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Anonymous 29571

Guess who's getting a boyfriend this coming year?!

You are!

Anonymous 29572

some people here don't want a bf

Anonymous 29574

DON'T JINX us people who do want a boyfriend! I'll take every good luck charm I can get, thanks op

Anonymous 29577


No, you're wrong. I'm getting a husband!

Anonymous 29597

That's the goal!

Anonymous 29603

Is getting great-grand kids the ultimate goal?

Anonymous 29604


Would rather get a gf tbhfam

Anonymous 29621

Thanks fam!!! everyone who wants one gets a bf!!!!

Anonymous 29631

When I was 16 my Great-Great-Grandma was final at the end when she was 103 years old.
My Great-Grandpa was her oldest and he organized as many of us visiting her as possible. We lived close so mom, dad, and my two sister went together.
Gran-gran was mentally alert (she slept a lot) and was so happy to see us. There were 20 cousins and such there already. The room was full of flowers and cards and pictures.
Gran-gran was the seeetest woman who ever lived. I never heard a cross word from her and never heard a word against her. I was upset she was going.
She asked for a bunch of her great-great-granddaughters to be with her alone for a bit - there were nine of us just that day! And she told us
‘I have 503 living direct descendants. And you are all just a bit too young to know, yet, how being a mother makes you grow, but I love you all because each one of you made my heart grow bigger to hold more love. For the 88 years since Dick (Great-Grandpa) was born ‘ve known that love grows with each child, grand-child, and beyond. My education (she went to uni in her 50’s), my career (she retired from the phone company), nothing compares to any one of my great-great grandchildren. I love you all.’
That was a few years ago and I know I want what she had

Anonymous 29633

That is the sweetest story. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous 29638

This brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful. I hope I can have a big family one day too. Thank you so much for sharing <3

Anonymous 29650

Beautiful. She's very inspiring, I hope I can become like her one day and experience so much love. Thank you anon <3

Anonymous 29669

Thank you, fren.

Anonymous 29684

You will never have this in the modern world.

Anonymous 29708

No if OP’s good luck charm works everyone on CC will see their great-great grandkids

Anonymous 29722


This. At what age would you even have to be having children if you want to become a grand-grand grandma?

Anonymous 29725

There are more important things than having a bf. If you think having a bf is going to solve all your problems, work on making new friends or strengthening friendships you already have or take up some new hobbies or work on self-improvement, especially your self-esteem this year instead. Seriously, there's no point in rushing into a relationship with some loser who treats you like shit just because you want to say you have a bf, you'll only make yourself miserable.

That actually sounds like a nightmare, sorry. I don't look at the Duggar family and feel inspired. Even though your great-great-grandmother seems really sweet, taking a bunch of her female great-great-grand children aside to tell them that their happiness will come from repeated childbirth sounds like some old-timey patriarchal bullshit and probably would have depressed me rather than make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous 29727

Muh patriarchy

Anonymous 29730

You know you're on a website that is supposedly majority female, right?

Anonymous 29731

Yeah, so?

Anonymous 29734

At least try to act like one.

Anonymous 29738

Gran-gran was 18 when she married, Pops was born when she was 19.

Anonymous 29739

“Stop liking what I don’t like.”

Anonymous 29744

You can like it, it's just sad af that you aspire to be like the Duggars. Enjoy, I guess.

Anonymous 29754

“I’m sad you like something I don’t like.”
Are you a concern troll, passive-aggressive, or just small minded?

Anonymous 29757

That's right anon, there's nothing the patriarchy wants more than you to have a loving family.

Anonymous 29777

>Everyone I don't like is dumb.
You sound bitter to me, sweetie.

Anonymous 29780

What if with advancing technology we can increase avg lifespan from 80 to 110 range (near the limit for max) and it’s quality of life at that ace. So you dont need to have kids in your early 20s if you wanna see your great grandbabies.

Plant that seed with the blessing of OP’s charm of attaining a bf!

