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Anonymous 30489

I asked my FWB on a date and he rejected me

Anonymous 30490

Fuck off Stacy

Anonymous 30491


I'm not a stacey. I'm a lonely girl looking for a qt bf.

Anonymous 30492

>not stacey/calls herself lonely
>has a fwb
Choose one (1)

Anonymous 30495

Is this a troll post?
Tell us more about yourself and your fwb.

Anonymous 31036

Why did you agree to FWB in the first place?

Anonymous 32222

Then quit doing fwb, other girls agreeing to this shit when what they really want is a bf annoys me to no end as it makes even more guys expect to be able to just do fwb instead of a real relationship

Anonymous 32313

FWB is a lie made up by men to get a practice gf they can ditch when the find "the one" aka one of many gfs. Beginners mistake.
On the bright side, when he reaches out to you for side ho application you'll know better and ignore him, right anon?

Anonymous 32329


OP, you have debased yourself and devalued yourself in his eyes by agreeing to FWB in the first place. He's made it clear he isn't interested in you as a person and for your own sake I hope you end your business with him. If you want a BF you need to upfront from now on and don't agree to FWB if you do not want that type of relationship. Don't waste your limited time on men who do not value you and will string you along for as long as you are useful to them.

Anonymous 32331

I thought this was gonna end in one of those trad rants we get a lot on here, but I actually agree this time.

I fell into the FWB trap and every time I came out wondering why I was good enough to fuck, but not good enough to date. There's just a blatant disconnect between men and women, if a guy wants to fuck you that just means you're fulfilling his basic requirements for a woman, which isn't much. I've heard so many guys in my social circles say shit like how they hate a certain girl but want to fuck her, or how she's fat but they really need to get laid, or that she's a crazy bitch but those are good in bed am I rite???, while for me to be willing to fuck a guy, I must first like and trust him as a person and his looks are secondary to that. So if I like someone enough to want to have sex with him, I usually also like him enough to want to try to date him. It just doesn't work unless you're extremely detached from your emotions and have sworn off dating.

Anonymous 32341

Anonymous 32430

based and cleverpilled

Anonymous 32442

Never, ever, ever go into a "FWB" thinking you can turn him into a bf. Men who want that are scum and not bf material anyway.
It comes down to not falling for the "modern, hip" advice nonsense that tells you to that we are all know equal and can have sex with no hang ups. It's nonsense. Men will treat you badly if you fall for that.
Advice - if a guy pushes for sex after three dates, and is not willing to go official, ditch him.

Anonymous 32443

Yeah, also upfront. Make it absolutely clear, from date number 1, you're after a bf. That weeds them out, and those who think they can lie and get you in bed will also soon be weeded out if you just keep to that demand. It's trite, but if you respect yourself, it shines through, and you'll find a man to respect you just as much.

Settling for a FWB is, I think (unless you are completely on board with just casual sex. in which case power to you), a sign of poor self esteem. You think badly of yourself, and you think "Maybe I can get him to respect me enough to be my bf if I just give him what he wants". That leads to just him abusing you.

Seriously, I think FWB is quite close to rape in these cases. You're manipulated into giving sex that you don't really want on a vague promise that he won't keep at all. Sounds like coercion, sounds like rape.

Anonymous 32489

Agreeing to fwb because you don’t have the self esteem to keep looking for a real relationship is not rape. I feel like rape and sexual assault are considered less and less serious as people start try to lump dumb stuff like this in with them. I agree it’s bad if the guy promised to transition to a serious relationship with time but that’s not rape, you can always say no and keep searching for a guy who isn’t like that. People who secretly cheat on their spouse and continue having sex with them can’t even be arrested for rape when found out, and that’s way more misleading than “yeah let’s start out like friends and not get serious till we know each other better haha just kidding I never planned to get serious”.

Anonymous 32542

>consenting to fwb is rape

nice logic. are you an ironic incel?

Anonymous 32578

Anonymous 32582

>cites made up definitions from a site where anyone can “contribute”

Anonymous 32601

As someone actually raped before, go fuck yourself.

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