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Character sheets Anonymous 281

Let's make some profiles?
I'll post a few blanks :3

>Ideal gf or yourself as a gf

Anonymous 282


gf/bf blank

Anonymous 283


Anonymous 355


Doing this gave me feels ;__;

Anonymous 425

I won't leave you anon it's ok, we love you

Anonymous 5743

I feel this one anon, especially the top right corner

Anonymous 8601

gf macro.png

Anonymous 8618


The chan waifu

Anonymous 8619

I don't get why this is funny?

Anonymous 8650

These are both hilarious

I change my expectations a little every couple months… Time to make a new GF/BF

Anonymous 8682

this one just seems like a lonely NEET trying to fit in somewhere which just makes me a bit sad.

t. lonely NEET, wishing they fit in somewhere

Anonymous 8699

She does and I'd love a girlfriend like that.
t. lonely neetish potential girlfriend who is still without a girlfriend

Anonymous 8708

>god these guys scare me but i cant stop coming back. i must be a masochist
ok i lol'd.

Anonymous 8885

Forgot to add "I want us to have a child someday"

Anonymous 8929

Not true, I want a virgin like me.

Anonymous 9707


I can't sleep so I made this

Anonymous 9711

She's cute, anon.

Anonymous 9741

I'm in love

Anonymous 9760


I'm lame

Anonymous 9764


>"Own tarantulas together"
>Discuss classics together
>Old lesbian anime
>Bonus: blonde

… where have you been all my life, anon? Y-you're not a loser!

Anonymous 9766

no u
Was it the nge meme that won you over?
would date/10

Anonymous 9768



Anonymous 9769

the only bf I will need when I'm in my 40s. gimme 5 of those, we will be poly

Anonymous 9771

Both of these have my heart<<333

Anonymous 9775


its 5 am and im full of self loathing

Anonymous 9776

I love you

Anonymous 9785

this is hilarious

Anonymous 9787

thanks, sweet anons, being a femme lesbian feels alienating

Anonymous 9808

Extremely clingy? That's supposed to be scary?

… Please marry me.

Anonymous 9809


Aw, anon~ yes, take me and I'll never let you go. NEVER!

Anonymous 9904

de way.jpg

How is this?

Anonymous 9907

Not my type but some people in /media/ would wife her up it seems.

Anonymous 9913

de waifu queen clucks

Anonymous 9914


Anonymous 9952

i ship it

Anonymous 10195


Anonymous 10223

sick dude.png

I spent far too much time and effort on this lmao

sorry for shitty handwriting

Anonymous 10225


I'm the person above you. Let's be friends because c-cats.

Anonymous 10226


Of course anon, let's be cat ladies together!

Anonymous 10232

character sheet me…

I had to google my own flag bc I forgot the colors lmao


It's ok anon, I know you did. Can you rec me some brazilian bands? I only know Copacabana Club and Cambriana.

Anonymous 10234

Are you the anon from the Lolita thread? Dunno anon, I have a weird taste for local bands. It's 2018 and i still listen to crappy Dance of Days when I feel shitty.
I also like my friends solo music but they're not (famous) yet, so maybe someday.

Anonymous 10956


Anonymous 10957

Wow, only saw this now. I didn't know that. Thanks, anon! I'll leave in a few days.

Anonymous 10960


burn the witch

Anonymous 10967


i think i made this much better

Anonymous 10980

Can these two get together?

Anonymous 10983

Are you me? I'm pretty sure you're me.

Anonymous 11229


I hope I did this right ;-;
Also tfw when no goth gf

Anonymous 11281

that's my boyfriend, I'm so blessed ;')

Anonymous 11284


No, that's my boyfriend matey (': just fixed the pic, now it really looks like him.

Anonymous 11285

I'm as happy for you as I am for myself.

Anonymous 11288

Thanks anon, I hope your relationship stays happy forever.

