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Anonymous 30136

Why all males tend to create and appreciate idiotic ideologies and do that as hardcore as religios zealots?

Anonymous 30138

>why all males tend to create
>do that as hardcore as religios zealots
Cool off on the wine Auntie!

Anonymous 30140

because religion was also created by men

Anonymous 30142

Hanamaru Youchien …

Dating guide:

1) Improve yourself to the point you ain't fat
2) Talk about something i like and ask for my opinion on those matters. Things i like are you could find in "info" section in any social network or even tinder.

That's all, dating market is now open for you.

Why noone whould date a fat guy? Because he lacks of willpower. If he can't get over his food posession, he must be pretty much worthless person.

Sames about talkings. I look for a bf, not just meat dildo. We need to spend time together, watching some movies, playing games or even discussing some normal anime, not the one, which is basically incel fantasies, but the one with actual plot.

The only and one exeption of those simple rules if male got some geneticall/mental ilnesses.

Anonymous 30143

>There's very little that matters in dating other than looks.

Yes there is. Personality is mega important but for personality to even be considered you have to pass a basic physical standard. Or have you ever been in a position where at first glance you'd never be attracted to a guy but after many months of hearing what he has to say and seeing his behavior you suddenly find yourself crushing on him? That happened to me once.

Anonymous 30150

>at first glance you'd never be attracted to a guy but after many months of hearing what he has to say and seeing his behavior you suddenly find yourself crushing on him?
this happens to me all the time, or the opposite too, guy looks hot but then you realize he's an idiot and then you're not interested anymore

Anonymous 30155

this is so random but what are your favorite things

Anonymous 30156


Maybe explain why you think whatever ideology you're butthurt about is idiotic. You sound like a teenage nihilist who's angry that other people have meaningful lives.

Anonymous 30158

I'm not lesbian, thx
> other people have meaningful lives
Whoa. Meaningfull life of incel straight out r9k/nazi from pol. What a joke.

Anonymous 30271

>I'm not lesbian, thx
i just think you have an interesting way of typing lmao

Anonymous 30273

autism, unironically.

also tribe mentality, theyre constantly seeking a tribe or group to "belong" to, possibly hold over from caveman days as a man without a tribe is a dead man. these ideologies serve that purpose.
men despite what they say, could never be completely on their own for longer than a week or 2. they unironically need relationships more than women, whether its friendships or a gf/wife/fwb.

Anonymous 31248

Then explain why every hermit who lives completely alone in the wilderness with no contact or help from other people in any way is a man?

Why are loner sites for men like /r9k/ always so much bigger than women's?

Anonymous 31251

No. Most people want to "belong" to a community, because loneliness doesn't feel good. It's not autistic or a male thing. There is nothing wrong with the concept, some men just taint it with their sex addiction and inability to control their dick. Notice how the ideologies in the OP pic all have something in common? Their dogma revolves around sex and women.

Neckbeard: ugly, weird, can't get laid because of it. Might become a "nice guy", again, because he wants sex, will become incel if he gets rejected.
Incel: can't get women because he's ugly, dumb, or an asshole, hates women because of it.
MGTOW: incels or divorced men in their 40s who want to have the last word, so they say they are the ones "going away" from women.
Trap: men who couldn't take it anymore, so they become the woman.

>Then explain why every hermit who lives completely alone in the wilderness with no contact or help from other people in any way is a man?
It's easier for a man who truly doesn't need a community to live in the wilderness, because he can defend himself against other men, and also has an easier time with tasks that require brute force. Why would a woman do it when she could get raped and might die anyway? The woman counterpart mostly stays indoors, with no contact or help from other people.

>Why are loner sites for men like /r9k/ always so much bigger than women's?

I hope you aren't insinuating that the people on /r9k/ are an example of men that "could be on their own" or don't need relationships. That's exactly why they are on /r9k/, because they need to talk to someone. Fan fiction, make up obsession, alternative fashion groups, specific subcategories of anime and manga, some branches of feminism… These all act as communities for loner women. Also, there are plenty of women on 4chan and other "men's sites".

Anonymous 31261

>he can defend himself against other men
Do you actually not even know what hermit or wilderness or alone even mean?

Anonymous 31271

People can run into you every so often.

Anonymous 31275

If you're around a man who hasn't has sex for a year, all they will talk about it the fact they haven't had sex in a year.
A lot of people will see this as men being sex obsessed or whatever, but as I talk to men more it seems to be really more of a companionship or status issue than a "I just wanna fuck" issue.

