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Energy drink thread Anonymous 28945

What is your favorite energy drink??

I like redbull and also the blueberry redbull, also the strawberry cream Rockstar.

But my new favorite is the orange flavored NOS. It reminds me of that orange juice rockstar that I quit seeing around 2015/2016, which was my old favorite. I'm not even gonna eat today I'm just gonna get all caloric intake from my new favorite gaymer beverage.

Anonymous 28947


MONSTER!!!!! Classic, green M monster. Because sugar-free drinks are full of lies and disappointment. Also taurine. Fun story:
>be me, super crave Monster ALL THE TIME
>be me some more, surprisingly immune to caffeine so all of these Monsters aren't really fucking with me
>decide to try taking taurine on it's own due it's ability to dilate blood vessels
>crave monsters less and less

So turns out that if you supplement with taurine, you may not fiend after energy drinks as much.

Anonymous 28962


Unironically Monster Zero. Normie Monster tastes like the experience of being in a warm net cafe full of sweet smelling vape smoke (which I don't mind but its not my favorite)

Anonymous 28964

To me they taste a bit like classic bubble gum, but agreed it's not a great experience.

I instantly disliked monster back in 2004 when I was a wee 12 year old even, but lately I've really like some of these monster juice drinks. The coffee monsters are good too and less expensive than the starbucks canned drinks.

Anonymous 28976

I liked the grape punch monster but now its gone forever :(

Anonymous 29021


Anonymous 29023


Anonymous 29026


Okay I just started drinking Mutant Soda for the first time, the green flavor. We didn't have these back home.

This flavor is something special and not in a good way. It straight up tastes like vodka plus blue gatorade or powerade.

Anonymous 29032


I hate energy drinks except for mothafukin Monster Ultra.
This is the shit, it does not taste super strong and artificial, and it is really low in calories.

inb4 sips

Anonymous 29036

I’m convinced that the boomer meme is secretly a marketing campaign organized by monster.

Anonymous 29043

>All this Monster Ultra love
I love it. It's my favorite energy drink too. Redbull Zero is okay too but when I first tried the Monster Ultra I was mindblown. I love how it tastes. I usually hate energy drinks because they taste like male deodorant

Anonymous 29044

Wise wise woman. Agreed. It's just so suspicious, isn't it? I take solace that at least i get the classic one with sugar and not the boomer monster. Doesn't make me any less of a consumer, though.

Anonymous 29062


>(protip: don't get the pills from china)

Very agree

Anonymous 29145

I've never seen a woman in my life drink an energy drink.

Anonymous 29369


because caffeine makes me tired and anxious somehow in high dosages

Anonymous 29372

Drinking energy drinks is like drinking soap

Anonymous 29406

monster hamilton

Anonymous 31221

I love the cheapo ones like emerge and boost, I find that they have more flavor

Anonymous 31225


i'm pretty sure most people would think this tastes like diabetes but this is my current favorite

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