Anonymous 11804

gf cat.png

Anonymous 11805


who /moorehouse/ here

Anonymous 11809


Anonymous 11811

a jp gf.png

Anonymous 11815

This is me…

Anonymous 11820

This is me except for the hentai part. I feel bad enough for being 3DPD without my bf fapping to 2D tyvm

Anonymous 11823

>lolita gf
>doesn't like anime and vidya

Anonymous 11824

I just don't like anime or video games most of my lolita friends are the same
but I've also met some who love it
Looking back I think I shouldn't have put it there but I ran out of things to write lmao

Anonymous 11825

need me a gf like this

Anonymous 11830

Kinda random but anyone knows what font is this image using? It's very clean.

Anonymous 11831

wait… so there actually are girl who browse /a/ and /jp/?

Anonymous 11838

Why not? I get spiteful towards both because I'm too autistic for /a/ (like the same kinds of anime and ree at "look at this underground shit btw no source provided") and can't play 2ho enough for /jp/ even on easy modo but I'm a raging weeb so I still go on both. Currently studying Japanese so I can at least play my untranslated vns in peace.

Anonymous 11842

no no, thats fine. I just find it hard to imagine an actual girl browsing those boards, since the population is clearly mostly men.

Anonymous 11846

/jp/er here. i've been going on there for years and tbh it was hard for me cause all the misogyny. i also had to pretend to be a guy. i posted pretty regularly and once made a thread where i drew 2hus as household object in shitty mspaint style. a lot of people were pretty vile tho.

>unironic threads about 3d girls where people talked about their exes being 'pretty cute' but when the hair starts growing back or you can see pimples it's gross

>unironic threads about wanting to cuddle 3d girls for money or possibly be with them irl and being 'ashamed' they weren't fully committed to their waifus

>fetishizing waifus to the point of /r9k/ tier standards of beauty

it was basically /r9k/ for anime nerds. nowadays it's just shitposting 24/7, but it was really really sad before.

Anonymous 11847

>a lot of people were pretty vile tho

That's a common thing with anime and video game nerds. That's why when I act particularly cruel to them I don't understand how some people don't understand how horrible and shitty most of them are.

Anonymous 11884


Anonymous 11891


Anonymous 11901


Anonymous 11912


Anonymous 11935

idk why but this reminded me of Yumi king

Anonymous 11939

I'm previous anon and tbh by the time I reached /jp/ I was so used to the generalized misogyny everywhere else it didn't seem much worse. It took me a long time to even see it as a problem, so it always surprises me to see other girls complaining about it. Kinda nice to know I'm not alone. Sorry for blogpost…

Anonymous 11944



Mix of all of these (or even independently) are my dream gf

>tfw there is no cute bi/les artsy girl with love for anime near me

Anonymous 11946


Please, marry me. We can draw together and you can teach me how to do my makeup! And do the yuri webtoon <3

Anonymous 11947

I'm >>11229 and you sound so cute!

Anonymous 11955

Are you my dream gf?!

Anonymous 11992

Ideal gf.png

Anonymous 12090


I put my ideal bf in the same image because we're ideally together.

Anonymous 12114

idk why but this reminded me of some neckbeard's basic rp character

Anonymous 12116

I had the same reaction. To me, it's cringe-y if this isn't a spoof

Anonymous 12150

Your drawings are very qt anon!

Anonymous 12422


I just found this

Anonymous 12443

Go back to r9k, they have the same thread there.

Anonymous 12444


r9k doesn't look like a nice board

I browse better stuff

Anonymous 12476


Anonymous 12676


Anonymous 12679

A man made this. It was posted in r9k threads. Please stop trying to turn this into r9k.

Anonymous 12717

My boyfriend made this and posted it on r9k

Anonymous 12719

sounds pathetic, if true.

did your bf get burned by a brown girl or something

Anonymous 12746



Anonymous 12783

it was made in jest
are you all really so insecure?

