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Anonymous 30223

>Into asian guys
>parents are horribly racist
>No money to move out yet
It's not like they're horrible monsters, but they say some REALLY awful stuff. Even when I move out, I'm not going to end up dating white guys. I'm also afraid of conflict my entire life, mostly because of their strong opinions on stuff. What do I do miners?

Anonymous 30224

1) Get a job
2) Move
3) Do what you want, cuz miners ara free!
4) Noone could say aga~inst it!

Anonymous 30226

I just moved out recently anon. It's hard at first and you might struggle but being free to do what you want is great. Idk if it's just me but buying things with my own money made me happy.

Anonymous 30227


Anonymous 30253

This is how you spot r9k incels posting

Anonymous 30274

> size doesn't matter in relationsheep
You either 12-14 or just a virgin male.

Anonymous 30295

No u
You sound like that dick size sperg who kept ban evading on lolcow to write essays about his 5.5 inch penis and how he shouldn't even bother dating.
As long as he gets you to orgasm who cares? Unless you're one of those people with a monster cock fetish, but even so don't project that onto every woman lol.
anyway this thread isn't for me since I'm not even into East Asians. Just wanted to argue this tbh.

Anonymous 30317

Idk the longest dick I ever had was from a Thai guy, did not expect that beast at all.

Anonymous 30419


>>I think size matters in a relationship
>Yes hello my fellow females the biggest beast cock I've ever taken was from a [insert race] guy
Yeah, this is homo male talk as fuck.
Another incel from r/asianmasculinity doing repressed white girl larp shit again.

OP is bad as hell lol.
>I want asian bf, but my parents are really racist!
>Also, I am not going to end up with a white guy when I run away from home! Hmph!
>Muh forbidden love with an asian guy! Just what shall I do?

He's probably going to bump the thread in a week with the classic pasta of the neo-nazi brother/cousin/father who molests "her" lol.

Anonymous 30425

>What do I do miners?
get better taste bc asians r ugly as sin

Anonymous 30439

The post you quoted was me, not OP. And you have to take my word in that case that I am just disgusting, but not male.

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