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Anonymous 27622

Being the "pretty girl" is not always so pretty.

Anonymous 27623

Anonymous 27643


why would you post this OP

she made a couple valid points but i think her issues had more to do with misogyny in general than being a ~poor beautiful woman~. it was her decision to drop out of highschool and join a cutthroat and corrupt industry that probably wouldn’t even have accepted her if she weren’t attractive.
Inb4 “incel/robot” but attractive women have it really easy in life and being an ugly person is so much worse. I don’t feel bad for her

Anonymous 27644

I agree with this. I can kind of understand feeling bad when someone trivializes your problems because you seemingly have it better than them, but what does she expect?
Her biggest problems are caused because she is a woman, not because she is pretty.

Anonymous 27646

I don't care about Stacy's "problems"

Anonymous 27654

lmao she's actually called Caitlin 'Stasey' aswell I mean…

Anonymous 27665


Anonymous 27678

i don't understand what the point is of having her take off her clothes in this video. like
she's saying that being pretty is so hard and subjects you to so much objectification and exploitation, but at the same time, isn't having a pretty girl strip in order to garner more views from people who want to see her in her underwear objectifying her in order to benefit your youtube channel or whatever? is it supposed to be ironic?

Anonymous 27679

Yeah I was questioning this too. I thought it was going to be one of those things where its like "imma take all this off just to show you I'm exceedingly average" but she is pretty attractive? Still? Is this supposed to be persuasive?

Anonymous 27680

I'm not a stacy but I understand, it sucks when the only people interested in you pretend to do so to get laid.

Anonymous 27685

>being very attractive is hard because people always try to exploit you

Which is true, but this is an awfully done video that does not make this point well. Their explanation for the need to strip was not adequate at all. Also why is half the description of the video an ad for a skin oil?

I know that most ugly people probably just don't understand that a lot of awful things can happen to you as a result of people wanting things from you because you are attractive. Being lonely and being treated like shit by everyone is hard though so I don't blame them for being unsympathetic. Being on either extreme is hard because you see what most people are really like (selfish dicks).

Just imagine that everyone who doesn't want to bang you is thinking of how they can use you to get some other thing they want, like social status from other people, money or even your husband for some examples.

Anonymous 27688


This is like the same level of ignorance as an upper class person thinking their life is as hard (due to their level of wealth) as someone under the poverty line. Sure, they have their shit too, but don't act like its even close to being the same as an "unattractive" persons problems. The language itself used its egotistical in nature.

Anonymous 27692

These videos are all preak neoliberal feminism. Really nothing more than excuse for rich artfag retard or those trying to be that to indulge their narcissism and profit off of their supposed trauma.

I will say I remember watching one video with a mannish looking tall girl who really did have a fucked up life and felt bad for her.

Anonymous 27706

Anyone can be used for any reason, attractive people just happen to both be hated and used while being told they should suck it up.

Anonymous 27734

Couldn't have said it more perfectly. Exactly just this. Fucking be graceful for what you have, everything comes with problems, some come with way less.

Anonymous 27736

this lol

Anonymous 27754

"what it's like to be pretty because obviously the rest of you mortals don't know because you're all UGLY"

Anonymous 27804

i feel like i've seen both end of the spectrums. when i was growing up, i was ugly. then i grew my hair out and dropped forty pounds and all of a sudden i had orbiters. and predators.
maybe this is just my personality, but it was so much better being ignored by other people than it was being targeted by them. being ignored didn't give me ptsd at least. and when someone expressed interest in me, it wasn't just because they wanted to fuck & chuck, it was because they genuinely found something about my personality attractive.

Anonymous 27805

When I look "ugly", the kind of men who are into me are creepy, older men, random men from cars, etc.
I thinking being ugly attracts people who either a) see you as desperate and therefore thirsty or b) they think you're a virgin and are naiive, innocent, etc. which attracts them to you because they think the stuff they're saying goes over your head. It's gross either way.

When I wear ditch the glasses for my (clear) contacts and wear makeup, the men who are seem more interested in me are more around my own age and don't seem motivated by the above factors.

Either way in appearance, girls aren't into me, so it's lose/lose situation.

Anonymous 27810

>When I look "ugly", the kind of men who are into me are creepy, older men

The only men that ever hit on me are these.

Anonymous 46892

I'd hate to be really good looking, poor stacey :(

Anonymous 74640

Average looking women probably have it easier than exceptionally gorgeous women, especially when looking for deep emotional relationships and friendships.

Anonymous 74730

It could also contain the metaphor of her laying herself bare, like opening up about a subject and her feelings about it. Also maybe a statement about how her looks are the most important thing in her business, so in any way she gets chosen out for a role or something by her physical appearance, so for both, the casting and the job in some way ore another she will have to show her body, if she would wear a burka the whole time of the casting and the job, they could take nearly everyone with a nice voice and acting skills for the job.

Anonymous 74835

I don't totally disagree with this. I've noticed that Stacy women are usually expected to "conform" more to female standards of behavior, appearance, opinions, etc.

Anonymous 74837

If she hates being a Stacy so much, she could shave her head, dress like shit, and/or gain some weight. If it’s truly so hard for her.

Anonymous 74838


This is not true at all. Very attractive women could literally kill a man and get away with it with an army of simps because they're attractive.
Pic related.

Anonymous 74839

Who is she?

Anonymous 74840

Anonymous 74844

It doesn't say she got away with it

Anonymous 74848

… well…. i mean she is cute…

Anonymous 74849

She is. But I can't belive she got away with it

Anonymous 74850

Anonymous 74854

She didn't get away from the law, but she is thirsted at by guys all the time. Once she's out, she'll never have to face the social stigma an ugly dude or woman would have to if they did the same, and she'll probably have thousands of guys willing to marry her and give her a comfy life.
Pretty girls who complain about being pretty are 100% doing it for attention. The halo effect is well known to be true.

Anonymous 74855

>thousands of guys willing to marry her and give her a comfy life
She won't be so cute after 3,5 years in prison, that changes not only psyche but also look.

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