Anonymous 12786

thats an odd sense of humor. usually when men dont waste energy on shit like that unless it turns them on just a little

Anonymous 12824

>"my boyfriend"

Anonymous 12927

You have to lean into it more on the internet, you can't deadpan things.

>err, I'll have you know my boyfriend made this!

Anonymous 13073

>>11809 date me

Anonymous 13496


Anonymous 14009

dear lord its adorable
how would guys not want something like that

Anonymous 14271


Anonymous 14272

thank you, anon!

Anonymous 14276


Anonymous 14289

Screen Shot 2018-0…

Anonymous 14294

Do guys like these really exist? I think you'd have better luck finding a girl who fits your character sheet.

Anonymous 14295


Anonymous 14317


Yeah they exist but tend to be pushovers and put you on pedestal, so I guess that nullifies their "good" traits in anon's image

Anonymous 14320

Skinny wristed, smaller hands and feet than you even though you wear a size 6. They blame it on the birth control in the water and plastic. like, lol wut?

Anonymous 14321

I don't think size or appearance has anything to do with it, just demeanor and personality

Anonymous 14323

That guy (>>14289) looks a lot less like a pushover when compared with the "unicorn bf" >>11231

Ideal is fine, just a little bit clingy

Anonymous 14327

Is this the designated male LARPer containment thread

Anonymous 14332

In what world does a sweet, loving bf equal "pushover who'll put you on a pedestal"? What the fuck have you people been smoking? He is a lot shorter and smaller than me though, that much is correct

My bf is exactly like that. I hope you have your own too, or find him soon!

Anonymous 14362


>pushover who puts you on a pedestal
>skinny and weak
>implying this is a bad thing

Some of us want small sub qt bfs to protect.
It's me. I do.

Anyway, here's my contribution.

Anonymous 14366


Anonymous 14368

Oh no I didn't mean to mislead you, anon!!! I was filling out the ideal bf character sheet sorry.

Although girls with similar traits are also cute so I'm sure you are. And I hope you find a curly haired, goofy sweater wearing gf someday!

I'm actually a stocky and angry corp goth girl, basically opposite of the picture.

Anonymous 14370

This looks like my boyfriend though he's not artsy, boring or covered in zits. He's so cute.

Anonymous 16764


i have problem, yes

Anonymous 16767

this is extremely cringey

Anonymous 16775


It is extremely cringey and this contributes to the already overwhelming stigma of BPD.

Anonymous 17911

jokester ghost gf.…

im going to dump some bfs/gfs

Anonymous 17912


Anonymous 17913


Anonymous 17914


Anonymous 17915

imaginary gf.jpg

Anonymous 17916

hippie bf.jpg

Anonymous 17922


Anonymous 17924


Anonymous 17925

this one is hilarious kek

Anonymous 17965

>>17914 my ex gf..

Anonymous 18397


This is me, it's kind of trash but I did my best, especially with the drawing stuff since I don't have a tablet.

Anonymous 18400

I approve you.

Anonymous 18403


This is me and I demand to be loved and cherished and fed cheesecake.

Anonymous 18404

>confidence is marked at zer0
>rates their intelligence as above average

Anonymous 18405

Maybe she's not confident about her appearance, but confident about her brain? Dunno.

Anonymous 18409

maybe she's a confidence man

Anonymous 18444


You spelled loser wrong, ya lozer

Anonymous 18452

>green card now

It's a Mexichan then

Anonymous 18454

Close enough.

Anonymous 18455


Anonymous 18458


That was the point

Anonymous 18460

You sound adorable, 10/10 (except I'd better be able to work cats in somehow….), hopefully you're a lezzy or at least bi.

Anonymous 18464

Omg thank you anon….cats are a definite yes as long as they get on with the dogs. I am indeed bi <3

Anonymous 18468

I meant to mark intelligence as average, and only because I’ve gone to good schools so I figured that would count somehow. Dunno. I guess I’m actually an idiot. Also yeah I meant that I’m not confident in my looks but I guess I’m booksmart. S-sorry…

Anonymous 18477


I wish I could find a girl (lesbian) like this!

