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self help books? Anonymous 28104

any good recommendations?
i've always thought they were bs, but lately i've thought about giving one a try.
do you have any experiences after reading one?

did they help you or improve your life at all?

Anonymous 28133

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan B. Peterson

Anonymous 28150

I read 2 out of curiosity, one was a really short one and all it said was that if you repeat the phrase "i love myself" your life is going to get better, not particularly helpful, in fact pretty useless. The other was 7 habits, that one was better, still not super helpful, but at least it was an interesting read and you can see why it's so popular, I might re-read it. Though I would rather suggest you read books that teach you useful things and improve your life in ways that aren't just psychological "self help", for example learning a new language.
Or just read the Quran.

Anonymous 28160

Good joke.

Anonymous 28173

How To Win Friends And Influence People

7 Habits

The Imitation of Christ

Yes really

Anonymous 28179

The Art of Tidying Up (there is also a manga version which is very cute) really changed my outlook about cleaning, my room doesn't look like a PPP pic anymore

Story of a Soul was also very influential to me

Anonymous 28182

The King James Bible. John and Romans are good starter books.

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