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Anonymous 27465

Would you ever make someone fat so they don’t leave you?

Anonymous 27467

no. this makes me feel mean, but i find fat people hideous. they also make me complacent in losing weight. i need someone closer in my weight so I have competition.

Anonymous 27471

No. That's just crazy.

Anonymous 27472


Maybe idk

Anonymous 27475


Anonymous 27476


I'd rather starve someone so they're too malnourished to leave me, or drug them into a stupor. Fat is not aesthetic.

Anonymous 27478

You’ve never had a thicc boi

Anonymous 27479

I've never had anyone. :(

Anonymous 27517

I reallyyyyyyyy wish I could unsee this.

And no I wouldn't. I wish my bf would gain some weight because he is borderline underweight. He's a little too skinny and I'm afraid of hurting him when I ride him even though that's impossible. But I am not forcing him to eat more, just healthy.

Anonymous 27518

did you get spooked

Anonymous 27520

Anonymous 27521

Anonymous 27581


i have a manga strip for u, feeder-chan

Anonymous 27589

no, fat men are ugly

Anonymous 27735

No because then I'd want to leave them. Fat people are gross.

Anonymous 27806

The idea is a little interesting, in an analytical sort of way.

The most feminine and submissive thing most people can thing of, cooking a meal, achieves the most controlling and dominant results possible, total control, dehumanization of the target, and eventually the target's death. Absolute power.

Not something I'm into myself but I think I can understand the appeal.

Anonymous 27819


>The most feminine and submissive thing most people can thing of, cooking a meal,

Anonymous 27821

Why is cooking seen that way in the first place? It's dumb as fuck. We all need to eat. Are males just supposed to eat raw meat exclusively before marriage?
Why is all basic self-care (doing your own fucking laundry, showering, buying new clothes, WASHING YOUR HANDS) weak and feminine? I'm tired of this. There's nothing inherently submissive about mixing food together and warming it.

I'm tired of the world.

Anonymous 27826

Because the history of gender roles, basically. Combined with the bachelor stereotype of being a filthy lazy fuck.

Anonymous 27827

Also, on second thought, society is more judgmental towards women who fail those things than they are towards men.

Anonymous 30206



Anonymous 30233


My experience has been that single ladies are waaaay messier than bachelors

Anonymous 30235

Technically, since babies default to female if not exposed to proper androgens in the womb, the penis is actually a big clit.

Anonymous 30240

I think single people are just usually messy in general, most views one way or the other are probably anecdotal

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