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Fundamentalism Anonymous 27272

Have you considered becoming a fundamental Christian?

- Loving husband who will never divorce you
- Lots of kids
- Get to stay home all day
- Have time to perfect cooking and baking

Anonymous 27274

That’s what I want.
Mom is a SAHM, all 6 of us were homeschooled. All my closest friends are from the same. University was really eye-opening and I am more convinced that’s for me than ever.

Anonymous 27275

How to get reverse of this with stay at home husband who will never divorce me and I him?

Anonymous 27277


Marry a girl.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 27278

Fundies are a modern 19th century American cult that have tossed away the traditional symbolic way of reading the Bible. Much like Mormons they're often nice enough people but contrary to their insistence much of what they believe is unbiblical.

Anonymous 27287

Not all

Anonymous 27288

>Loving husband who will never divorce you

Every (secretly) married man who's come on to me (and some dated) were very Christian men who seem to easily forget their wives/girlfriends exist. Going to mass every Sunday doesn't mean shit. If anything, they find it easier to rationalize straying. Being forgiven no matter what, I was "led" into temptation, etc.

Anonymous 27289

what do you mean by "fundamental christian"?

You meaning the simple stuff like voting Republican, attending church at-least on a bi-weekly basis, and being shoehorned into a housewife role with a simple low-paying part-time job all while denouncing abortions and homeschooling your kids?

Or the more advanced stuff like eschewing politics all together due to it's sinful elements, praying for hours everyday, being in a isolated cult of fellow worshipers, abandoning modern technology all together, denouncing all sexual desires not to do with breeding and not educating your kids at all?

please explain in great details for I am from China

Anonymous 27291

I don't like Christians especially not Christian men. It's a weak slave religion where the highest honor is to grovel eternally and do nothing to improve your station in life.
It's completely inept in the modern world. I really hate meek Christian "men".

Anonymous 27292

Ok there Rabbi/Imam/Witch/Tree-godess

Anonymous 27295


Tengri for life.

- Strong warrior husband who can hit a bullseye while riding on horseback at high speeds
- Gain favor from the great khan
- Get to throat sing in the yurt all day
- Have time to perfect the horsehead fiddle and archery

Anonymous 27297

>lots of kids
>a pro

Anonymous 27302

Male bait.

Anonymous 27305

Ah, yes, the eternal contradiction of Christians to non-Christians.
On the one hand
>it’s a religion for weak, groveling slaves who turn the other cheek, hate sex, are meek, and welcome lesser people
On the other hand
>it’s a violet, hateful religion that’s started every war in 2,000 years, especially the Crusades, and exploits the weak
It’s everything!

Anonymous 27306

I wish I could but I am a papist and as such could not find a loving christian husband

Anonymous 27307

Anonymous 27308


Anonymous 27315

I would never want to be a fundamental Christian because they place more importance on the laws of the religion itself and trying to seem as “holy” as possible instead of actually having a relationship with God. Most of them seem to be hypocrites who only put up a facade of being a “holy” person.

Anonymous 27325

I'm not religious, I just can't stand people who do not defend themselves or think for themselves. Loyalty to an abstract foreign god that preaches slave morality is repulsive.
Some lunatics will claim that Christianity is violent, but they are doing such to push a political agenda, not actually tell the truth as to what Christianity actually represents.

Anonymous 27401

I wield the book of god in a violent manner.

I told a story once that I was having a bad day on the bus. Some guy kept looking at me half the ride then came over and tried to proselytize me and after gave me a free bible.

I've smited a few spiders with it now.

Anonymous 27439

I am
It's cool

I mean I suffer because I'm fucked in the head from unrelated issue
But yeah, I can only recommend, 10/10

Anonymous 27440

I'm not a fundie but my husbands sister is pretty religious (grew up messianic now just christian). She has 4 kids and she's actually pretty happy as far as I can see. I like believing in God and it makes the darker moments of life a little easier, I don't like fundamentalism because its unforgiving and too strict.

Anonymous 27443

We're not religious, but my family is so maybe that has something to do with how we live. I have a college degree and a few years of work experience, but we've decided that I'm going to be a housewife (and stay at home mom in the future). I'm still learning how to cook and how to take care of the house, etc. I like living this way and so does my fiance. I may go back to work at some point if we ever need me to, or if I get bored, but I like being home and taking care of myself and the house and I know I will love taking care of our kid someday. I enjoyed having a job and I like my major, but I've always felt like being a traditional housewife and mom is what I am supposed to be.