Anonymous 29813

The most insightful thing I ever heard about
>duh Patriarchy
was from a family friend, Mrs. S.
Let me describe her first. Blog inbound.
Look up ‘boho Earth mother’in the encyclopedia and there is a picture of her. Hourglass figure with a big chest and extra pounds. Long hair. Always wore blouses and long skirts or long dresses, usually looked straight from Laura Ashley but she made them herself. In the 20 years I have known her I have never seen any makeup on her and she says she hasn’t owned any in 30 years. Going silver (no dyed hair), never shaves her legs, the whole hippie bit (but she is only 45, I think).
6 kids, SAHM, homeschooling.
Cooks from scratch as in “makes her own ketchup, mayo, pickles, and cheese” from scratch. Anyone sick? New baby? Really stressed out mom? Mrs. S. appears like Mary Poppins with 2-3 home cooked meals that taste like Gordon Ramsey owes you money. Her kids are so wonderful they’re probably androids.
She sees all the clothes for her and her kids. Crochets, knits, cross stitches, paints, does ceramics. Every Christmas she gives bags of hard candy to neighbors and friends.
Of course it is home made hard candy. And it’s perfect.
She sings, plays at least 5 instruments, and does ceramics (my dad’s favotite coffee mug = Mrs. S).
I am just setting the scene because the joke at home is she is Ma Ingalls.

4+ years ago a bunch of families were at the park for a big joint picnic.
Mrs. S was knitting, of course. My mother and Mrs. K were sitting with her and talking about work to each other and discussing accounting (mom is a bookkeeper & Mrs K manages expense reimbursement for a company) when Mrs K (who isn’t very nice) said something like,
“We’re probably boring Mrs S with all this talk about numbers. Math isn’t your thing, is it, Mrs S?”
Mrs S, without looking up from her knitting, said clearly,
“I have a degree in Mathematics, I’ll keep up fine.”
Mrs K said,
“You? Math?!”
Mrs S, still looking at her knitting,
“Dual major in Mathematics and Biology from Smith.”
Mrs K,
“You went to Smith?”
Mrs S,
Mrs K,
“If you went to Smith and have a degree in Math why are you wasting your life as a housewife?”
Mrs S finally looked up.
“Wasting my life? I just listened to you bitch about your job for 40 minutes straight. Every time we get together your main topic is bitching about your job.”
“So let’s talk about that. You get up at 6 am every morning to get your kids ready then ship them off for strangers to educate them and train them to be adults. Then you spend almost an hour driving to your job, one you hate. Your supervisor is a man you despise and who treats you poorly. His boss is a man you dislike. The big boss is a man who doesn’t know you. But you have to show up early and stay late to hope you might get a raise some day. If these men who don’t owe you a thing and don’t like you might not get their bonus you and the other women will be fired first, and you all know it.”
“As you work late you have to pay strangers to care for your kids in daycare and after school programs. Strangers feed you and your kids as you spend a fortune on fast food, carry out, and convenience foods because you owe your male bosses the vast majority of your waking hours.”
“On the other hand I am the mistress of my house. I decide the hours, the activities, and the goals. I raise, educate, and prepare my children. I only have to please my husband, whom I love and who works hard to please me in return.”
“Wasting my life? I’m doing exactly what I want, when I want, and how I want. You should try it sometime, if your bosses let you.”
And she went back to knitting.

Anonymous 29816

>and then everyone stood up and started clapping slowly

Anonymous 29825

That happened

Anonymous 29826

That's nice but I still want to be the breadwinner of my family for my pride's sake with a househusband to care for the kid (if we have one under specific circumstances, otherwise just house care is appreciated in return for the support). Ideally there should be a choice, not everyone really wants to be a sahm type. Some don't even want kids.

Anonymous 29828

How did she know to avoid a career? Did someone tell her? Usually, girls who go to colleges like Smith feel strong pressure to go and have a career.

Anonymous 29829

Believe as you like; half the miners are probably guys.
But the point remains. People are different and like different things. Women saying,
"Your dreams/choices are bad" when we're discussing things like getting married or having children or staying home is at best classist.

Anonymous 29830

She said that after marrying and having her first kid she changed her goals, quit her job, etc.

Anonymous 29831

Did you ask her how she found a good man?

Anonymous 29859


that's so sweet!
bitter much?

Anonymous 29870


I do know how different they could be, that's why it hurts so badly.

Anonymous 29875

Blind frickin’ date; live at first sight; the whole damn romcom mess

Anonymous 29879

Can confirm this thread is cursed, boyfriend broke up with me to start off the year

Anonymous 29880

The thread clearly states you will be getting a bf; I dont think you can get a boyfriend if you have a boyfriend since they will both fight. So just keep up your hopes and you will get a bf

Anonymous 29881

Your new bf will be better and not break up with you when you are such a nice woman (I'm sure you are).

Anonymous 30098

>503 descendents
calling bullshit, unless she had 112 great grandchildren who all averaged 4.5 kids a piece by age 25

Anonymous 30100

Why do you come to websites that specifically forbid you from posting, and then make a shitty ask me anything post?

