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Anonymous 273140

Why are men attracted to being transgender? I don't think being transgender is natural.

Anonymous 273142

Men arent natural to begin with

Anonymous 273242

The prevailing theory is AGF (Autogynephilia Fetish).
They love the idea of turning themselves into the sex object they dehumanize/masturbate to.
I personally just believe it's more just general pornsickness or even more likely than anything sexual a realization that "masculinity" as it is propagandized by institutions is a raw deal of unfair expectations and zero rewards so they opt out of it and "rebel" against it by becoming freakish displays.

Anonymous 273377

Society values women more and men realize this. A minority of men are willing to grift their way while pretending to be women. It's insane, but yeah. There's a whole BBC documentary on it on YouTube and it's actually anti-tranny which I was surprised by. A tranny has the backing of our modern western society without the biological downsides of birth/period/different muscle mass/bone structure etc.

Anonymous 273378

i agree, but femininity is just as much if not more made of unfair expectations, so much so that the trannies live out their humiliation fantasies by embodying a "woman"

Anonymous 273569

great point

Anonymous 273691


Anonymous 273707

Trannies have made me realize how fucking powerful make up, when it can make a boy look pretty damn feminine. Would.

Anonymous 273708

sorry to burst your bubble but 99% chance this is filters

Anonymous 273714

no why does this troon lwk mog me

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