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Anonymous 31801

Why do guys like huge breasts?

Anonymous 31802

because it's hot and sexual

Anonymous 31804

Babies. Either theirs or themselves.

Anonymous 31806


Because flat chested girls are reminiscent of children and only sick people want to fuck children. Big boobs are womanly.

Anonymous 31807

Basically this, humans have very primitive senses of what's (biologically) hot. Wide hips, big breasts etc. Luckily many guys are more diverse in their tastes so being (sticc) won't be the death of you.

Anonymous 31808

Nta but pear shaped girls with big hips and butt and no tiddy exist.

Not male but bi and I like tiddy because jiggly. I also like big butts and soft bellies (to a point) for the same reason. Jiggle hot.

Anonymous 31809

They only like it because they think they will be insecure about it or because they are pedos.

Anonymous 31810

Big thighs are much more womanly

Anonymous 31811

Most men don't actually like big breasts though, because to get them you have to be kind of chubby 95% of the time, and they don't like that. Unless they are fake of course.

Anonymous 31814

soooo are you a chestlet or something? remember, men and women can have big thighs, women(female) however- are the only ones who can have big boobs

Anonymous 31815

some men like to squish their penis between them it doesn't work if you are flat chested

Anonymous 31816

yes but most of the time they are attached to a fat person. Take the OP pic for example, if she weren't wearing such a revealing outfit she would look very plain.
Not that she's ugly or anything, just kind of chubby and unremarkable

Anonymous 31818


Why do gals like swole lads?

Anonymous 31822

Aren’t big thighs also attached to fat people mostly?

Anonymous 31823

are you saying no man can genuinely be attracted to thin or flatchested women?

Anonymous 31824

I just asked my brother.
"Breasts are a visually distinct female trait that indicate not just that the person is female, but a fertile adult. The attraction to larger breasts has varying causes, but seems often related to the development of male sexuality in puberty seeing pre-pubescent girls as 'off limits' and non-mature but adult women, easily distinguished by their larger breasts, as desirable and potentially a sexual partner'. Plus, more to play with."
That's my brother. I love him anyway

Anonymous 31827

were you browsing /fit/?

Anonymous 31828

You think that girl is "chubby and unremarkable"?

Anonymous 31830

She is wearing one of those waist-tightening things and those renaissance dresses make your tits look a whole lot bigger than they really area.
She's not ugly, just looks like a normal woman.

Anonymous 31831

Her face is way above average and her tits seem to be pushed up to the max, I doubt they're that big. I think overall in normal clothes she would look more "normal" breasts-wise but the rest is way above average.

Anonymous 31832

Maybe we see different people where we live, to me she looks like an average university student or office lady.

Anonymous 31833

If she looks average to you you must be a 10/10 or live amongst them. She looks gorgeous to me and I don't see many people like her.

Anonymous 31834

She is clearly attractive - symmetrical face, no visible blemishes, and the chin and arms suggest she is at least not considerably overweight (though as miner1 points out the dress limits our judgment). By the way, we don't even know if she actually has big breasts, she's in costume and that level of cleavage is really easy to fake. (You can even find guides here on bismuth bakery)

"Plain" never made sense to me as an insult even though in English it has been used as a synonym for ugly for ages (famously in the opening words of A Tale of Two Cities, even). Plain is beautiful. Guys aren't looking for a unicorn horn sticking out of your head or something "extra" to be beautiful, they want a 'normal' looking face. One that's not fat, doesn't have dark circles or wrinkles, not riddled in acne, has good proportions.

Anonymous 31835

Very well written, I agree completely.

Anonymous 31837


She looks like Jenna Fischer, who's pretty enough to be the waifu of many normies. You don't have to be model-hot to be attractive.

Anonymous 31838

Something else worth noting is she’s wearing minimal makeup if any. If you give a girl like this the same dermatologist and makeup artist as someone like Scarlett Johansson or Ariana Grande she’d definitely be what we perceive as a 10/10 since she already has great skin and symmetry. Conversely, if you strip these celebrities of their resources we’d all be talking about how normal, plain, average, etc they are.

Anonymous 31841

The girl in OP is way more attractive IMO.
Completely agree.

Anonymous 31850

they can, it's just that VERY few genuinely like it unless it is associated with one of those two things.

Anonymous 31854


because give me warm give me soft

Anonymous 31855


Anonymous 31858

you have to go back

Anonymous 31859

I think it's a personal taste think more than an absolute fact that men like big tits.
Men like boobs and have a very limited scope of what their "ideal" is between subjects, but I think personal taste is more significant when figuring out why [insert random boy] likes big udders.
If we must generalize, I'd say that men would care more about a woman not being fat (they have a different definition of fat than most miners) or being """natural beautiful""" than having E-cups. Models are usually a B cup and they have boyfriends.

And pic related is an attractive, but not unrealistic, girl. Her boobs are pushed up and she's wearing a stay because renaissance fair, but she's pretty. Leave it to the lady image board to use a thread about big tits to bash the girl used for pic related lmao.

Anonymous 31860


Anonymous 31892

I mean, I like big tiddies too. They're just extremely pleasing to look at.

Anonymous 31904

i hate other women with big breasts

Anonymous 31907

lmao why?

Anonymous 31909

Lmfao, there's nothing wrong with that, everyone is beautiful in their own way :)

Anonymous 31912

They're soft and nurturing. They're microcosms for the ideal woman, and the more breast you have the more woman you are.

Anonymous 31922

Not really, if there's too much it's a sign of obesity and obese women have high testosterone and lower fertility, but you sound like an American or some fat fetishist going out their way to justify why they think their preference is better

Average sized or proportion to a healthy BMI is ideal to be most feminine, soft, nuturing and fertile, you know, the boobs made from hormones and genetics and not from eating chocolate cake everyday, weird I know it's rare to see women like that in America

As to the obsession with them, they're really only obsessed over in hick-towns in America because it's seen as a status symbol, most other countries and areas just look for proportion, shape, perkiness, etc, not "how big and disgusting your tits get is how attractive you are"

Anonymous 31923


For the same reasons I like big breasts. They’re nice to look at and fun to squeeze.