Anonymous 18478


That's incredibly specific, but I know you can find her. Good luck, anon-chan!

Anonymous 18484

>kills a family of 5 every time she drives

this would terrify me, aaahhhh
I guess there's someone for everyone

Anonymous 18575


Anonymous 18619


Ah, my bad.

Anonymous 18665

me attempt.png

Anonymous 19039


Anonymous 19196

truly awful

Anonymous 20468


Decided to do a gf sheet about me.
Please anons love me.

Anonymous 20484

You're super cute!

Anonymous 20488


Anonymous 20493


Anonymous 20495

why is your health so bad? also i like your vidya

Anonymous 20514

I don't consider 8/10 to be bad. Did you look at social by mistake?

Anonymous 20537

Oops, yeah I did lol.

Anonymous 20572

Character sheet Me…

Anonymous 20574

>age: 26
>single: n
>virgin: y

Anonymous 20576

We just started dating.

Anonymous 20577

Aha. First relationship? How did you meet? Ldr/internet relationship?

Anonymous 20581

Yes, he is my first bf. We met here.

Anonymous 20584

>meeting a boy on cc
Good for you I guess

Anonymous 20586

Mods, please delete. We don't want to feed trolls.

Anonymous 20587

It is true. I know it seems crazy, but it isn't a lie. I got lucky though, and I wouldn't encourage anyone to do what I did.

Anonymous Moderator 20588

Don't bait other males into posting here to find gfs.

Anonymous 20591

Notice I didn't fight whether it was true or not. Stop baiting.

Anonymous 20592


She was asked a question and answered it honestly.

Anonymous 20593


It was unnecessary for her to mention where. No one fucking asked.

Anonymous 20594


> No one fucking asked.
"How did you meet?"

Detected: male that is salty because he won't meet a gf on cc like he wants

Anonymous 20595


Jesus, relax, you'll live longer.
Somebody asked her a question and she answered honestly, was it stupid?
Maybe, but the question was asked.

But even a mod replied to it, so chill and stop trying to minimod, take a drink or something.

Anonymous 20596

oh, I don't know, maybe I'm pissed because we get raided nearly every day now, I report all the posts, and they take a long fucking time to disappear. People seem like they want this to be a fucking dating site now and I only joined so I could talk about whatever with other women online, not invite men here. The rules should punish people who engage and encourage trolls.

Anonymous 20597

giphy (1).gif

Not "where"

Anonymous 20598


>The rules should punish people who engage and encourage trolls.
Agreed, they should punish trolls like you. Throwing a tantrum over this drew way more attention to it than just letting it slide.

>Not "where"

Yeah, how: by posting on cc. That's a reasonable answer.

Anonymous 20599


>implying that a single post will make the site get raided
>not the fact that people from r9k have no lives
She also didn't say it was a robot or anything, so idk why this post would give those…men any kind of incentive to raid the place to tfw no gf.
She fucked up, mods replied, no need to drag it further.

>they take a long fucking time to disappear
No they don't, mods are super quick on this site, shitposts in other chans stay up for fucking weeks, you seem really upset for no real reason.

Anonymous 20603

boo hoo

Anonymous 20607

Pease tell me that these are all ironic

Anonymous Admin 20615

Posts take a long time to disappear because we have to wait until a user definitely outs himself as male (intentionally or by slipping up in various ways) before we can delete his posts with a clear conscience. I don't want to end up banning a female user for having a different point of view. Please keep reporting posts you deem suspicious, the moderation team checks up on every report and is very active.

I will add a rule clarifying that responding to maleposters will result in a ban.

Anonymous 20627

you must be joking, even with all the raids this place is fucking clean and shit gets deleted almost immediately

Anonymous 21599

me gentle dom gf.p…

Anonymous 22261

This is an old post, but why did you edit this?

