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Being groped at nightclubs Anonymous 30592

Why do men do this? I've always wondered what makes them want to grope women, especially at places like parties and nightclubs. For me it almost only happens when I'm at a nightclub.

Are we mere objects to them?

Anonymous 30593

Not a man (hopefully mods can recognize my ip for all the short man fetish posts and such lol), but I have similar urges regarding men (and sometimes women). It's like…that aspect turns me on, so I want to touch it!! Now!! It's a really childish knee-jerk reaction to stimulus, probably more common in people with high and very visual sex drives (which encompasses most men). Compare it to feeling the urge to eat bad food on a diet, or wanting to hit someone during a fight.

So why don't they control it then? Selfish, feel like they can get away with it. In a nightclub? May be misguided and think it's "alpha" and will turn a girl on. Or they're drunk with no impulse control.

Anonymous 30594

Because it's crowded and they can get away with it. I've definitely been grabbed and looked up/behind me IMMEDIATELY and still not really been able to tell who had done it since they had either moved away or had a good poker face.

fuckers. it feels so fucking bad and violating.

Anonymous 30601


>entire world is initially perceived through light and sound

>enter area of nothing but pulsing light and sound

>people just moving and gyrating their bodies around
>99% of the people have something extra in their system, whether it be a simple beer or fucking acid
>proven scientific fact most electronic dance/club/trance music induces similar vibes to rhythmic motions of sex
>people who frequent these places aren't usually happily bonded with someone in a deep way with children and a home and a life of their own, but are after very immediate social pleasure

>why did someone try to touch me

Not excusing it, nor think it's acceptable, but 1300-COME-ON-NOW.

>Why do men do this? Are we mere objects to them, my fellow sisterhood?
if you think it's a male problem, try a lesbian night club.
Me and my two friends tried it once, holy god nope lol it's even worse.
It's definitely not a like 'safer' version of a regular nightclub, it's 100% "I'm here to find a small girl and repeatedly pull her cute long hair in some weird psychosexual complex because I cut all mine off". I felt so bad for my one friend who's particularly small, she was hounded by strangers nearly the whole time that we left in like under an hour.
If you're into that, go for it.
Not get less touching, though.

Don't fall for any of those super sleek, fun, "just here to dance xD" looking photos and advertisements nearly all nightclubs have. There will always be seedy people there looking for bodies to touch.

I recommend a 'book & tea' club if you are after more wholesome fun.

Anonymous 30602

It is nice to see sensible people exist in this world. It almost makes me hopeful.

Anonymous 30605

Because they like to use alchohol and crowdedness as a excuse despite knowing their own intents. To quote a philosopher

"The law says you cannot touch! But I think I see a lot of lawbreakers"

Anonymous 30658

Bull dykes do. They’ll just straight up grab your tits and ass and fannoo and act like it’s totally A-okay.

I think they’re trying to mirror Male chauvinism though. I’m unsure.

Anonymous 30659

>I think they’re trying to mirror Male chauvinism though. I’m unsure.
Any particular reason that makes you suspect that? Legitimately curious here.

Anonymous 30660

Not her, but it's probably parallel to homosexual men and movements like MGTOW and similar. You must've seen like the trap/femboy stuff online right?
>boys are better at being girls than girls
>fucking roasties destroyed that a boy is more feminine and desired than she is
>the future is male demigods and their femboys, women will be obsolete once cloning is mastered
>boys make better girlfriends because they understand cock ;3

It's sounds larpy and over-the-top but there are plenty of people who follow similar enough thoughts to let it affect their judgement.
I wouldn't be surprised if some lesbians have that "muh pure sisterhood against rapist male oppressors" mentality and you should be completely comfortable with being touched by another woman because it's "safe", and any girl who seems like she might not be fully on board or still holds attraction towards men is like a traitor or male's slave.

Anonymous 31301

Because a lot of men don't know how to flirt with words anymore and they think physical contact is the only way we will be able to see them in a sexual light.