Anonymous 27449

- you have to follow the set's beliefs perfectly and can't question them
- if your husband is abusive, you can't divorce him and you'll still be be forced to live with him
- you'll be reminded daily that your only worth is to pop out kids and that your husband is basically a god
- you don't get to make any of your own decisions
- you don't get to decide how many kids you have and your husband will probably push you to have more even if you're medically advised not to or they're being born with serious birth defects because he's being brainwashed into thinking that having as many kids as possible is a good thing
- you'll get no help taking care of your 10 kids because your husband doesn't believe it's his "job"
- he can't divorce you but he can sure as hell still cheat on you and will most definitely have a mistress on the side, his entire community will cover up for him
- your husband might use phtsical force on your kids and there's nothing you can do about it
- if you don't like the community, you can never leave
- depending on the sect, you might be forced to go out and convert others and lmao not all of us want to give up our rights and become slaves to abusive men
- there's a good chance your husband might be gay and was forced into marriage by his parents in an attempt to protect their image and he doesn't love you
- in fact it's almost guaranteed he won't love you because most fundamentalists rush marriages and don't give the couple a chance to know each other, he might rush it because he's a desperate virgin who can't have sex before marriage
- literally everything

- none

Anonymous 27451

some of your points are true but can be avoided if the woman has a degree or can get a job if things go downhill, so it's not the end of the world. also come on, not every husband is shit, even christian ones. i know we have the tendency to think the worst thing is going to happen to someone in this situation, but many men raised like fundamental christians have ideals such as being a good father and good husband. but as you said yourself it depends on the sect.

Anonymous 27458

Same except I didn't go to college because my then boyfriend/now husband and I decided that we'd rather not take on the debt of me going to college if I'm not going to be working anyway so we'd be able to buy a house. I can always go to school later if I really need to.

Anonymous 27464

fuck no


- Loving husband who will never divorce you
lol maybe he'll never divorce you, but loving? from just watching my mom and dad interact, more like he gets to call her stupid, mow over her opinion for no logical reason, shut her up, and there's nothing she can do about it. she claims their relationship is happy to anyone who asks because she's so engrossed into believing fundamental christianity is the best way for people to live.
>- Lots of kids
yeah, my mom says she loves having so many kids, but as for me, I have four siblings, life sucks because my father was committed to seeing us a fAmIly unit instead of as individuals
>- Get to stay home all day
true, but my mother was mostly just raising all of us children and seemed extremely stressed out by it because my father did little except dish out the occasional spanking when she felt like we needed more than just one from her. she also had to clean and deal with all my father's laundry, mess, etc.
>- Have time to perfect cooking and baking
true, my mother is well known as an excellent cook.

This is closer to my reality as the kid of such a household. However, as far as I know, my dad never cheated on my mom, but he was certainly open staring at plenty of other women. Also, the fundamentalism in my family was largely self-imposed by my father rather than our church, and his family was nowhere near as strict as he raised me and my siblings.

It's funny you mention the community covering up cheating, as my parents did everything they could to cover up my brother sexually abusing me as a kid. When I finally told someone who had to report that to the police, I got accused of being manipulative and selfish and for "breaking up the family". My church and my parents were convinced I was at fault for still feeling hurt by what happened to me. So yeah, not cheating, but my father's reasoning for covering it up was to "keep the abuse in the family" (ick).

In my family, my mother homeschooled us and though I think that was a positive on one hand, my parents definitely used it to brainwash my siblings and me into their beliefs that supported "critical thinking" and being "open-minded". I feel so empty inside because I don't find many people I relate to in terms of my childhood, even the poorest people who went to our church had more access to the regular stuff like internet, TV, and books that weren't inherently Christian (despite the fact my father made a good amount of money). My mother was rabidly fundamentalist because she essentially converted to it to be with my dad (and she came from an atheist family, lmao). I think she's just trying hard to convince herself it was the right decision, but it sucks she had to suck her female children into it.

My father is pretty much excused for all his actions because he makes the money in the household. Trust me, I can't see how anyone who realistically want this unless they're incredibly selfish and only want kids to benefit their own lives instead of caring about the lives of their children.

