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Anonymous 27829

do any of you ever wish you were someone/something else?
How do I become Milla in The Fifth Element?

Remember that actual trannies are banned from cc!

Anonymous 27831


I so badly wish I was a tranny. It's not fair… life is suffering.

Anonymous 27843

why even mention trans women?
anyway there are more than likely a few posting here, nothing you can do about it

Anonymous 27844

Yeah I wish I were a shapeshifter

Anonymous 27846

I wish I was rich

Anonymous 27848

I wish I were me but not ugly or socially retarded.

Anonymous 27850

being rich would solve all my problems
i would
>have no debt
>probably be able to afford art school
>could invest in skincare + fashion
>could send my parents on nice vacations
etc etc

Anonymous 27853


yes, i wish i was tilda swinton. i wish i was tall and ethereal and androgynous.

Anonymous 27856

Apparently, she's only like 1 of 3 people in the world that can directly track her lineage over 700 years, or something crazy like that.

Anonymous 27886

I create cyberpunk girls in 3d from various assets, I wish I was all of them.

Anonymous 27888

please share them

Anonymous 27900

From Wikipedia:
>The family is one of only three British families (along with the Ardens and the Berkeleys) that can trace their unbroken land ownership and lineage to before the Norman Conquest.

Semi-related but interesting:
>Confucius's family, the Kongs, have the longest recorded extant pedigree in the world today. The father-to-son family tree, now in its 83rd generation,[81] has been recorded since the death of Confucius. According to the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee, he has 2 million known and registered descendants, and there are an estimated 3 million in all.[82]

Anonymous 50479

Not a transformer but I often wish I could be a moid for a day.

Anonymous 50499

I wish I was an idealized version of myself if that counts.

Why? I’d just end up pissing everywhere because I could and getting arrested for pissing everywhere.

Anonymous 50500

lol. I’d just want to see what it was like. I would probably end up being a big bully though, soit’s best I can’t.

Anonymous 50522


i wish i was some lovecraftian horror goddess.

Anonymous 50546


I wish I was a magical immortal creature that could bring happiness to others and make the pain of the real world go away.

I want to bring smiles to others and be loved. I would retain my youth and innocence, while protecting the innocence of others. I would fill their minds and hearts with light and joy.

Anonymous 50547

Let's start a cult

Anonymous 50549


Great quest! Need some help, sister?

Anonymous 53233

I wish I could be taller, for god's sake.

Anonymous 53250

I wish I were a witch/mage/magical girl of some sort. I wish that my pent up feelings and willpower could make a difference in the world instead of being cooped up in my house scared of the world & the 'rona.

Anonymous 53264


I daydream about being someone better everyday. Not in a self improvement sense, but someone who was born with better stats than myself.

My wishlist:
Higher IQ
Prettier face
Blue eyes
Went to prestigious college
Actual childhood friends

I do know one (1) woman who fits all the above criteria. I hate her and I hate myself for hating her. I'd never treat someone like that worse, but I'd rather die than give them the praise everyone else gives them.

Anonymous 53295


I would commit countless crimes to look like/be Minmay from 1982 Macross.

Anonymous 53426

Anonymous 53631

I wish I was smart, logical, and creative. I wish I could connect with people instead of shutting down communication/contact.

Anonymous 53660


i wish i were me, but better. like in shape (instead of skinny-fat), without health issues, in a decent uni that i love & without debt, with a few online friends to watch movies and stuff with. but i'm a major failure at the moment (lol)
then again like 90% of my issues would be solved if uni weren't so fucking expensive in the states…but i digress, i digress

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