Anonymous 31344

It's because they can and they know they can get away with it. Human nature is shitty and problematic, and this goes double for male humans.
>Are we mere objects to them?
Yeah probably. More like a faceless piece of set dressing than an object like a table or a chair though.

Anonymous 31394

>going to nightclubs
I really hope we're not going to become a place for people like this to hang out. You can go on instagram and tell all your friends there about it. Just leave us with our cats, knitting and saying in doors being comfy and NOT being sexually assaulted at the weekend, thank you.

Anonymous 31401

Men see boobs, man touch boobs

Anonymous 31403

Guys at clubs look for quick one night stands, its the place to go for them to possibly acquire such service. Not sure why you would ever want to go to a "nightclub" tbh

Anonymous 31410

>Are we mere objects to them?

Anonymous 31411


Grug see boob
Grug like boob
Grug touch boob

Anonymous 31464

Pretty much. Night clubs are full guys just looking to pump and dump. These men just don't give a fuck and will take whatever they can get away with.

I really don't understand why girls like going to night clubs. I guess some just enjoy being treated like an object.

Anonymous 31484

… Not really. Unless you're a spoiled American brat raised by an entitled suburban mom, you'll see people doing their jobs as people doing their jobs. I work in customer service (cashier) and people rarely 'objectify' me, unless they're rude tourists from you can guess where or middle aged women who don't know how a fast food restaurant works. Besides, they get paid to put up with rude and troublesome customers, women in night clubs pay to go there.

Anonymous 31499

Not that miner

If you go to the nail salon and they start chatting with you, you are welcome to politely decline and sit in silence. But if you tell them, "I don't care what you have to say, just do your job, I'm here for my nails not to make friends." they will be offended. Why would they be offended? They're being paid to do the job, aren't they? And really bonding with the customer is for tips, so if the optimal way to get a tip from a customer is silence, why be bothered by that instead of just comply?

The reason, as we both realize if we're not being obtuse, is that nobody likes to be objectified, even at work.

Anonymous 31510

this is literally the answer to OP's question, nightclubs are places where people (esp the men) go full grug mode and just revert to their primal instincts. Screaming, gyrating, unwarranted grabbing and full blown fist fights. I used to go to them trying to fit in with the more popular crowd and honestly the behaviour that goes on is just so base and animal it disgusts me. Nightclubs are just where people go to act like a bunch of grugs.

Anonymous 31532

>nobody likes to be objectified, even at work
Not really. Some basic interaction is part of the job but if someone started chatting about inane shit I'd get annoyed.

Anonymous 31536

You missed the point of the end of the main paragraph. What MAKES that statement rude? Logically, instructing a worker on how to get the best tip shouldn't be rude on its own.

It's because such a statement reveals you have no intention of treating the person as anything more than a service.

Anonymous 31548

Well that's not very nice.

Anonymous 32923

Why not just go out to a gay bar/club? They are a pretty solid way to just have a good time.

Anonymous 32934

Someone from /pol/ said it the best. "I expect to find shit in the toilet…" that seedy culture is kinda what is expected at nightclubs. If you really want to go and dance at a nightclub of all places and want to avoid the groping thing try going with some male friends and dancing close to them, might ward off the creeps a bit better?

Anonymous 32937

i just go to nightclubs for the food

Anonymous 33001

>someone from /pol/ said it best

That's code for "I once said this on /pol/"

Anonymous 35373

based /pol/stacy

Anonymous 35375

I'm sure.

Anonymous 36010

I went to a real nightclub once in my life when I was in prague during a high school excursion. Never went to a nightclub before, or after that. But the one experience I have is of everyone just being touchy as hell, boys and girls included. In a degenerate way it was kind of fun, I didn't feel unsafe weirdly enough. It felt like a big clothed orgy with everyone just moving to the music without a worry on their mind.
To me it seems like that's just accepted nightclub culture, what else to expect y'know? Especially considering everyone is under the influence of something, pumped up and horny too probably.

Anonymous 36012


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