Anonymous 27510

I’m so sorry.
We’re in Anecdote Land, now, I guess.
My family is super religious, but Catholic (Latin Mass, tho). My dad’s a theologian, mom a SAHM who homeschooled us all.
My parents adore each other. Almost Addams Family level. They fight, sometimes, sure, but they live us all. My parents taught us a ton about media and stuff so we had a more connected childhood. I had friends from the parish that never had a TV, etc. but my dad would watch MST3K with us, show us classic movies, and just checked what we watched on TV.
Don’t get me wrong; there was a family from the parish where the parents trashed each other, were rude to the kids, etc. and all were miserable. And there was the one where suddenly the mom and dad were in jail and the three youngest daughters in foster care (the mom had covered up the dad molesting them because of “charity” and “ he went to Confession”).
But I have friends from non-Fundamentalist and Atheist families with similar tales.
My experience and the experiences shared by almost all of my friends from childhood is very positive about being raised strictly religious.
I want a Latin Mass husband, a big family, etc. I don’t require anyone else to want those things

Anonymous 27528


>My parents adore each other. Almost Addams Family level.
>I want a Latin Mass husband, a big family, etc. I don’t require anyone else to want those things
Those are my goals too except there is no Latin Mass around my area for a drive of like two hours so I'm okay with my local NO parish. My parents got divorced and I never saw them being affectionate with each other growing up so trying to have a happy marriage is like uncharted territory for me. Most of my friends' parents got divorced and I never see the ones who are still together being affectionate to each other so I don't know what a happy marriage looks like outside of TV, but I still want to try to make it real.

Anonymous 27597

- Loving husband who will never divorce you
>probably an unattractive old misogynist who controls me and makes me dependent on him so I couldn't survive a divorce even if I wanted one
- Lots of kids
>a 24/7 job I won't get paid for
- Get to stay home all day
>while doing my unpaid child rearing
- Have time to perfect cooking and baking
>more unpaid work

You really think you're selling the trad life? If I'm gonna slave all day I'm gonna get a salary for it, and I'm not gonna be reliant on a nasty christian dude

Anonymous 27602

This attitude weirds me out, the concept that Work only has value or merit if money changes hands.
>SAHM?! Hell, no! Working in my own home to make my living space clean & beautiful? Supporting my loved ones with my own labor? Ensuring that the people I love get decent meals, good education, and a loving environment? Not without a paycheck, buster! Besides, the man who proposed, married me, and fathered my kids might be mean, ugly, and divorce me someday!
Nope, instead
>So I’m slaving away over this spreadsheet for Rob, my new supervisor who expects me to do his job, AND I have to get my own work done, too, when I hear Sally. None of us know Rob yet, but the rumor is he’s here to downsize the office. This job doesn’t pay me what I deserve, but the commute is only 35 minutes each way and parking is free.
I don’t understand how commuting to a strange office to be with strangers all day is inherently superior to taking care of your own just because money.

Anonymous 27614

stay at home mom.j…


My mom was a stay at home mom and I was neglected still. The house was filthy and us kids all cooked for ourselves while she sat in her dark room with the door locked. Once in a blue moon she would throw a temper tantrum breaking and banging things while accusing us of not caring about her because we didn't teach ourselves to clean the house for her. I learned to stop smelling awful by myself early on, I was bullied for my awful hygiene in the first few years of school. She might as well have been working. There was infinite more motherhood going on with working moms than her.

I don't want to be dependent on anyone, I want to be able to rely on myself(until global economic collapse where I hang myself in the closet because I have no survival skills). Le happy family meme is not something all of us can participate in for one reason or another. I get so mad looking anything like that thumbnail to OPs video. I've secretly despised good mothers for a long time and do my best to not hear about it or witness them. I can't become that which I hate.

Anonymous 27615

it comes from selfishness

Anonymous 27616

I’m very sorry, anon.
My father’s childhood was terrible. The things we does tell us are awful and I know he keeps the worst to himself.
He & mom are wonderful together, and he’s the best. Once I was there when someone asked him how he is doing so well, mentioned that awful childhoods doom people to being awful spouses and parents. My dad said that can’t be true or there would be only terrible families left by now; we must be able to overcome a bad background, he said.

Anonymous 27618

If I have children how do I not mess them up? There's no class or user manual on how to do it perfectly. What if my parental/maternal instincts are broken?

Anonymous 27621

My mother’s three rules of mothering;
“Pick your battles; you’re keeping them safe not ruling them as a tyrant.”
“Let them be who they are; you might want them to be an astronaut but they might want to be a banjo player- and it’s their life.”
“If I was perfect I’d know; everyone screws up. Admit it, apologize to the kids, move on.”
And my dad’s
“Strong boundaries but freedom inside them.”
“Love them”
“I don’t care if I’m cool, I care if my kids are prepared for life.”
That is all I got

Anonymous 27624

Being a sex worker, you are living in the gutter. You are not gonna meet good people.