Anonymous 30134

That'll be hard to explain to my girlfriend. (les)

Anonymous 30193

Not even hard. I’d have to check with Grandpa about when this happened, but I know off the top of my head:
Gran-gran had 6 kids
Pops had 9 and Auntie Janet had 7 and all the rest had 5, so that’s 36 more
Grandpa had 6 and dad said Auntie Dot has 12.
I’m one of 8 and I have 27 first cousins.
Catholic: there are a LOT of us.

Anonymous 30207

Holy shit. In a few hundred years she might be the common ancestor of your entire country.

Anonymous 30208

lesbianons will just have to donate their government issued bfs to polyanons (if we have any).

Anonymous 30212

It can be a problem!
…meet a handsome boy from neighboring area. He is smart, sweet, charming, tall, strong. Share a lot of interests, like the same books.
Talk about family aaaaannnnnnddddd he's a cousin.

Anonymous 30234


Indeed. I will lose this weight and charm my oneitis.

Anonymous 31819

I'm not he's still in love with some internet girl and talks to other girls in other apps and probably does things with them. I want to lay in bed and never wake up.I hate my mind.

Anonymous 31820

>he's still in love with some internet girl

maybe she posts on bronzestone.bakery

Anonymous 31821

would rather have a rope fam, it would be much more useful than a bf

Anonymous 31842

This, you can't rig a sail or climb a mountain using a bf.

Anonymous 31846

or hold a bird cage or make a banana fly

Anonymous 31847

DDoS attack when?!

Anonymous 31863

Doubtful but ok

It's March and the only cute guy who talks to me got a gf. Maybe 2020 will be my year…

Anonymous 31866

Where's my fucking bf

Anonymous 31870

What? Did you miss delivery of your state mandated bf on Feb 7th at 10 A.M.?
Thats sucks for you, I heard the next round of deliveries won't be until 2049 :/

Anonymous 31874

Ok, but what about the cute boys that don't talk to you? Why don't you try talking to them?

Anonymous 31875

I'm a NEET, I haven't met a guy in a social setting in months and I'm too old for the internet dwellers unless I want to date 40+

Anonymous 31876

Anonymous 31877

What's wrong with dating boys younger than you? Likewise, I'm sure you could still socialise with people at your age. You're only as young as you feel.

Anonymous 31896

>You're only as young as you feel
and a jail cell is only a room

Anonymous 31900

I hope i get to date 20 year old guys when i'm middle aged. I want to do what rich older women like Madonna do.

Anonymous 31901

>finds men in late teens-mid twenties to be the most attractive
>also freaked out about the concept about dating someone born after the year 2000 (I'm a 1996 baby)
Clock is ticking until all the boys in my age group turn ugly pls halp ):

Anonymous 31906

That's not how it works. This isn't Japan. You don't need to get a court date for marrying someone more than four years apart from you in age. Anon should be fine dating someone younger than her so long as they're legal. This is more about having friends in general, though.
Date them now, before they get older? Also might want to get over that preference you have. I'm not sure how you can keep a relationship if they just keep getting ugly.

Anonymous 31919


Its already March and still no bf

Anonymous 31960

They're just outside. All you have to do is go outside, and ask them out.

Anonymous 32918

One qt Christian husbando for me pls and thx

Anonymous 32953


Just be yourself girls.

Anonymous 32955


Anonymous 32960

>tfw have been rejected 2 times already this year
Or else I'll cry.

Anonymous 32970


Anonymous 32976

>You are!
Please no.

I've head enough heart break as it is. The amount of fucking trauma I'm reliving, and enduring by myself is ungodly. I actually feel like I'm going to puke. I just happened to waltz by the TV and it peeked my interest for just a little too long. It's about a girl who's trapped living with her abusive grandma; she's being raped by the guy living with grams. She can't leave because her money from her job is being stolen by her next door neighbor who's threatening her. She's under 18, so she can't run away from home, and calling the police would only worsen the relationship of her family should no one pull her out. Her biological mother doesn't want her home because bio mom is in on the rape. It just triggered a lot of familiar feelings I've been repressing as best as I can, because I'm currently trying to get out of my home. I'm trying to eat more, get my weight up. I have an eating disorder, but need to get healthy so I can join the military and get the fuck out of here. Adding a boyfriend would just be misery, as I'd just be trying to please him on top of everything else. I regret so much. I'm also battling feelings for someone else I got close to, too fast, and now I'm by myself again. Fuck it hurts so much.

Anonymous 34305

Nice, I already have a boyfriend, but a second one would be great

Anonymous 34787


It's not so much old-timey patriarchy bullshit as pre-historic biology bullshit. Men are not tricking women into wanting children anon.

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