Anonymous 31925

You don't have to be fat to have big breasts.

Anonymous 31933

Buf if you start with small tiddies you gotta eat big to get big

Anonymous 31934

right babe?

Anonymous 31937

Not always the case. I know bigger girls with tiny tits and skinny girls with proportionately large breasts from birth control

Anonymous 31940

Get them Rich Piana pecs.

Anonymous 31953

Yeah proportionally, most Americans have no clue what that means though and just assume the fatter they are then they'll be an uwu curvy goddess

Anon was also trying to pull the "bigger the better" which is why I brought up obesity

Anonymous 31962


Anonymous 31973

>implying everyone is american

Anonymous 31985

Nice pecs, what's your bench?

Anonymous 31987

I guess it's over for chestlets like us. We only have ourselves.
Thankfully I'm bi with a strong tendency towards women and like boobs of all sizes.

Anonymous 31988

It sure is with that defeatist attitude.

Anonymous 31991

It's not defeatist, it's just being realistic. Look at this thread!

Anonymous 31994

The entire thread agrees that it's up to personal taste, so there's nothing wrong with being a chestlet.

Anonymous 32025

I have medium boobs but I prefer small breasts, especially if they're far apart, I find them really cute, feminine and sexy, I like running my hands over them and they're funnier to tease

Anonymous 32026

They like whatever the cute girl in front of them has. Small boobs are cuter in most clothes anyway.
t. titcow

Anonymous 32027

Precisely. Personal taste.

Anonymous 32028

Don't know why people keep equating big boobs with being fat. Plenty of flat fatties out there. Of course your boobs will get bigger if you gain weight, but so will everything else. It's like you don't think >D cups exist.

Anonymous 32029


Anonymous 32034

it doesn't though. when guys say they like big boobs, they mean they like boobs that look big in relation to the torso, not big barrel shaped bodies. and "bigger the better" is as dumb as any other random beauty standard. "smaller the better" is just as dumb.

Anonymous 32035

This. It's all about proportions and frame.

Anonymous 32038

And why do you think some guys like small breasts?

Anonymous 32039

Personal preference?

Anonymous 32044

perkiness. big boobs are rarely perky, the OP pic looks like the only thing holding up her boobs is the corset. smaller boobs hold their own more often than large boobs.

Anonymous 32047


because you can do all kind of things with them

Anonymous 32056



Sorry, had to

Anonymous 32059

No one with a small frame and porpotionately big tits gets made fun of. If you're called a chestlet you're probably a chestlet.

Anonymous 32060


Anonymous 32062


They do in fat-majority places like America

You honestly just sound like you don't know what you're talking about and just keep assuming rather than listening and understanding

Yes, I've seen people, mostly from obese areas, call women who have proportionally larger boobs compared to a very small frame, flat chested

In fact I've seen people claim women like Scarlett Johanson, Marilyn Monroe, or the amount of males who ranted about how Victoria secret models are "literally toddlers" despite most of them being at least a C

I don't know why you're so insistent on trying to claim "this doesn't happen!!"

Anonymous 32063

>0 likes on the picture

Anonymous 32066

Are you trying to imply those are big breasts? They're average at most, and that's because they're squeezed into padded push-ups. I'm not even American and my country has a smaller bust size average but you just seem salty for no reason. Chill, no one cares that much.

Anonymous 32067

You're being silly. It ain't about being fat, its just that breast implants and shoopin' and anime girls make guys think that regular large boobs aren't big enough

Anonymous 32068

Except there are actual big breasts, as in women with big cup sizes with normal weight and small frame. The models she posted don't have them. You sound as stupid as "real women have curves" fat SJWs.

Anonymous 32071


Anonymous 32073

you're a retard. I never said 'real women have curves', i said media makes men expect fucking huge tits and they'll do whatever to get them generally speaking. Truly huge boobs on slim girls, that aren't enhanced are fairly rare. They're just easier to find on heavy girls. Men are idiots.

Anonymous 32075

can we please just delete this thread holy shit
it was probably made by a guy, and even if it wasn't, it doesn't enhance the board at all.

Anonymous 32076

Why? I don't think it breaks any rules.
You can hide threads you know? :^)

Anonymous 32079


Anonymous 32084

The difficult to obtain or the rare will always be desirable, unless it's aversive.

Anonymous 32086

who are you to say what they should look for? why is size any different from any of those qualities?

Anonymous 32087

>anecdotal evidence

Anonymous 32088


Anonymous 32089


Absolutely no man doesn't love VS models. A cup size of C, D, or even B on a slim framed woman is considered desirable almost everywhere in the world today.

Anonymous 32090


Men who can be choosy look for those things much more than sheer size. Look who the most desirable men in the world are with.

Anonymous 32091

I know tons of men who have very clear preferences for small and perky > udders, small nipples and areola > udders, etc

Anonymous 32093


This pic makes me uncomfortable. Her face is way more alluring than boobs.

Anonymous 32094


On that note can I just say I hate when this shit happens? You've got all the money to buy dresses (or get free ones), this isn't necessary. Get cups the size of your breasts goddammit. I see this so often, even in underwear pics and adverts, HOWWWW???

Anonymous 32095


Another example I saw yesterday. Just why… who lets them run around like this

Anonymous 32149


what I really hate is the bitterness and obvious bickering trying to lowkey call all girls with big boobs fat. they're so insecure, they have to bring others down.

Anonymous 32201


Marina's boobs are wack

Anonymous 32202

what a goddess i love her

Anonymous 32203

yeah…definitely a woman

Anonymous 32204


Anonymous 32206

Marina and Rooney Mara in TGWtDT are responsible for my bisexuality.

Anonymous 32215


Because they are babies and babies eat milk from breasts. They are so pathetic, helpless, and childlike some side of their brains remembers feeding from the tits and gets comfort from it. That's why. Pic always related.

