in pastebin and link it here

Anonymous 30713

charles ii x ann f…

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