Anonymous 27625

What was your mom's life like, before she got married?

Anonymous 27647

I would consider the possibility the gross men you've encountered were only participating in making advances on you because they were gross. And that not all men are gross but you've only noticed the ones being gross. Can't blame you though, they're way easier to notice.

Anonymous 27649

Before she met my dad she was a single mom for over 10 years. She had her first kid at 17 and the next a few years later. She spent her early 20s doing coke/amphetamine and various other things, her first two daughters went into foster care(she later pulled the first one out). Her next kid was from a guy who grew weed and sold it presumably, the closest thing to a stable relationship. Then she met my dad and they got married when she got pregnant.

Anonymous 27650

I don't think the problem was about being a SAHM.

Anonymous 27652

Reminds me of a documentary I watched not too long ago
>Two 16 year old boys are alone for the weekend
>They smoke a ton of weed, do coke, drink a ton of whiskey, and in unknown circumstances end up killing themselves with the shotguns they had been shooting all weekend
>The parents sued Judas Priest claiming the rock music made them do it

Anonymous 27664

This. It would be nice to enjoy life.

Anonymous 27687

>implying you need to be a fundamentalist christian to have any of these

is this post anything other than bait

Anonymous 27693

The point is to follow God's direction in our life on earth. Then, if we're saved, we can enjoy the eternal rewards in Heaven that we have earned.

Anonymous 27955

You don’t have to be a fundamentalist for that

Anonymous 28036

True, but there are a lot of so called Christians that are going to Hell because they're still trusting in their works. Most fundamentalists have salvation right.

Anonymous 28042

None of that Sole Fide heresy, now

Anonymous 28043

>Believing the Bible is heresy

>Romans 4:5 (KJV)

>But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

Anonymous 28087

It's not inherently superior, working is garbage. But it's inherently safer and more secure than relying on the benevolence of a man.

Yes, because it's so unselfish to make a man earn all your money so you can sit at home all day baking cute cookies and playing with cute babies because you're scared of dying alone.

Anonymous 28098

James ch1:
>21] Wherefore casting away all uncleanness, and abundance of naughtiness, with meekness receive the ingrafted word, which is able to save your souls. [22] But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. [23] For if a man be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass. [24] For he beheld himself, and went his way, and presently forgot what manner of man he was. [25] But he that hath looked into the perfect law of liberty, and hath continued therein, not becoming a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; this man shall be blessed in his deed.
Read the whole thing without picking and choosing.

Anonymous 28101


If you are working you are depending on a boss (usually a guy) who not only isn’t your spouse but who owes you nothing; profits down 2%? Fire people. Profits ok but shareholders unhappy? Fire people. Radically different relationships before we get to ‘your boss isn’t on the hook for alimony & child support’.

Anonymous 28102


heresy mentioned

Anonymous 28103

That's not even talking about salvation. Nice straw grasping though, papist.

Anonymous 28112


Thanks for confirming you haven’t read the entire bible
>that’s what happens when your foundation is taking stuff out of the Bible so you can do what you want

Anonymous 28117

I agree with you that there are a lot of “Christians” but most of the fundamentalists I’ve met are huge hypocrites themselves. They act like legit pharisees. So they aren’t as saved as they think they are.

Anonymous 28127

Being saved is not about how you act, it's about where you've placed your trust. If you've believed on Jesus Christ then there is nothing you can do to lose that gift.

Anonymous 28128

I just want all my friends from crystal.cafe to be saved

Anonymous 28174

"Many will cry out 'Lord, Lord' but I will say 'I do not know you'"
Feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner. If you truly believe you must do these things.
I work for my salvation in fear and trembling.

Anonymous 28178

If that's what you're trusting in to get you to Heaven, you won't get there.

Please look up The Bible Way to Heaven on YouTube.

Anonymous 28185


Same fam I hope everybody here makes it to the cc meet-up in heaven, I keep everyone who comes here in my prayers

Anonymous 28186

The first person to espouse the idea of "once saved, always saved" was John Calvin in the mid-sixteenth century. Even Martin Luther didn’t subscribe to the theory. Prior to Calvin, the unanimous consent of the early Christians was that a person is capable of losing his salvation by committing mortal sin, as John spoke about in 1 John 5:16–17.