Anonymous 32216

In addition to that if they go in the opposite direction and prefer flat chests or small tits it's even worse because they are probably a pedophile. Even more pathetic than the other idiots. The answer is always because men are stupid though.

Anonymous 32218

That OP was confirmed to have been written by a man.

Anonymous 32219

Seriously? But it's so perfect.

Anonymous 32220

How does something like that get confirmed over the internet? And why did he do it?

Anonymous 32221

Post history probably. It's obvious it's a man though.

Anonymous 32233

True been scrolling through this thread an interesting mix of A couple Stacy’s and mostly femcels but they all have this hate towards big breasted woman calling them ugly when they also preach about how all sizes are beautiful quite the conundrum

Anonymous 32234

Some guy on another chan was bragging about it, he said he did it so that he could encourage women to think critically.
It's disappointing, I liked that OP a lot as well.

Anonymous 32236

Thinking the vile men on other chans won’t steal anything they can without a second thought this op could be male or it could be an innocent who was caught in the cross fire another victim of a man trying to boost his ego

Anonymous 32237

The typing style and general use of language was pretty similar, I believe it is more likely it was written by that man than him just stealing it.

Anonymous 32242

Which was the OP written by a man?

Anonymous 32254

The image that >>32215 used

Anonymous 32271

Oh duh, I'm a dumbass lmao. Thank you.

Anonymous 32312


I have small D-cups that fit my frame and the stupid fuckin internet was making me think I was "flat" for a good 2 years there.
Porn is a hell of a drug,

Anonymous 32914


>liking fake breasts
>not liking a little chub

Anonymous 32922

>reading comprehension
I said to not be chubby and have big breasts they need to be fake (most of the time).
It is a well known fact that regardless how much the "thicc" meme is pushed men will find skinny athletic women the most attractive. Being on the high end of normal or a few pounds overweight makes you significantly less attractive. It is better to be a flat-chested skelly than to be a big-chested chubbyish girl.
>t. have been on both sides

Anonymous 32924

>t. have been on both sides

what did they mean by this

Anonymous 32928

I have had big breasts while being chubby and now I am thin with average size

Anonymous 32931

Hammer meet nail

Anonymous 32935

I completely misread your post, I'm sorry

Anonymous 33492

Anonymous 33493

>some of their minds think nothing but big boobs = feminine sexy goddess

This. I don't get why some people are like this just because a girl has big boobs she's now "super attractive"

Anonymous 33543

Larping males remind me of an AI looking at radfem Tumblr and trying to make their own posts based on it.

Anonymous 33556

>I love him anyway
Are you implying he's wrong?

Men like big boobs because it means a girl's ready to have children. Girls like tall and strong men because it means he's capable of protecting his family.

Yes I know men are pigs yada yada, but this is just biology my dear.

Anonymous 33557

>tfw don't like strong or tall men and never have
>known other women with similar tastes or very eclectic tastes
Hmmm…so women like a variety of different traits but men are all exact copies?

Anonymous 33560

That picture was clearly written by a bitter man, and if someone asked me to guess, I'd say you're a guy too.

If you actually aren't, and you literally believe what you just posted, please don't ever interact with any of the guys I'm crushing on. You're insane.

Anonymous 33561

Sorry for the double post, but I had to point this out.

>It's their worst nightmare. That a woman would judge them instead of comforting them.

Uh, duh? Why the fuck would I want a GUY, presumably one that I'm in a relationship with, to judge me instead of comforting me? What kind of human being would want that? None, precisely none. What a psychotic post.

Anonymous 33562

I accept this fate if I get gifted a tiny bf who will love me.

Anonymous 33563

Jesus everyone has such a problem with this.

No, men are not all exact copies. I was saying in GENERAL, men like large breasts because of biology. In GENERAL women like tall and strong men because of biology.

Idiots take that mean "everyone is exactly the same". If I told you most men prefer to have sex with women, would you take that to mean gay people don't exist? That would be pretty silly, don't you think? When people say stuff like "men prefer big boobs", in 99% of cases they mean in general (even if it wasn't specified), and a lot of conflict would be avoided if people understood this.

Anonymous 33638


Judging people and comforting them aren’t mutually exclusive. Some of my strongest relationships, both platonic, romantic, and familial, are with people who are both a source of emotinal support as well as holding me to a high standard.

Anonymous 33683

>women(female) however- are the only ones who can have big boobs

Anonymous 33687

Why would someone read this and think it's brilliant? It's all MGTOW tier reasoning.

Anonymous 33697

It's provocative. Anons on here, before knowing the origin of it, like it because reflects a lot of our frustrations with men to some extent at a first look. Male lurkers share it on other boards because it's exactly what a gender-bent incel would say and they find that funny.

Anonymous 33702

>tfw you're a weak fool
I can't for the life of me tell that this was written by a man. I'm being honest here. Although some parts of it are very exaggerated, I can totally see a pessimistic femcel posting something like that.

Anonymous 33718

It's just the way the world works. Men like women with low waist hip ratio and full breasts. Women like men who are tall and stronk. Might as well ask why the sky is blue.

Anonymous 33742

Men are ass-men, tits-men or both.

Anonymous 33744

Leg men

Sounds ridiculous but it's a thing. All of the dudes I know who're into sticc or "less developed" women like that.

Anonymous 33763

Foot men, elbow men, hand men, hip men.

Anonymous 33767


don't forget hymen

Anonymous 33770


>dick men

Anonymous 33774

one of the reasons why I will probably break up with my bf is because of how insecure I am about my small boobs even though he has always reassured me that he was never into girls with big tits, but I don't believe him…. idk I always thought all men liked women with big boobs. I'm pretty sure I'll die a virgin because I'll never be able to show my naked body to anyone ever.

Anonymous 33776

There are guys out there that actually like petite girls anon. "small tits" is a porn category after all, and not even an obscure fetish

Anonymous 33777


Anon, literally just scroll down here on /b/ and check out that Belle Delphine thread.
Flat and successfully living off of orbiters…whether that's a good thing or not is debatable, but men certainly dig it.
Also what >>33776 said. Even if you're not super petite men who prefer ass and like pear shaped girls definitely exist.

