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Anonymous 30950

>Why yes, me and my bf lurk crystal.cafe together! Surely you guys do aswell right?
>Don't tell me you are still single sis!

Anonymous 30951

I would never tell him about crystal.cafe because he would identify my posts immediately

Anonymous 30952

r9k-tier bait post.
But to answer…even if I had a bf I wouldn't want him to know about cc because of the same reason as >>30951 lol

Anonymous 30953

>r9k bait
This is just a funny gigachad meme variant. r9kers are the only ones who don’t find these funny

Anonymous 31014

I know this is just shit posting but what do you guys think giga-stacy would look like?

Anonymous 31016


Anonymous 31017

giga-stacies post on lolcow

Anonymous 31018

Any and every Eric Stanton illustration.

Anonymous 31111


Anonymous 31123


Megan Fox is the closest we have ever gotten to a real-life giga-stacy.

Anonymous 31128

Shouldn't a Giga-Stacy be more effortless? Megan Fox had a lot of surgery IIRC. If she was insecure during her teens and resorted to PS, she's not a Giga-Stacy to me.

Anonymous 31129

i feel like giga stacy would have plastic surgery done though

Anonymous 31130

Yeah, you're right. But would she have been bullied in school?

Anonymous 31135


Fox was attractive even before plastic surgery.

Anonymous 31140

Looks more like it made her worse.

Anonymous 31141

what did she even get done other than lips, i can't tell? looks like she just aged a bit

Anonymous 31142

Nose, forehead, maybe jaw?

Anonymous 31144

according to google, cheek + lip fillers, boob job, nose job. imagine being that beautiful and still thinking you need all that. hollywood was a mistake

Anonymous 31145

Seriously, she looks like a discount Angelina Jolie now

Anonymous 31146


i think she's still really attractive, but i understand why she feels some alterations were necessary. she's what, 30 something now? she's losing the girl next door look and needs a new angle.

Anonymous 31148


Anyone who makes the cute chick from Mean Girls look like a nosewipe is automatically Stacy-tier. Plus she was still hot before getting any work done.

Anonymous 31168

she took the bogpill
she has begun her ascension now

Anonymous 31169


Anonymous 31209

>In the near future, the entire world is struck with a bizarre malady which affects every girl between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

>Victims first experience a period of giddiness called "Near Death Happiness" ("NDH" or 臨死遊戯状態) before expiring. Within minutes of death the victim rises again as a flesh-eating zombie—a "Stacy". These Stacies run amok until they are cut into pieces in an act called a "Repeat-Kill" (再殺).

>The government has organized the poorly trained "Romero Repeat-Kill Troops," who ride around on garbage trucks, ordered to act out the disposal of the Stacies. By law, a Stacy may only be Repeat-Killed by her loved ones or the Romero Repeat Kill Troops.

>Through research, it is discovered that a key to the Stacy phenomenon is the "Butterfly Twinkle Powder" (BTP or 蝶羽状輝徽粉) that accumulates on the Stacies' skin.

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