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Baking General Anonymous 31601

I've been getting into baking recently, so I was wondering if there's anyone here who likes to bake as well!

ITT post recipies, resources, tips, pictures of things you've baked, food inspiration, and whatever else you want, as long as it relates to baking.

Here are some recipies I want to try soon:
- http://wannacomewith.com/2017/02/heart-shaped-jam-thumbprint-cookies/
- https://cleobuttera.com/breads-and-rolls/the-ultimate-cinnamon-rolls/
- http://wannacomewith.com/2014/02/cinnamon-bun-cookies/

Anonymous 31602

Gonna settle in here. I'm craving some baked goods but I don't have an oven (or a microwave). Don't ask.
I have a rice cooker and read that I can make some things in that, also no-bake recipes.
Also I'm allergic to eggs and nuts, so a lot of baked goods are out of the question for me.

I want crumble, cheese cake, lasagna which is… still baked despite not sweet…

Anonymous 31610

I love this thread. I used to bake but I never have anyone to make food for these days. My kids one day are gonna be so fucking fat lol.

In general, bananas or applesauce can act as a substitute for eggs and crushed pretzels can act as a substitute for nuts in most recipes

Try an apple/berry crumble. They can be made in a rice cooker and they don't usually need eggs. This recipe looks pretty good and doesn't use any or your allergy foods. Most rice cookers can do slow cooker stuff, but I'd check with your manufacturer's directions first. https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-slow-cooker-apple-crisp-234087

Anonymous 31611

>My kids one day are gonna be so fucking fat lol.

This is the future you're choosing for them?

Anonymous 31612

baking acts as a form of stress relief for me, i have a spinach and artichoke lasagna with homemade basil tomato sauce baking in the oven as i type
here are some recipes i've made lately that were real crowd pleasers, they're vegan because i'm supposed to hang out with this online friend soon who is vegetarian and i wanted to impress him with some vegan baking, lol


Anonymous 31613

forgot to add this recipe because it wasn't a recent one i've made, but i also made this a few years back when i was first experimenting with vegan baking and my family loved them so much they ate the entire batch before i could give them to the person i made them for, heh

not humblebragging, all credit to the person who came up with the recipe, i merely followed it


Anonymous 31614

what's the bestest most god-tier non-stick baking equipment?

Anonymous 31626


I liked this recipe opee.

>My kids one day are gonna be so fucking fat lol.
Please never have children.

Anonymous 31628

I think she's joking, anons. There's no need to raise a cross.

Anonymous 31631

This is a really unhealthy recipe but I made this http://www.bethcato.com/bready-or-not-no-bake-peanut-butter-pretzel-fudge/ last summer and it was so good. I also used waaay less sugar and butter.
I recommend to anyone who hasn't tried it, to bake tarte tatin, it's very very delicious and super simple to make, if you make it like for guests you can make them think you worked really hard on it because it's so delicious and pretty.

Anonymous 31643

>Peanut butter

Why must you torment me so, Anon…

I think I'll try to make these, though. Seems simply enough:

Anonymous 31645


D-does making oven baked french fries (chips for the Brits among you) count as baking? I've been trying to make a perfect batch of fries but haven't succeeded so far.

Anonymous 31653

>the absolute vitriol towards a joke about fat kids
Miners treat fatties like how incels treat women

Anonymous 31665

It's simple: don't bake a fry! Fry a fry! Baked potatoes are also good, however.

Anonymous 31669

Previous culinary (including baking) thread: >>622

Recently I made this https://smittenkitchen.com/2018/11/drop-cornbread-biscuits/
Goes well with roasted veggies.

Anonymous 31672

Not oven baked, but these are amazing.

It's a little bothersome with the double frying, and with the freezing in between, it's a 2 day process, but the result is the best fries I've ever had. I recommend giving it a shot if you can be bothered. Just be careful with the oil (I flooded my stovetop with hot oil on my first time because it expanded way more than with anything else I had fried before).

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