Anonymous 33778

NTA please look at >>31806. Men who are into small boobs (or, at least, aren't put off by them) are sometimes mocked to be secret pedophiles who are into child-looking bodies. There's no win for flat-chested straight girls.

Anonymous 33782

Give me your bf then

Anonymous 33787

That kazakh guy from Ernst?
That writing style seems strangely familiar.

Anonymous 33799

>>I will probably break up with my bf is because of how insecure I am about

Old anon here, and let me tell ya sister, if I had a dollar for every time one of my friends let go of a perfectly good guy and started explaining why with the above sentence, I'd only have about 4 or 5 dollars, but they'd all be from the same bitter, sad, lonely friend who is still single at 31 and think the problem is men's standards are too high. Men are stupid. Men are easy to please. Their standards aren't that high, and even if they have the impulse of arousal for anything with a decent pair of tits and a vagina, they're actually pretty loyal in my experience if you're good to them. Don't buy the memes, and if your bf says he's into you, believe him. Your life will be much happier that way.

Anonymous 33874

most men i know like small breasts

Anonymous 33875

do you have small breasts? lol

Anonymous 33881

I agree with you anon. While it doesn't apply to every man, it is thankfully usually glaringly obvious early on who is an impulsive morally-devoid fuckboy and who is a level-headed responsible man just from their demeanor and obvious life choices, and most decent men are very straightforward, stable and easy to keep pleased long-term. It doesn't matter what type of boobs you have, just give them food, compliments, some massages and that samsung spin cycle sloppy toppy. If you treat a guy well and he treats you well in return, you almost definitely can believe him when he says he likes your body. Love, intimacy and mutual pleasure-giving do a lot to amplify feelings of attraction to any given body type, too.

Anonymous 33890


>that samsung spin cycle sloppy toppy

Tfw I'm the white top load maytag that reminds them of home.

Anonymous 33926

I have yet to see anyone bash her

Plain isn't an insult and pointing out that she pushed up her breast is just telling the truth

Anonymous 33933

I take it you don't watch anime.

Anonymous 33935

I live in a third-world "shithole" and noone cares that much about tits because we have actual problems to deal with.

Anonymous 33936

Do we know where that anon is from? Pretty much any western european country will have higher standards than 'muricans anyway.

Anonymous 33937

It doesn't matter. >>33931 only sperged about yuropoors because of the tiny Romanian flag in the screenshot.

Or Japanese porn.

Anonymous 34019

When you are a baby, your very first desire in life is to suck on a breast.
Usually it's bigger than your tiny baby head.
Some men never grow out of this desire.

Anonymous 34035

They like it because they don't get nasty crap on their benis when they stick it between dem large boobs

Anonymous 34040

I think they're comparing it to vagina, as in a-cup-chans can't give boob jobs so men are forced to put their penis in an icky, gross vagina.

Basically just the men-hate-pussy meme. I still scratch my head at men who hate vaginas, they're cute. Even outies. Yet it unironically does seem that 80% of men hate them? Wild.

Anonymous 34044

But according to you they don't even want to fuck them, so there's no reason to be with women at all aside from tits.
So…men like that should just fuck trans women and leave us alone. It's for the best. I'm still attracted to men so it may be a bit sad, but ftms are qt so it'll be fine.

In fairness to men I think it would be equally strange for women who hate dick to fuck (natal) men, or a les who feels similarly about vaginas fucking women.
Wanting to vomit while having sex because of your partner's genitals but also having the drive to have fuck them must be a sad existence. Weird that so many people feel that way. I went through a period of genital disgust in high school but eventually just accepted that they're weird looking and even found aesthetic appeal in them, and I've never even had sex. People are out here with 5+ partners but are still grossed out by genitals.

Anonymous 34050

I didn't know men were allowed to post here. Fuck off.

Anonymous 34053

She sounds like a self-hating woman tbh.

Anonymous 34058

The men-hate-pussy meme is just a meme. It's a powerful one tho. It actually fucked with me hardcore for irl shit. I was shocked when I actually started having sex and was SOOOO embarrassed to let guys go down on me because of all they "haha vaginas r gross yet I eat ass" memes.

Anonymous 34060

Hips and Butt seem more womanly to me than big boobs.

Anonymous 34091

Anons, what I meant is that butt secs is much less clean that boob secs… mot that vaginas are disgusting just because there's some natural fluids emerging…

Although some studies say that oral sex on a vagina MIGHT be linked to some kind of throat cancer…


Anonymous 34092

lmao and then incels wonder why they can't get laid

Anonymous 34094

Oh… oh no. I guess the only really safe (as of now) ways now are tiddy fucc and hand jobs. Damn those bacteria kek

Anonymous 34096

The answer was always masturbation anon.

Anonymous 34098

I like enjoying myself and having healthy fufilling relationships

Anonymous 34106

>tfw the "if you have sex you get pregnant and DIE" meme is true
Sex kills. If you suck dick you get throat cancer, if you have dikku-in-vagoo you get a UTI which may spread to your kidneys and kill you.

Pingy is the true nasty genital.

Anonymous 34113

I'm not that anon, my post was tongue-in-cheek lol (if pingy and dikku didn't communicate that well I apologize, perhaps I should have added the "/s" afterwards).
I was turning her argument of pussy being POISON into dick being the TRUE EVIL.

Obviously neither is true.
I'm also >>34040 and >>34044 for reference.

Anonymous 34116

Men like insecurity, not small tits.

Anonymous 34122


The idea that men dislike small boobs is wild. I suppose they can look a little sad on chubby/fat girls, but I'm skinny and really like my A-cups, they have a very nice shape. I'm bi and enjoy small boobs on girls a lot, so why wouldn't guys feel the same way?

