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Big Miners Anonymous 27989

Thread for big girls.

Skinny girls, get out.

Anonymous 27992

Anonymous 27993

Don't be fucking rude!

Anonymous 27995

The girl in OP’s pic doesn’t seem big

-sincerly someone who isn’t big

Anonymous 27997


I noticed her legs were a bit thicker than the average animu when I first saw it. But yeah, she isn't "big."
On topic, any big girls really into skelly guys? Any success stories with em? I've always wanted a bf who blows away in the wind and who I can snap in half.

Anonymous 27998

I am chubbs, kinda like your picture but a little shorter and my bf is skinny. I don't have a preference, it just happened, but I find his body very attractive anyway

Anonymous 27999


I like how anime has been reintroducing some girls stockier than the average waifu waif. Particularly with girls like Fuuka from Yotsuba or Galko-chan here.
Also, bonus points for having heroines whose weight I'd consider a bit chunky maybe even average who is never pressured to lose weight nor is she called fat.
It's a breath of fresh air that's not tumblr tier obese projection even if the fetishisation gets too much at times.

Anonymous 28010

>genocide by snu snu

Anonymous 28013


Reporting in.

Anonymous 29530

>currently sitting in an airport waiting to board my flight to go back home
>flight is 100% full
>dreading the reaction of the person I'm going to be sitting next to when they see me

Hold me

Anonymous 29534

it'll be ok anonette!!

Anonymous 29535

How big are you?

Anonymous 29560

The guy next to me seemed understanding but it was still very not fun

Big, like 300+ lbs big

Anonymous 29623

Can you be 6'1 and 200 lbs and still be cute?

Anonymous 29626

Yes obviously

Anonymous 29630

I knew a girl with that height and weight and looked pretty good to me.

Anonymous 29632

God I wish that were me. Are you strong?
Even if you aren't the possibility for gains is gr8.
Wish I could hug you anon you are probably quite soft.

Anonymous 29637

>Wish I could hug you anon you are probably quite soft.
I'm not that anon you replied to but this reminded me of when I was little and my mom was chubby, I think she was saying something about going on a diet and I hugged her and said "but I love how you are soft like a teddybear" and then she was happy. the end

Anonymous 29644

Thanks, anon. Hugs are always welcome. My friend said hugging me is like hugging a pile of titties.

w h o l e s o m e

Anonymous 29934


>going to a restaurant and the chairs have armrests

Anonymous 29985


men thinking they're victims for being attracted to fat girls but not wanting anyone to know about it really activates my almonds

Anonymous 29988

You probably don't want to know what those guys look like. It's never 'side-gag in rom-com' types where some Chad enjoys the fatgirl.

Anonymous 29989

I dunno, I've met plenty of guys who were very conventionally attractive but at the same time were total fetishists. Guys who wanted to fuck my fat rolls while I eat cake or just have me sit on their chest while they jerk off. I wish I could say the guys who treat fat women like objects were always ugly but it isn't the case.

Anonymous 30009

It's kind of like short man tall woman relationships. 90% of the caring is 'what will people think about me'

Fetishes can happen to everyone, they're not just settling for fat girls.

At what point does a fetish become objectification?

Anonymous 30018

>tfw want a tall woman short man relationship AND am a bit of a big girl (not obese but >>27997 tier)
I don't care, but how 2 cop bf who also does not care? Or is even proud?

Anonymous 30019

that picture, that topic 🤔

do I know you

Anonymous 30104

Where are you from?

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