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Piercing/Body modification Anonymous 31352

Any of you galls like piecing and such?I've got a; triple helix,anti-tragus, lobe, upperlobe, spiderbites and I really wanna get my tongue split.

Anonymous 31353

I have two on each earlobe and I want to have some on my nipples. And VERY nsfw pic related, I want to give my boyfriend a Prince Albert one, I think they look so pretty

Anonymous 31358


God, I wanted snakebites in middle school. I'm partially glad I didn't get them, but….

Anonymous 31368

I wanna get three lobe piercings (already have 1) on each ear and then maybe two cartilage piercings on one ear and one on another.

Anonymous 31369

Who the fuck cares what men think? Holy shit lol

Anonymous 31372


Caring what men think is incompatible with sanity.

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