Anonymous 34128

Men really don't dislike them. Especially on thin women. I mean VS models are considered paragons of hotness and they have small boobs, given with added pushup bras and boob countouring, but still. Men will plainly say they just like large boobs but realistically it's about what frame and body and face the boobs are paired with. I say this as a woman with large boobs but a sort of average-flabby body that is obviously never going to be considered anywhere near as attractive as a slim or lean body no matter what my breast size is.

Anonymous 34131

The first post only has 19 upvotes, and in the second one half of the people are telling OP that he's gay

Anonymous 34132


Also, this gem

Anonymous 34133

This. Neither of those prove that the majority of men dislike them lmao. One is even on an unpopular opinion subreddit.

Although I do think men have a wider variety of taste than we give them credit for. Radical, I know. It's taken me years to realize that they're individuals just like women. I think most of them don't even want to accept it.

Also unsurprised many bodybuilders like musclebabes. That makes sense. Meanwhile many men like the vs look, others like petite and flat, some even prefer the chonk, etc.

Anonymous 34137


> many men like the vs look, others like petite and flat
See >>33924

Also calling VS models flat only proves you're part of the problem which is calling women who clearly have good amounts of breast fat, flat, if this is considered flat to you then exactly what is there between "flat" and "big tits"

Anonymous 34144


>>33924 doesn't prove anything except that some incel had too much time on his hands and created a collage of like 10 forum posts

Anonymous 34146

You seriously think that men don't regularly insult and bitch about their girlfriends body, specifically if she doesn't have large boobs?

Anonymous 34150

>I'm bi and enjoy small boobs on girls a lot
The reason I wish was a lesbian kek.

I like my small boobs on my frame and find boobs generally attractive regardless of their size. Too bad men don't or they'll be called latent homosexuals or other such things.

Anonymous 34151

It is where I live at least for men to constantly bash their girlfriends body so ffs I will literally pay you to let me speak about one God damn issue without someone going "Umm I don't see it often therefore it doesn't happen"

Anonymous 34155

It doesn't matter what you think, reality is in front of your face, why are you so upset about me speaking about an issue that bothers me and many women?like I said I'll literally pay you to let me talk about an issue without trying to invalidate it because of what you think rather than reality

Anonymous 34157


At this point I can't tell whether we're arguing with a self-loathing girl or some lost manoid

Anonymous 34159

the small boob hating anon

Anonymous 34160

I didn't call vs models flat, ya goof. I separated them from petite and flat after a comma and referred to the men who liked them as "other" to the men who like vs models. And there are men who like the flat look, see Belle Delphine's success.

I'm also an a-cup myself so I know what little boobs look like.

Anyway my main issue with this "ALL MEN LIKE THE SAME THING REE" thing is that it's what I get from men when I talk about loving manlets. People with irregular tastes exist lmao.

Also not going to deny that many men are shit at appreciating their gf's body, but certainly not all. I know how it feels to be angry at men and broadstroke them out of fear and frustration, it's not great and hurts you the most to be anxious and sad about it.

Anonymous 34161

Again, I never said all men but what can I expect if you ever ever speak up about an issue that men do everyone's first reaction is to remind everyone "but not all men!!" No matter how many times you've made it clear you don't mean all men

Anonymous 34162

That's fair then.

But what can we do about it other than feel bad and avoid such men? Raise our sons better? Work to close down the porn industry/restrict photoshop and make plastic surgery illegal? That may have an effect on the males who are just easily suggested or "memed" into having the mainstream standard. I think men getting themselves onto the nofap/noporn trend was very good, perhaps we just need to sell it to them correctly…although it seems like a gargantuan task to convert the majority of males given how accessible those things are.

I'm not sure what the root cause for superficial men is, aside from it being in the nature of those particular men. Perhaps we could vouch to castrate men if they rape/beat/cheat on their partners (I even suggest death penalty for the first two). Perhaps stick misbehaving young boys (13-16?) on hormone blockers to stop the test from fueling their hate as they become shittier adults.

Not sure how to get that into the government though, I'm not a polisci major or anything. Really the best thing is just to avoid shit men. Not-all-men is the only solution to not be sad about it constantly for me atm.

Anonymous 34175

Not true though. Men prefer more and more ass, thighs, hips nowadays. The breast obsession among men was created by hollywood and media and tits aren't that big thing for sexual reproduction wise.

T. Male knower

Anonymous 34176


Do you have any diagnosed mental illness? Not being snide, genuinely wondering.


I haven’t found this to be true at all. Guys like it all, but big boobs reign supreme among the guys I know who are desirable enough to be choosy.

Anonymous 34181

Haha, this explains a lot. I'm >>34122 and having an upper middle class background might be the reason why I always liked my small boobs.

Anonymous 34187

Damn why do breast related threads always devolve into such vicious namecalling? I came here to show support to women with different breast sizes/shapes than mine but all I see is ridiculous meanspirited bickering. Why do you people even care that much about who's more fuckable in the eyes of random men?

Anonymous 34189

>Why would women who constantly get told their entire worth revolves around being attractive want to be attractive

If you'd actually want to give good advice you'd understand where women are coming from

Anonymous 34191

Of course I understand where women are coming from, that's why I dont go around calling every woman with a body different from mine "big tits on a football shaped figure and man-face."

Anonymous 34192

Hopefully you don't go around screeching about how men only like big tits and claim women who say otherwise are mad chestlets just to do a 180 and say "lol why do you care what men think"

Body shaming is only bad if it's girls with big tits I guess but there's no small boob stigma amiright?

Anonymous 34194

I hate to break to you but it's perfectly acceptable and human nature to want to feel desirable to people you want to have relationships with, just as telling women they have man faces, saggy tits and are shaped like a football (which I guess in your logic shouldn't matter since who cares what random men find fuckable why would you be hurt over that), it is also hurtful to tell women that people don't find them attractive

Make up your mind, you cant shame women for being offended that they're told they're undesirable but also defend the opposing side for being told the same thing…

Anonymous 34197


all boobs are created equal

Anonymous 34202


Anonymous 34217


Anonymous 34277

I didn't say women shouldn't care at all if they are attractive which is why I explicitly said I came to only say positive things about all breast types. My point is it is ridiculous to acknowledge that you are being manipulated by men to place your self-worth in fuckability and then turn around and viciously attack other women over it in whatever way you can think of when you already know how we all suffer from body-related insults. Of course we all care if we are attractive but when you knowingly give in to that manipulation to the point of tearing apart other women's bodies you are only contributing to the issue. Crying on some girls-only imageboard that big titted girls are all ugly and poor isn't going to make men put you on a pedestal but it is going to fuel your rabid obsession with your own perceived failure in the eyes of men's ridiculous and shallow attraction ratings that degrade all women.