In the first century, the Didache, commonly known as the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, said "Watch for your life’s sake. Let not your lamps be quenched, nor your loins unloosed; but be ready, for you know not the hour in which our Lord comes. But you shall assemble together often, seeking the things which are befitting to your souls: for the whole time of your faith will not profit you, if you be not made complete in the last time" (Didache 16 [A.D. 70]).

Anonymous 28189

You are deadly wrong. Repent of this belief and trust Christ fully for your salvation.

Anonymous 28192


Do you have any evidence that verses like Romans 10:9 were meant to be interpreted as Once Saved Always Saved by Christians in the early church? Because there is plenty of historical evidence that this is a modern interpretation of scripture and that is not how the early church ubderstood those passages.

In the second century, Irenaeus wrote, "To Christ Jesus, our Lord, and God, and Savior, and King, according to the will of the invisible Father, ‘every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth, and that every tongue should confess’ [Phil. 2:10–11] to him, and that he should execute just judgment towards all. . . . The ungodly and unrighteous and wicked and profane among men [shall go] into everlasting fire; but [he] may, in the exercise of his grace, confer immortality on the righteous, and holy, and those who have kept his commandments, and have persevered in his love, some from the beginning [of their Christian course], and others from [the date of] their penance, and may surround them with everlasting glory" (Against Heresies 1:10:1 [A.D. 189]).

Such consistent testimony could be given from the dawn of Christianity until today, and no suggestion of "once saved, always saved" can be found on the lips of any Christian before Calvin.

Anonymous 28203

I read the Church Fathers, St. Augustine, St.Thomas, St. Catherine, St. Terese, and the complete bible.
Not a couple 'ministers' on youtube

Anonymous 28209

Those guys are burning in Hell right now and will be for all eternity

Anonymous 28212

30 years war going on ITT

Anonymous 28217


That's an interesting idea, where in the Bible does it confirm that these specific Christians who dedicated their lives to loving and trusting in Jesus are currently burning in hell and how can we be sure that your interpretation of the text is how God intended the Bible to be read and understood?

Anonymous 28249

proud of you anon.
I don't get where fundamentalists get off saying that other Christians are in Hell, esp those who lived a thousand years before Protestantism reared its ugly head. The truth is that they don't know that or anything about it and the works of God's judgements are not for us to know.

Anonymous 28269


Anonymous 28457

Fundies have more fun.

Er, the Bible literally tells us about the judgements of God.

Anonymous 28464

Know why Evangelicals disapprove of sex?
It might lead to dancing.
My Evangelical Protestant friends
>smoking is evil, alcohol is evil, only some Christian music isn’t evil, TV & movies are all evil, dancing is evil
My Catholic friends
>wanna come to the dance at the social hall? We made our own beer!

Anonymous 28467

No one said sin isn't pleasurable for a season. Some people just want to live a sanctified life.

Anonymous 28468


That doesn't answer my question. What I'm asking is how do you know that when those judgments are mentioned that they were meant to be applied to all of the devout Christians anon mentioned who lived long before Martin Luther came up with the idea of sola fide, and how do you know your understanding of those verses is how the Bible was meant to be interperted? St Catherine of Siena for example died in 1380, she wasn't even alive to see Luther nail the 99 thesis in 1517. What biblical do you have for saying that all those good Christian souls who spent their lives in service to the Lord but happened to die before 1517 are now burning in hell forever?

Anonymous 28470

Sola fide is in the Bible; not an invention of Martin Luther.

You also seem to be stuck in the belief that doing good works or "dedicating oneself to God" will get you to Heaven. Hint: it doesn't.

Anonymous 28473

Does anyone here watch Counting on?

Anonymous 28475

I'm assuming you're referring to Eph­esians 2:8–9.

>For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God—not because of works, lest any man should boast.

However, one great problem taking these verses out of context in the Bible is that it is easy to find verses that could be said to prove some­thing very dif­fer­ent. For exam­ple, 1 Peter 3:21 says, “Bap­tism now saves you.” James 2:24 says, “A man is jus­ti­fied by works and not by faith alone.” No one reads these texts and tries to set up a doc­trine of jus­ti­fi­ca­tion by bap­tism alone, or by works alone. Like­wise, it is also false to read Eph­esians 2:8–9 as though it were teach­ing faith alone. This is why you can't read pas­sages in iso­la­tion from the entire wit­ness of Scrip­ture, not to men­tion in iso­la­tion from their own con­text.

>You also seem to be stuck in the belief that doing good works or "dedicating oneself to God" will get you to Heaven. Hint: it doesn't.

