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Homo or not homo Anonymous 28244

So about yuri, is it homo or no homo? I don't seem to be able to enjoy het/yaoi romance, just yuri ever since I was 12 for whatever reason, but I have never fallen in love IRL with either sex which I find weird but I still think I'm not homo because I don't find many 3D women attractive (and the ones I do I'm not even sure if I wanna fuck em). I just like lesbian romance but personally I don't think it's gay, just cute, but every time I tell someone about this online they refuse to believe I'm heterosexual. So yeah I guess I'm confused now. Any other hetero women enjoy yuri? Help.

Anonymous 28245

I enjoy some Yuri but a good portion of it is just a trashy male fantasy. I don't think liking yuri is homo in itself but it's kind of homo if it's the only thing you can enjoy. You probably have some deeper problems though if you are not attracted to 3D people.

Anonymous 28246


Yuri has always been very female oriented unless you're referring to porn, but even then nowadays there are a lot of female artists compared to before and I love that. I honestly don't know why it's the only kind of romance I can enjoy. Also never said I don't feel attracted to 3D (I know I find males physically attractive), just haven't fallen in love with anyone and I'm already 21.

Anonymous Moderator 28247

Please use the existing Yuri thread!


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