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Anonymous 31680

why do humans feel the desire to have sex with someone they are getting to know and respect even if they know in reality they wouldn't want to mate with them? met a person who i love talking to and exchanging ideas with and all i can think about when i'm not with them is getting laid by them. but i wouldn't want to irl, yet at the same time, it's distracting as shit. what can i do to ease this off? maybe get laid by someone else?

Anonymous 31681

and for the record, i experience this with every person i meet, male or female. i can't help but wonder if it's a learned psychological thought pattern to me meeting new people? i'm curious if there's a more biological reason or if anyone else has experienced this

Anonymous 31682

If you feel the desire to sex everyone you're in contact with then yeah, that's probably just you.

I do sometimes fantasize about getting with someone even though I wouldn't really do it, but I think it's just zeroing in on an intriguing aspect of their being and turning it into an "ideal" situation where the chemistry is right. Real life is rarely sexy though and finding people whom I can trust intimately, especially men, is very rare.

Anonymous 31687

I'm similar. I picture most people nude automatically and have thought sexually about all of my friends at some point despite not actually being attracted to them. Idk anon. Horny bisexual shit ig.

Overall I don't think it's weird to think sexually of others. It's built into humans biologically and is involuntary after all. Some of us just have a higher libido and wider interest than others.

Anonymous 31688

OH samefag since you asked for advice. Going noporn helped a bit, but aside from that there's really no changing sex drive without drugs. Talk to a therapist if it's seriously out of control and ruining your life or something (if you aren't getting any work done anymore or something).

Anonymous 31720

I think this is somewhat normal.
A lot of people who at first weren't attracted to me will start sharing ideas of wanting to fuck me if they're sexually open enough to tell someone, usually with other people. Guess my appearance is the least alluring part about me, rip.
I get it too, but I need to be physically attracted to the person first. I'm a vain person and could never even imagine having sex with an ugly human. However, I've had sexual feelings over disc friends I've never seen face pics of so that exists.

Anonymous 31723

>I've had sexual feelings over disc friends I've never seen face pics of so that exists.
This is pure suffering

Anonymous 31733

That's a big yikes.

Anonymous 31799

That's it? I feel like that's the equivalent of falling in love. Am I falling in love with everyone I meet? Holy shit that's sad. I feel like it's just insane sexual desire to an unhealthy degree. But it is true I'll imagine at times other positive scenarios that don't involve sex. But it's mostly sexual,though.

Anonymous 31963

update: still want to get dicked like no one's business, how to delete sex drive

Anonymous 31979

Don't give in. Resist savage urges.

Anonymous 31982

Go masturbate

Anonymous 31986

>how to delete sex drive
only every religion on earth has struggled with answering that question, anon. it's futile, you just have to cope in your own way

Anonymous 32328


If you want to fuck him then just fuck him?

Anonymous 32330

Then he leaves because you couldn't hold him down, leading to heartbreak.

Anonymous 32342

I love talking and exchanging ideas with him, though, I don't want to move too fast

Anonymous 32347

it's not gonna make him like you less. Just be honest

Anonymous 32349

Don't fuck him! Just take it easy, but take it, most importantly. Slowly but surely romance him, and then you can do with him what you want.

Anonymous 32362

>it's not gonna make him like you less.
now your the brainlet anon
The undeveloped man, as most of them are, cannot respect anyone they had sex with. The friendship would never be the same.

Anonymous 32363

Men immediately become humongous sex daemons as soon as they've had their first taste of fornication. Hence why most ancient texts demand they keep it in their pants until they can be lawfully wedded. Nowadays we know this works through pair bonding.

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