Works of charity have a nec­es­sary role in our con­tin­u­ing justification—by them we increase in righteousness—but you are right that they do not in any way earn salvation it for us: That is not Christian teach­ing; we do not work our way into Heaven.

When Paul tells the Eph­esians that they are saved “by grace” and “not because of works,” he is prop­erly under­stood to be speak­ing of our ini­tial jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. To see that this is so, it is nec­es­sary to go back a few verses, to Eph­esians 2:1, and read the full con­text.

>And you he made alive, when you were dead through the tres­passes and sins in which you once walked, fol­low­ing the course of this world, fol­low­ing the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of dis­obe­di­ence. Among these we all once lived in the pas­sions of our flesh, fol­low­ing the desires of body and mind, and so we were by nature chil­dren of wrath, like the rest of mankind. But God, who is rich in mercy, out of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead through our tres­passes, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with him, and made us sit with him in the heav­enly places in Christ Jesus, that in the com­ing ages he might show the immea­sur­able riches of his grace in kind­ness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God—not because of works, lest any man should boast.

Paul is speak­ing here of the time before our con­ver­sion, when we were still dead in our sins. At that time, God through his grace alone makes us alive in Christ, with­out any mer­its or works on our own part.

This chap­ter (and the ones imme­di­ately fol­low­ing) speak of the pre­cise stage in the Christian life that Paul is address­ing. But jus­ti­fi­ca­tion does not end there, it only begins there. And if you cite Eph­esians 2:8–9 as though it were a proof text for sola fide you must not leave out verse 10:

>For we are his work­man­ship, cre­ated in Christ Jesus for good works, which God pre­pared before­hand, that we should walk in them.

Good works are what God’s grace save us for. It is only by under­stand­ing jus­ti­fi­ca­tion as a process, not a once-​for-​all event, that we can rec­on­cile Eph­esians 2 with Romans 3 with James 2 with 1 Peter 3. When James 2:24 tells us that we are saved by works and not by faith alone, James is speak­ing of our continuing jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, after our ini­tial con­ver­sion: His sub­ject is growth in right­eous­ness.

We are saved by faith, we are saved by grace, we are saved by bap­tism, we are saved by works—but we are saved by none of them alone. You can't just read the Bible out of context like that.

Anonymous 28476

I hope a soulwinner knocks on your door and gets you saved before it's too late.

Anonymous 28480


I hope we're both going to see each other in heaven some day, I'm just saying you have you have zero biblical basis for saying all those people are burning in hell.

Anonymous 28488

Joseph Smith stann…

are johovahs christians are they Palmarian-tier heterodoxies?

Anonymous 28492


Tengri bf

Anonymous 28493


Zoroastrian bf

Anonymous 28498

>I got nuthin’
Mutilated Bible, every person a pope, and lousy translations ruin Protestants’ ability to understand simple things.
The core argument of Protestants boils down to,
“For the 1,500+ years before the founder of my personal Protestant sect figured it out every priest, deacon, monk, nun, and layperson wasn’t really Christian, the Bible was wrong, Theology was wrong, and the conversion of a huge portion of the world wasn’t to real Christianity. And today all Catholics, Orthodox, and even many Protestants aren’t really Christian. But! I have it aaaalllllllll figured out and I am going to heaven, guaranteed.”

Anonymous 28499

Alright, now I'm hoping you go to Hell quickly, so you can stop infecting people with your garbage.

Anonymous 28500

no one can understand it, that book is pure nonsense and yes i've read it a couple times when i was in my late teens. pure shit, their god is evil.

Anonymous 28501


Anonymous 28509

It's only because you're not saved and not reading the KJV
>1 Cor 2:14
>But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Anonymous 28510

god doesn't exist, especially a loving one. do you believe we all came from adam and eve? you don't believe in evolution? is your clothing made of mixed fibers? i don't care about your god calling me "foolish" because he doesn't exist in the first place. and if he does somehow, he's a fucking piece of shit to leave part of his innocent creation (babies and children) suffer in so many horrible ways. wake up or at least admit to yourself you use "god" as a coping mechanism.

Anonymous 28514

>Sola fide is in the Bible
lol no. It comes from the 1500s you larper.

Anonymous 28516


Just pray for her, we're probably not the best people to explain this so she can understand and she's just resorting to telling everyone to go to hell in frustration. I think it's noble she wants to win souls for Christ but fundies aren't equipped to do that on places like imageboards where ideas are debated because they have no rational basis for their beliefs, anyone reading this thread can clearly see that.