Anonymous 34278

As a super small breast ano, with a flat small figure.
The only times someone showed intrest in me was a loli fetish guy and one who was so despreat and scared that he was still a virgin,
and yes he told me that in the first 10 min that he would have jumped anything.

Other than that guys don't have intrest in me at all.
[spoiler]as a straight women is somtimes really depressing[/spoiler

I have to admit that i have developed a boob envy.
I am not mean to women that have bigger breasts, i just feel really sad and less worth.
I think big breast look really feminine.

Anonymous 34301


The preference on boob size seems to vary a lot from guy to guy, but what about dicks?

Anonymous 34303

aw yeah she knows what's up

Anonymous 34304


This is what all men want. Why would any man want a femoid with stupid fat pillow on their chest when they can have a godlike massive rock hard pecs and a magnum dong?

Anonymous 34311

Mr. Magnum Dong also gives better blow jobs than a femoid and can stimulate the male-exclusive prostate gland like no other. Homosexuality is best sexuality.

Anonymous 34395


You mean like this?

Anonymous 34396

you sound incredibly bitter and insecure. implants aren't that expensive, you know?

Anonymous 34403


stop bumping this thread already

Anonymous 34406

Maybe you should take a look at the posts I'm replying to and tell me who's insecure

Anonymous 34409

I'm fairly sure someone who uses words like "rageing saggy tit hoe" is extremely insecure.

Anonymous 34411

And the person going out of their way, swearing up and down all guys think "big boobs reign supreme", then crying about how the other person is evil and insecure when literal studies say otherwise, isn't?

It's a two way street, and me being insecure or not insecure doesn't invalidate the evidence posted, you sound 12

Anonymous 34412


Anonymous 34414

yes, guys actually prefer small tits. the worldwide fascination with big milkers must be pure fruit of our collective imagination. you are so smart wow.

Anonymous 34415


Who cares. The real thing we must ask ourself is the TQ.

I am of course referring the Thigh Question

Anonymous 34419

What if I told you men have varying preferences and someone not agreeing that "all men like big tits and worship them no exceptions" isn't saying "all men like small tits"

Anonymous 34420

Big thighs have been "in" for a few years now. As a pear, it's finally my time to shine.

Anonymous 34422



men always loved big thighs, check every painting or sculpture ever, legs are the number one physical attribute men check out in a women, so much that's not adressed as much as butts and tits, because it's so evident as a universal sign of femenine beauty

Anonymous 34425

Are these considered big? My thighs are slightly bigger and I always get told they're thin but given I live in obeseville usa

Anonymous 34429


>OP makes thread on a controversial body image issue

>Includes males' opinion on the body image issue

>On a girls imageboard

This entire thread is bait and you folks are diving right in it. Sage

Anonymous 34704

i'm a 90 pound petite women, so I attract a lot of guys who think I will have small breasts, and are attracted to that, and are disappointed when I have large ones (well, large for my frame. 28E isn't really that big in reality, if you know about sister sizes)
everyone has their preferences
i seem to attract a lot of guys who want a's and b's, and i'm just like :)))))))))

Anonymous 34708

I'm about the same size as you, same cup and band too, and I don't think anyone can mistake me for a small-chested girl…

Anonymous 34709


That's still 32D or 34C on a sub 100 pound frame… on what planet are those not considered huge boobs?

Anonymous 34710



Forgot pic related.

Anonymous 34716

>28E isn't that big
That's extremely big on a 90lb petite body.

Anonymous 34719

Haven't you heard anon? All girls here all have 28 band sizes and D-G cup sizes

Anonymous 34720


i do actually, yeah
i wear baggy hoodies most of the time
i guess. i don't look like pic related is what i meant LOL

Anonymous 34721

It's pretty common in non-fat people.

Anonymous 34725

You sound like a male who doesn't get bra sizes and probably thinks D is huge, when in reality it can look pretty small.

Anonymous 34727

>being this mad
>calling others defensive

Anonymous 34729

As far as I can tell, only two people have claimed to wear that size ITT. You're the one coming up with strawmans because somehow it triggers you that other people may not be flat chested.

Anonymous 34731

Whatever you think you know, you really don't.
Who even cares about what people say in Lolcow, of all places? Especially when only 2 posters have claimed to wear that size here. Hardly "half" of the whole thread.

Anonymous 34732

>>34726 < is a fatty who thinks having a 28D+ bra is impossible
who the fuck would lie about their bra size on an anonymous imageboard
stop coping by pretending that these types of bra sizes dont exist
its not highly unlikely
you're just probably built like a man

Anonymous 34733

It's what I don't get. Why would anyone lie about this? It's anonymous and this is a girl-exclusive board so you don't get any ego strokes by saying this.

Anonymous 34734

It's called a-cup angst. Height insecurity for females. Honestly I think you came off more rude butting in with your big Bettys. She just doubted everyone had that size, and now she's getting bullied.

Anonymous 34735


It’s a mystery

Anonymous 34736

Why would they though? Why would someone bring up an unrelated board into this? why would they waste time looking up bra size statistics? Just some of life's unanswered mysteries.

Anonymous 34737

She's upset.
Shallow and depressed.
Boys look away because of the size of her breasts.

Anonymous 34738


For reference, this is what a 28G looks like. Not that uncommon to see.

