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Anonymous 31212

>mfw everyone here is just dudes roleplaying as girls
can't prove me wrong

Anonymous 31215

>mfw everyone on 4chan is just girls roleplaying as dudes
You can't prove me wrong

Anonymous 31216

I am guilty of that. Sometimes I say that I'm a regular guy, sometimes a femboy trap. For some reason that's easier than derailing a thread by admitting I have a coochie

Anonymous 31217

I estimate about 40% roleplaying men

Anonymous 31218

Everyone knows there are no men on the interwebs

Anonymous 31220


>used to spend time on 4chan pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl
get on my level

Anonymous 31222

Post things that only you would know as a girl. Ill start.

>Your nipples being super itchy after taking off the bra youve worn all day.

Anonymous 31223

But there are some on the interbewbs.

Anonymous 31231

as long as you didn't partake in discords than you're cool

Anonymous 31253

>implying fat men dont exist

Anonymous 31280

double trap-posting on 4chan is truly patrician
>unironically uses tips for traps from 4chan in my daily life to make myself appear more feminine

Anonymous 31281

>your shits get weird around your period
this is honestly the worst part about my period

Anonymous 31335

>you cant control your period you can only predict but also sometimes proves to be ineffective. so kiss your favorite underwear goodbye.

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