Anonymous 28517

i am luky enough to have something like this and not even having to be religious.
i am a live in nany and the perks are awesome.
bond with children and i dont have to pay for anything.
and since rhe kids arent mine i het to do whatever i wamt on the weekends and i have my own room.

Anonymous 28518

that's pretty nice actually

Anonymous 28568

Reject the free gift of salvation too many times and God will reject you.

Anonymous 28569

that contradicts your god's bullshit that he is forviging as long as the person repents.

Anonymous 28571

>live in nanny

Whatever you tell yourself, hun.

Anonymous 28572

what is the difference between being a live in nanny and the pros op posted? At least as a nanny you earn money

Anonymous 28575

It's actually another clear Bible teaching. Someone who is not saved cannot understand the Bible, though.

Anonymous 28581

I personally don't think I have done that, I trust in God's mercy and am working on bettering myself. But you have yet to provide any substance for why you think Christian fundamentalism is the truth, you've just been telling people who disagree they're wrong and going to hell without even giving a rebuttal to anyone's arguments. That does not seem like a very effective evangelization method to convince people to become fundies.

1 Peter 3:15
>but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence

Anonymous 28605


Please be nice.

Anonymous 28614



Anonymous 28911

Reminder that most fundamental churches have Wednesday night services. Visit one tonight and maybe you'll meet your future husband!

Anonymous 28921

You shall be judged as you judge others

Anonymous 28923

>I evaluate my success by money

Anonymous 28946

Nta but why not? It's the most reliable way to tell success with a few exceptions.

Anonymous 28952

My great-grandmother married at 16; Married 77 years; 6 healthy kids who all married once. Beloved and respected by the community. Lived to be 103. When she died there were 5 generations of her descendants with her, over 100 of us there to honor her. The street she lived on her entire life until she had to go into full time care is now named for her. The library has the kid’s reading room dedicated to her (she read to kids there every Saturday for 60 years).
She never earned a nickel in wages.

My mother dropped out of Smith (dual Biology/CompuSci major) to elope with my dad. Married almost 27 years. 5 kids, runs a charity that helps new moms, the woman everyone comes to for advice.
Worked as a receptionist for 7 months.

I bust my Aunt Helen (mom’s college roomie) who is a tenured professor. Never married, no kids.
Sure, she makes six figures, but she lives in California so….
Money measures money. That’s all

Anonymous 28957


What a bunch of fruitcakes…

Anonymous 28958

>implying that having a bunch of brats and no job is the pinnacle of happiness
no thanks, i like my money

Anonymous 28959

>who is a tenured professor. Never married, no kids.

Nobody judges males or their mark on life for not having kids when they chase an intellectual or ideological passion. Tesla, Hitler etc. don't get judged for their lack of children but by their mark on the world.

I guess I'm agreeing with you because Tesla was both a success and broke.

Anonymous 28960


I get your point but idk about using Hitler as an example, I think a lot of people criticize his life choices lol

Anonymous 28961

I didn't mean to use him as a positive example, just that he was childless and is judged for his impact and not his family life.

Anonymous 28966

Grandma did have to make a lot of fruitcake for Christmas, yes.

But plenty of people differ from you.
Also, being a SAHM is the job where women are most likely to be happy.

Anonymous 28968

Women are always happiest when submitting to God's will in their life. The ladies saying they'd rather have money over children are just rebellious.

Anonymous 28969

>just rebellious
I'm a housewife and future stay at home mom, but please say this comment is satire. God doesn't exist, sister

Anonymous 28970

Spot the troll challenge

Anonymous 28973

GSS, NHS, CDC, Census, OSFS, Birkbeck Study, and dozens of other reports show that stay at home mothers live longer, are healthier, have more frequent & higher quality sex, are less likely to be depressed, have larger social circles, and are less likely to fight with their spouse.
The LV survey, the GSS, and the OSFS and other studies all show the highest levels of job satisfaction are for stay at home moms.
But I’m the troll.
Because the Daily Mail mentioned it.

Anonymous 29003

>give source & link
>”lol, wrong journalists”
>mention others
>”what, no link?”

Anonymous 29006

>stay at home mothers live longer, are healthier, have more frequent & higher quality sex, are less likely to be depressed, have larger social circles, and are less likely to fight with their spouse.

I would chalk it up to the fact that anyone that can afford to be a stay at home mom is probably from a higher income bracket.