Anonymous 22272

That is me, I was bored and just wanted it to be funny.

Anonymous 23180


Anonymous 23185

kway stats.png

Anonymous 23195


I just stayed up for no reason to make this, I have to wake up in 6 hours. But it was fun
aww, I like how the future version is the same as present but with a smile.

Anonymous 23198


I can't draw pls no bully I already get upset enough when I see people who can

Anonymous 23199

You're cool.
If I was Dutch I'd be your bud.

Anonymous 23200


Anonymous 23201

when did aquafresh become a country

Anonymous 23206


You all seem like such neat ladies, jeez.

Anonymous 23237

Chen pot.jpg

Are you the one who made these? If so I was a bit of a fan of your work.

Anonymous 23388

Stop being a creep

Anonymous 23389

u ever just audibly say YUCK to something

Anonymous 23394


this was an absolute pain to draw w fingers on mobile enjoy
>tfw not living in cyberpunk society w sick cyberpunk fashion

Anonymous 23405

I love your idea of the future :-; I hope the future really turns out cool
This kind of reminds me when we were in primary school and had to draw ourselves in the past, present and future so I drew the same drawing 3 times and said one is now, one is an hour ago and one is in the future one hour. Now that I think about it I must have been an annoying kid

Anonymous 23422

>those stats
you must be the most powerful user on cc yet.

Anonymous 23426

>hobbies: reading
>fav books: FUCK BOOKS
What did she mean by this?

Anonymous 23431

Maybe she likes to read shampoo bottles while in the loo

Anonymous 23432

Her health is low, she will tko fast, someone punch her so someone else will have the highest stats on cc

Anonymous 23457

omg i used to do stuff like that too I’m pretty sure we were all brats LOL
i was the definition of ACKSUALY when i was like 13 kill me
i like reading comics/manga and short stories i get too distracted for full books :(

Anonymous 23484


i want to stop being boring

Anonymous 23505

I wish you the best of luck in your goal to someday own a black shirt with long sleeves.

Anonymous 23508

You're like a younger version of me (in taste for movies/shows/hobbies etc and clothing ) Keep rocking the all black attire <3

Anonymous 23510

Do you draw? You seem like you are good at drawing.

Anonymous 23546

Thank you anon, I will need to cover my old lady arms

I will anon! Having a monochrome wardrobe makes mornings easier. and I feel best in black.

I’m not a great drawer but i’ve gotten the hang of this drawing tablet. I have no idea how to do perspectives and anatomy and it seems too hard for my lazy self

Anonymous 23793


I met him on a discord server and i want to date him but he lives in Europe. Even though he was mean to me at first he is really nice to me now.

Anonymous 23794

please give up men and be my gf

Anonymous 23796

kway gf.png

Made myself

Anonymous 23797


Anonymous 23803

Thanks anonita! <3

Anonymous 23807

Hello fellow Dutchfriend! Where are you? Do you go to uni?

Anonymous 23808


>wears only black clothes


>doesn’t reply to your messages because you said something degenerate

Noo. I need my future bf to accept my degeneracy!

Anonymous 23820

He will go days and sometimes even weeks without messaging me and then out of nowhere he messages me to watch him smoke weed.

Anonymous 23835

Wow, he sounds special.

Are you 14?

Anonymous 23836

Anonymous 23840

The guy sounds like he'd be an unhealthy boyfriend tbh.

Anonymous 23843

>into abuse and degrading
>bully but can be a "qt"
>doesn't reply to your messages because you said something degenerate
>"forgets" to text you back

Love yourself, anon.

Anonymous 23860

The reason that he is like that is because he has trust issues, a lot of his old friends backstabbed him and abused his trust. He doesn't open up or talk about himself much and pushes everyone away in fear of that happening again. If you get him to open up he is really nice.(underage)

Anonymous 23863

Anon, I can empathize with your boy's actions as I've been in similar situations and more. People will vouch for me that I am also nice when I open up and don't push people away.. but for your mental health (especially if you have your own), I would stay away unless he resolves his issues with therapy, or whatever he feels is best for him. Even with me taking time off dating and getting therapy, I still have a long way to go to becoming more "whole". People like your boy can really wear you down, especially if you care for him.

