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Sunday Feels 30163

Why is Sunday so shit? How do you make it not feel like shit?

Anonymous 30180


sundays are the autumn of the week.
just plan what you gotta do for hte long winter, read a book, and go to bed

Anonymous 30194

getting to bed is probably the hardest thing for me.

Anonymous 30255

I always feel like I'm mourning the weekend and all the freedom/fun/relaxing that comes with it and dreading the busy week to come. Fuck Work.

Anonymous 32388

Sunday feel
That feel when I just spent all the week days dodging appointments and responsibilities and relaxed over the weekend by thinking "oh well I can't be productive now, gotta wait for Monday" and it's almost Monday.

Anonymous 32405

Sunday is my least favorite day for this reason, but honestly the dread sets in on the night of my weekend. All I can think about is how I'm probably not getting the most out of my days off and then before I know it, it's back to work. I hate it.

Anonymous 32421

Anonymous 110112

Sunday is the worst day of the week because it’s named after the fucking sun. Umm cool bro, you do know we can see it on every single one of the other six days?

Anonymous 110188


But you know what's worse than Sunday? Autumn. I hate cold months. This year we had more cold months than warm months. Next year it will probably be the same. It fucking sucks.

People who grew up in a place where it's perpetual spring or mild summer should count themselves lucky.

Anonymous 110193

Fall is amazing and the most beautiful season after winter.

Anonymous 110205


I like the early part of autumn, something about the air and sky during those times makes me actually feel alive. I feel stagnant during summer and winter.

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