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Anonymous 28218

How do you know if a job interview went well?

Anonymous 28219

What kind of job are you interviewing for? It's different depending.

Anonymous 28220

A clerk PR position!

Anonymous 28221

Hmm okay, I might be able to help. Other anons please chime in as well.

Were there any points where you stumbled and couldn't give a solid answer/lie?

What were the last words they told you regarding the interview? And what was their tone like? From personal experience, a vague "we'll call you…" with no mention of timeframe is just a polite "Nope!". But a "we'll call you sometime between next Tuesday and Thursday" actually resulted in the second interview and being hired.

Anonymous 28229

ahh it's kind of complicated because although it is a clerk PR position…it's a government job and it's closed to the general public unless you take this test, and you already have to have a government job.

I never lied, I immediately answered every question and tried to give a solid answer. However, while I didn't say "um" or use that kind of verbal filler…sometimes towards the ends of my answers I'd repeat my point in a different way. I tried to smile and appear attentive and I asked questions about the job near the end of the interview.

They didn't tell me anything about calling, but the thing is, for my city, HR calls you, not the department you interviewed for. My last job interview they didn't mention anything about me being called, but I got the job anyway. I'm so nervous, I just wish I'd be told whether I made it or not.

What I have going for me is that when I took the test you need in order to be considered, I was the youngest person there. Usually, I'd consider that a negative, but I noticed the people interviewing me appeared younger, like in their 30s. So hopefully they see me being young as a positive in this job. I also expressed I was really passionate about the company this PR job was for (and I am!) so hopefully that helps, too.

Anonymous 28232

they call you back

Anonymous 28233

OH sorry. I have no experience with government jobs. Would you update us if you get the job?

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