But, that doesn't recify the fact that he's into abuse and degrading.. That's fucked up and no one should ever have to go through that. I would kindly ask you to reconsider your relations with him.

Anonymous 23865

Maybe i should have said this at the start, the abuse and degrading are just in bed(and thats my kink). He doesn't like doctors or therapists, he does trust me quite a bit, is there a way i can help him out?

Anonymous 23870

are you actually 14 lol?

Anonymous 23873

probably not but clearly she might as well be

Anonymous 23878

I really hope you arent 14 if you have "kinks". Just dont.

Anonymous 23879

Don’t think she should’ve been banned. The “yes” was probably just a sarcastic response

Anonymous 23881

she can ban appeal if that's the case. but tbqh i don't doubt she is, her other post screams underage

Anonymous 23892

Anonymous 23894


I have 2 MBO degrees in IT and programming and noone wants to hire me so I've been NEETing for most of last year

I just want a job and money so I can live my life

Anonymous 23898


Omg I was lurking this thread I live there too
tfw been NEETing my whole life

Anonymous 23906

So you never went to school?

Anonymous 23918

the worst.png

this felt therapeutic

Anonymous 23919

I’m sure you worked hard but the MBO IT job market must be utter shit.

Why are there always so many Groningers online? Is there notging there aside from drinking?

Anonymous 23925

laffed when i saw the future you

Anonymous 23945

Go look at programming job listings, everyone wants HBO. Kill me

>Is there notging there aside from drinking?

There's also our provincial sport which is being racist

Anonymous 23950

Why didn’t you do HBO? MAVO Stacy?

Anonymous 23954


As pathetic as I am. As pathetic as it is.

Anonymous 23955

I started at VWO but got bullied so hard I lost the will to live so I stopped studying completely, dropped to HAVO, year later MAVO which was so easy I got straight As without any studying

Anonymous 23972

>stalking people over the web

Anonymous 23992


I hope you find him someday

Anonymous 23995

1501865483_giphy (…

Thank you ano. That is really nice of you. I was scared that someone would make fun of that.

Anonymous 23997

Aside from the super tall and scars parts you're just describing a kind, loving, affectionate bf. Nothing to make fun of and tons of guys match that so the odds are great for you!

Anonymous 24008


Anonymous 24009


Anonymous 24053

Different dutch anon here, i'm so sorry to hear that you got bullied so hard, teenagers can be assholes.

I'm currently studying for an MBO IT degree, i hope that i can go to HBO after this. Can you maybe try to get an HBO degree in programming?

I don't regret pushing myself harder to do HAVO in highschool, i had lots of fun at MAVO with my friends.

Anonymous 24090

In hindsight it isn't really that bad, cause what didn't kill me only made me stronger (I did make suicide attempts lul) and my shitty younger years shaped me as a person, I absolutely love myself now. It just blows that I never got the opportunity to be a normie and enjoy the simple life where my biggest worries would have been what color shoes I'd want to wear

I could do HBO but the problem is that I was 23 when I finished my MBO programming degree. I don't want to be reaching into my late 20s when I finish HBO before I can actually start living life. I'm currently going for my driver's license and did work a braindead production job for 2 weeks but got so mistreated by the employer I quit. It turned out that mentally I'm very sound for even a job like that so it was still a big morale booster cause I always thought I didn't have it in me to work a 40 hour snoozefest job

It's really hard to find any job at all but I think that's mostly cause I don't have my license yet hence I'm gunning for that now

Anonymous 24148


Anonymous 24160

pretty gay.

Anonymous 25233

Are you dating Oswald Mosley?

Anonymous 25242

Thanks for making me burst out laughing in the waiting room.
It's accurate, too

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