Anonymous 31279

That's just a disguise. Men aren't romantic, they see that it's what most women want, and so try to make them believe that men too just want a loving companion for life! It's not acceptable for them to say that they want or need a woman just for sex, so they talk about love instead, but it's their actions that give them away.

Anonymous 31282

>wanting companionship = wanting a loving companion for life
Lol no. Yeah maybe an immature incel wants that because they've never had a romantic relationship before. Normal men want the companionship of an attractive woman but they are very lenient about who that woman is.

Anonymous 31283

Nta but it's still sad to me that men can't form higher bonds of any sort. I've kind of come to accept it but it's still bothersome.
They've just proven time and time again to be incapable of emotional depth and are more like pets than partners in relationships. Not because they're less generally intelligent (of course), just eternally stunted socially and emotionally. Forever selfish and lacking empathy.

Anonymous 31285

But that's exactly the thing, the "companionship" that men want, companionship that isn't intended to be for life, is fake. Men want companionship only insofar as they can also get sex first and foremost, the "companionship" that they desire is also servitude, and the one they give in rerturn is scarce at best abusive at worst. Men are not romantic, they can't love. Romanticism itself was a big appropriation of women's approach to intersex relationships, and to life itself. It's sad.

Anonymous 31327

Ranging from serious to "minimal" in no order:
>jacking off to rape and murder vids
>thinking cheating on women is fine because muh instincts
>raping their daughters
>not respecting women as individuals and hating one if she isn't what he expects her to be
>no feelings of protectiveness towards children and small animals (they see their kids as possessions)
>consistently leave women if they DARE to get breast cancer
>average male doesn't listen to anyone's points or try to understand other points of view
I could go on.
The minimal stuff is fine I guess since it's not their fault, just disappointing. The last one is alarmingly common, just pay attention when you talk with men. They never try to empathize or wonder what someone's motivation is whereas with many women it's automatic. Sadly that can translate to women being manipulative but…God, both are awful.

Anonymous 31328

With the kids and small animals one I should add: really pay attention to men when they say animals and such are cute or express affection towards them. It's so obviously fake.

Anonymous 31333

yikes, too many femcels in this thread.

Anonymous 31334

Don't show your paranoia femcel

Anonymous 31340

Jealous tranny go dilate some more

Anonymous 31342


Anonymous 31343

let me add a few
>systematically preying on "innocent" girls that can be easily manipulated (why do you think inches will accept nothing less than a virgin?)
>defending predators/rapists with such compelling arguments as "the age of consent shouldn't be 18 anyway" or "what if they both were drunk?"
>not caring if a women gets sexually assaulted unless she's their daughter/wife/sister
>blindly spewing custody court statistics and male suicide/work-related death rates to "totally destroy" feminists rather than actually working to fix these things

Maybe men can't show empathy to anyone without having an "us vs them" mentality with some other group (women, liberals, theists, brown people, (((them))), etc)

Anonymous 31347


You feel secure enough to exert your ignorant faux dominance and sexual power now, but the fembot uprising is coming. All you Stacies better watch yourselves.

Anonymous 47288

This thread is making me too paranoid, considering my best friend of 8 years has never exhibited any of this behaviour, actively condemns it in other men and now I can't stop thinking about the possibility this is some kind of long con.

Anonymous 47292

Many truths were told here but damn, any of you ever met a nice human male?
If I were asked how many men are like what you describe my guess would be 10% at most.

The ones I know are from workplace/family/friends, maybe you just stay to much time on bars and anonymous forums

Anonymous 47293

>men hate kids and animals
This, I have never seen a man love his child or care for his dog.

Anonymous 47294

>Things i like are you could find in "info" section in any social network or even tinder
I have failed then

Anonymous 47295

no normies.jpg

there really should be a dedicated fembot board

Anonymous 47310


You people ought to be shamed more.

Anonymous 47345

>Why are loner sites for men like /r9k/ always so much bigger than women's?
Men are more likely to be continuously rejected and bullied which leads to social isolation which leads to these communities forming I think.

Anonymous 47347

Sounds like you have some issues. Guys need and want sex more, but that doesn't mean they don't want to care for someone and be cared for. These days it seems women are the ones discarding long term relationships in pursuit of short term thrills.

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