Anonymous 29073


My social circle is xbawks hueg, I am friends with hundreds of people from all over the world on my favorite world wide website crystal.cafe

Anonymous 29075

I'm not offended at them being shipped as gay but it's offensive for these two to ever get along this well.

Anonymous 29099

It strikes me as ridiculous to judge a study by which news outlet reports on it. If Alex Jones started ranting about AGW would you label it junk? If Breitbart put up a link to images from the mars rover would your response be,
“Lol, fake”
That’s the worst form of fake intellectual.

Anonymous 29100


From the Pew Research analysis.
Even if you include the women without a Masters or higher less than 10% of SAHMs are from affluent families.

Anonymous 29103

I used to work a low skill/min wage job in a HCOL area before quitting to be a SAHM and many of my coworkers had a stay at home partner even though they only had a household income of like $16k-$24k and just relied on government benefits because even with two min wage incomes they wouldn't be able to pay for daycare.

Anonymous 29115

Only people who hate their kids would put them in daycare. You're pretty much asking for them to be molested.

Anonymous 29118

I personally wouldn't do it because I've heard too many horror stories and I'm paranoid like that but I know some people who send their kids to daycare because they're in school trying to get a degree to eventually afford a better quality of life for their child, and good for them I think. It sucks not being there all the time during the formative years when they're just babies but a whole childhood of poverty and bad nutrition because your family can only afford bad quality ground beef and PB&J sandwiches for dinner every night also sucks.

Anonymous 29123

This, so hard.
I took a class on Distributist Economics where the (amazingly intelligent and incredibly eccentric) professor argued pretty persuasively that dual income families are usually either a status symbol of the very rich or social status signaling/conspicuous consumption by the middle class that ends up hurting them long-term.

Anonymous 29129

I’m in a fundemantal family, and my mother has been a stay at home mom for most of my life, but I don’t look up to my parents as the “ideal” couple.
If anything, life with them just makes me want to avoid that kind of lifestyle, that and the sense of shame I felt when I’d see other children growing up with mothers who had their own jobs, could drive, and interact with them in a way my mother never could.
Not to mention, our family was very abusive, especially when I was a young child, like being beaten with belts and coat hangers for honest mistakes, or being yelled at when not performing as expected at school. One moment I can’t get out of my memory is when my younger sibling was in the third grade (I think) and my father straddled and held him at the neck while screaming at him because his report card grades were lower than expected.
That sort of violence has stopped now, but we’re still very dysfunctional, and my father especially raises his voice a lot.
My extended family also has a problem with repeated sexual abuse, and it’s been admitted multiple times, but the problem is never directly addressed. I had even been molested, but that was brushed under the rug and ignored until I understood what happened to me.
My family at church though, was used as an example for the perfect family. My father has preached a couple times, and is up there in the church ranks.
That really just aggravated my disdain for fundies and even Christians as a whole. My outlook on Christianity has changed though, and I’m taking time to understand and interpret the Bible, and not use my family as an example of what’s deemed “typical” for Christians. I’m still weary of fundies and Protestants in general, though, and the trad life isn’t something I’m willing to pursue, based on experience.

Anonymous 29131

I'm very sorry for you. It's awful when people take good teachings from the Bible but use it for a license for abuse.

I hope you get saved, if you're not already, and get yourself on track with God. Hopefully he blesses you with a good husband.

Anonymous 29132

Fundies don't let women drive? How do they do important mom stuff like grocery shopping and picking kids up/dropping kids off from play dates and sports? That's so sad… I'm sorry you had such an awful upbringing anon, I'll be praying for you and your family this Christmas.

Anonymous 29139

Thanks for the advice. I will admit that I succumb to doubtful feelings and still question God’s existence, but I do try to better myself and study Christianity in depth. I know you mean well, but I don’t think marriage is an option for me now, but still, thanks for the thought.
No, that was just the case with my mother, and she only started going to work and driving very recently, in my late teens, which probabaly has something to do with why the family isn’t as violent anymore. And thanks for the prayers and kindness in general, that kind of attitude is why I started to reconsider Christianity to begin with and rule out the bulk of my experience as an exception.

Anonymous 29143

This thread reminds me of a book I read about the Amish romance novel craze, The Thrill Of The Chaste. Was all about the appeal of a 'simpler life'. Is it possible to get the better bits of what a fundamentalist life promises, without the… fundamentalism?

Anonymous 29144

Anyone can be a SAHM if your partner agrees to it, there's nothing stopping atheists and people of other faiths from having that kind of lifestyle if that's what they want.

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