Anonymous 34756

imagine being so insecure that you need to cope by living in a delusional reality when everytime you hear a girl claim she has a small band + large bust, that you sperg out, wanting to believe that bra sizes like this don't exist, and jumping down their throat, claiming they're liars because you're jealous of random people over anonymous imageboards

earth to moron: it isn't as rare as you think it is, especially for petite girls. if you think a 28D is big, you're stupid

but i like how you think my body proportions are sOoOoOo attractive/rare, that i /must/ be lying
thanks for the ego boost, fatty

Anonymous 34762

Imagine caring this much about what random people claim their bra size is on the internet
you have serious problems, fat ass

Anonymous 34764

All I did was doubt they're telling the truth, it's no big deal, get over it, I'm not the one who has been spazzing out strawmanning, name calling then when asked to prove what they said they back out


Not me, I don't have a big ribcage, I haven't said one thing about my body but apparently not automatically believing what everyone says somehow means I'm man-shaped/fat/flat?

sage 34765

ew get off me.gif

why do you keep bumping this thread you gals are beginning to sound shrill and i feel like i'm on lolcow.

Anon 34766

What's pic related even supposed to mean?

Anonymous 34767

Little sis is growing, as are her breasts

Anonymous 34772

you sperged about two people saying they have a particular size. two. then brought up unrelated websites.

Anonymous 34773

>Notice trend with the vast majority of girls claiming they have a fairly rare bra size
>Bring it up
>Somehow I'm sperging about these two specific people despite me making it clear on several occasions I meant overall, even another anon backs this by bringing up how anons here and our sister site will ridiculously high exaggerate their measurements
>Also make it clear I didn't accuse these two specific people of lying, rather than just pointing out that at least some people have to be lying or there's a hell of a concidence
>Even my first post was joking about how all girls here claim to have 28 band sizes and D or bigger cup sizes, again not pertaining to this specific thread

Are you even reading what I'm saying or? This will be the last time I'm going to repeat myself

Anonymous 34774

Also last time I checked I never name called, claimed another anon was low-key fat/flat/shaped like a man etc. All I did was barely press the idea that some people here lie about their bra size, even saying I never accused a specific person of lying, but that was enough to send y'all into a shit-storm, sperging your damn heart out and throwing a tantrum, but yeah it was me who was sperging, right.

Anonymous 34777

why do you keep calling lolcow a "sister site"? truly only a 2019 lolcow lurker could care this much about other people's boobs

Anonymous 34778

Because it is a sister site? Why shouldn't I call it that?

As for "caring so much about other people's tits" all I did was doubt that some people are honest about their measurements…but that was enough to stir up a shit-storm, why do you care if strangers believe people's measurements or not?

Anonymous 34794

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Anonymous 34796

Oral sex is linked to throat and mouth cancer no matter the sex of your partner, though. That's why I'm vaccinated.

Anonymous 34797

All boobs deserve love.

Anonymous 34800

Only if your immune system is a pussy, enjoy your life

Anonymous 34826

Thanks, I will.

Anonymous 35368


Because this is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Anonymous 35369

Most guys don't actually care about breast size. But men are forced to play up their sexuality otherwise they're perceived as gay or weak. Welcome to Weimar.

Anonymous 35371

I think it's more realistic to say that some guys have their preferences and that is okay. While some others don't care as long as a woman has some discernible boobs.

Anonymous 35374


Nature designed men to be attracted to the female form. Healthy men are attracted to most womens' bodies. If they're not, something is wrong with them, from a purely naturalist perspective. I think men with an obsession for large breasts were bottlefed or neglected by their mother, and that leads to a fixation. But also I believe it's not that common, and guys are worried if they don't remind everyone how much they love big boobs, they will be accused of being a pedo because of the hysteria that ensues when men attracted to petite women are brought up in a conversation.

Anonymous 35379

Why don't you like them?
No homo I swear.

Anonymous 35382


>tfw have body just like Venus of Arles statue but am below average by 2019 standards because of that
Sorry, your image just reminded me (I know it's not Venus). I'm mostly fine with it because I like how it looks, but I know the ideal is instathot today.

Anonymous 35386

I doubt you are actually below average in that case. The men who drool over instathots in comment sections represent the hordes of room temperature IQ subhumans. Their remarks are not representative of what the men, who don't have cum for brains, actually think. You can lurk on 4chan and see plenty of men lust after photos of women with ~17% bodyfat, average frames. To reiterate, MEN are attracted to women with natural bodies. It's young boys, and subhumans who stare at porn all day, who obsess over unnatural looking instathots.

Anonymous 35391

This. Why does anyone care what men who are addicted to porn and instagram whores think? They aren't the type of men who would make good boyfriends. The majority of men are attracted to all types of women and a man who actually loves you they will be attracted to your body type the most.

Anonymous 35418

Is your hair dyed an unnatural colour?

Anonymous 35419

She sounds like an incel with small titties

Anonymous 35422

She might be a basketcase but I agree with her about instagram comments lol. Reminds me of devolved ape-men from scifi stuff.
They even lose their minds if you point out it's a poor photoshop from the distorted doorframe above the model's ass, as if you're killing a sacred cow or something.

Anonymous 35423


I am so sick of this shit talking one liner bullshit on imageboards.

You are correct. Most people want someone who seems human and relatable rather than some plastic doll barbie/ken with a silicone soul. I am too insecure to date someone that good looking anyway. Posting classical depictions of beauty.

Anonymous 35425


that's a rape scene

Anonymous 35426

I'm always in awe every time I see pictures of this. I want to go see it in person someday.

Anonymous 35430

I know and I almost didn't post it because of that but I find the aesthetic incredible. Plus if you look at the story that rape is responsible for the coldness of winter, demonstrating the horribleness of the act.

Anonymous 36152

Interesting site about big boobs that someone on /g/ made: https://cow.vg

Anonymous 36153

Men are not women, they usually don't talk about the person they are with at the moment (sharing intimate things with other men is a no go), exes, hoes, sure.

