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Internet Addiction Anonymous 29022

Any other miners suffering or successfully managed to quit or reduce ? I think I may be at my lowest. Two full weeks completely down the drain for me.

Anonymous 29051

It's hard in my case, I spend the entire day at home :l
How's your life like, OP? Why do you need to quit?

Anonymous 29053

>wake up
>go pee
>back to bed
>pull out laptop
>repeat until 5 am

Anonymous 29065

Is anyone else addicted to dating sites? I scroll through the profiles. I imagine a life together with the other person, but I never send anyone a message.

Anonymous 29068

same here

Anonymous 29074


i stay home allll day, and babysit.
if im not watching the kids im in my room.
and online….
tbh idk what i wld do if i didnt have internet… shurly id die.
i dont really feel bad about staying online with my free time.
i dont really have irl life…. besides children.
the only bad part is i have no pc or laptop…. 100% mobile…ugggh.

Anonymous 29148


get self control app and block all the websites you commonly waste time on and don't add anything beneficial into your life for me it's mainly the chans, gossip forums and reddit.

Anytime I have the urge to use those websites I can't because they're blocked and I'm forced to go on other sites or read a book.

I'm addicted, I can spend hours upon hours on the internet. The only way to change this is to create a social life, mine is non-existent the only social interaction I get is from online :s It's going to be a challenge, but I'm trying to spend a lot more time outside, visiting museums, going to improv, joining clubs on campus etc etc

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