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help anon 31020

I'm a senior at my local high school and in my class there is this kid who has Asperger syndrome or w/e you call it(we used to be friends in year 7 + pretty sure he had a crush on me)

We have met out of school multiple times last year because he had my number and I don't like ignoring people's texts and most of the times we have met up it has been super awkward (he said he had an eating fetish while I was eating a sorry excuse of an apple pie he had made which made me want to leave immanently), the only reason we haven't met out of school recently is because I changed my number and I've been using every excuse to not give him my new one.

To put it simply how can I tell him I don't really want him to talk to me anymore / leave me alone or is the only option I have is to wait 9 more months till I'm out of school

Anonymous 31021

yup assuming your over 18 and still in HS best option is to wait it out (assuming you are leaving your home town after HS). Even in this digital age you wont talk to most people from HS

Anonymous 31026

I think the kindest thing would be to let him know straight up that him telling you he had an eating fetish made you very uncomfortable and soured your relationship and you no longer wish to be friends for this reason the next time he asks for your number. If he hates you for telling him the truth, you don't want to be friends anyway so it doesn't really matter what he thinks of you. He has Aspergers so he needs to be directly told that this was extremely inappropriate behavior because he really might not know any better, he won't pick up on subtle hints, and maybe he can learn from this experience.

Anonymous 31031

You could try telling him how awful he sounds. It would (hopefully) help him to know what's wrong with him.

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