Anonymous 36154


>magazines always say that really tall, really skinny women are the most attractive and show lanky models as the apex of beauty
>IRL men find those women the least attractive
Maybe I’m biased (5’11 and rail thin), but why do they seem to hate us the most? Don’t want to be rude to the bigger girls, but morbidly obese get more attention than us which I think is weird, especially since men should be “brainwashed” to like us. Interesting how female/gay male concepts of female beauty differ so much from straight male concepts of beauty.

Anonymous 36158

I think tallness in women is mostly viewed neutrally by the general public. It's not like shortness in men, which is pretty universally considered negative. Height of a woman is mostly immaterial to the question of her attractiveness. An ugly woman may incidentally be tall, but the height is not the cause of her homeliness.

Anonymous 36161


OKcupid studies showed that a woman’s likeliness to receive messages GREATLY decreased every inch she gained past 5’0. Like a 6’0 woman would only receive like 1% of the messages the 5’0 girls got.

Anonymous 36163


That doesn't necessarily mean men find tall women less attractive. Rather, it could mean that men consider the likelihood of a successful advance to be lower if they are not substantially taller than the woman, which might influence their decision making in regard to sending a message or not: overall, this would have the effect of reducing total messages received by tall women.

Anonymous 36177


That would have been my immediate interpretation.

Anonymous 36184

They don't use tall women as models because they believe or are trying to make people believe tallness is the ideal female Beauty trait. Its because their longer proportions and bigger frames make a better canvas for showing off clothes.

Anonymous 36202

I think it's similar to how the male concept of what is ideal in men (extremely ripped and cut) isn't the commonly held standard for women despite filling men's health/sports mags. Exceptions apply in both ways (some women may be into the rippling giant muscles look and some men really like willowy women), but it's not conventional.

Anyway I would argue fat women are (marginally?) less desirable than tall women. I've been a fatty-chan (200 lbs) and can guarantee I got no attention at that point lmao. Men constantly rag on fat women unless they have a fetish and even then they usually keep it a secret.
I do think men have issues dating women who are taller than them, though. Not sure if it's insecurity like >>36163 said, but can attest to men who are shorter than me rejecting my advances meanwhile taller men make advances towards me.

Anonymous 36890

There are many reasons:
Before be humans, female primates gro up her breasts when she is ovulating.
With the passing of the years, female primates "cheats" other primates still having huge breast even not ovulating for playing with zeal of other primates to negotiate, sex in exchange for something.
Thereupon breast is a sexual symbol.


For psychoanalysts a children associate pleassure with feed and as the first thing know as "feed" is a breast, psychologically it is highly probable that become a erotic symbol in the subconscious.
Then Breast are sexys.


For the above reasons, is normal that mostly men have made the breasts something culturally desirable, most on men/young guy groups.

Anyway not all men like huge breast or think that is a need for to find a woman beautiful.

Anonymous 36897


Being bigger girl with tiny tits is the worst fate possible.

Anonymous 36899


Lose the weight, get a trim waist, and keep the bucking surfboard, you'll feel better

Anonymous 36904

Well depends, some people have skewed perceptions of what "tiny tits" and what is defined as a big girl, you probably look fine

Anonymous 36905

Are you pear shaped though? There's hope if you've got hips. Just shred weight and you'll still pull off looking womanly.
t. a-cup who used to be a fatty-chan

Anonymous 36953

men want to impregnate women, so boobs

Anonymous 40132


Fucking troons ruining this board

Anonymous 40141

this thread is a disaster

Anonymous 42162

its because theyre hidden
titties arent a thing in those primitive tribes where no one wears clothes, when science researchers talk them about how obsessed modern society is with breasts and see them as sex related they laugh and ask if the men are all babies

Anonymous 42168

>titties arent a thing in those primitive tribes where no one wears clothes,
That's not true though. Humans are pretty much the only mammals with breasts when they're not pregnant for a reason.

Anonymous 42169

Don't you like them? They are soft warm cushons.
It's not a guy or a lez stuff, it's a matter of good taste.

Anonymous 42204

Why do girls like tall guys?
Neither trait, large breasts or tall height, are actually evolutionarily better and in fact correlate with higher death and lower fitness.
Humans are just dumb

Anonymous 42205

In fact there's research showing both that tall people and short live longer.

Anonymous 42210

Isn't tall better for fighting and various physical stuff?

Anonymous 42211

not really, the advantages come down to muscle mass
For example: lanklet trying to fight a bear-mode manlet is going to get demolished
Obviously, a muscular tall person will have an advantage over a muscular short person, but it takes more food and exercise to maintain.

Anonymous 42212

>>42204 is either a jealous breastlet or a short man and is full of shit, but it depends.
Taller men are on average faster, but they can be less agile too.
If you have two guys with the same weight but different heights the taller one will probably have a bigger wingspan and the shorter one will have more muscles.
On average yeah, they are stronger, but due to longer bones they also have a hard time gaining muscles.

Anonymous 42218

bc they're squishy

Anonymous 42221

Everyone loves big boobs, they're cute and fun to play with.
Also it's a very intimate part of a girl's body. I only let someone I care to touch mine. It shows affection.

Anonymous 42224

It doesn't matter how much muscle the guy has if he gets a hit to the head. Unless a person trains for it head hits knock you out in one. Lanklet just needs to not be skeleton tier and his reach and wind up should put the short guy out.

Anonymous 42243

>Attraction to breasts "is a brain organization effect that occurs in straight males when they go through puberty," Young told Live Science. "Evolution has selected for this brain organization in men that makes them attracted to the breasts in a sexual context, because the outcome is that it activates the female bonding circuit, making women feel more bonded with him. It's a behavior that males have evolved in order to stimulate the female's maternal bonding circuitry."

As for large breasts, it's indicative of fertility, good nutrition and genetic stock. Which are all closely intertwined. Preference for the largest breasts is just social conditioning that isn't even societywide or very popular outside of being a novelty. I think most men prefer shapeliness over size, which means medium to small in most cases, but that again may be more social as some cultures apparently like droopy breasts.

Anonymous 42244

I think they want both, shape and size, but most of them would put size over shape.

On average, I think the popularity would be something like: big>medium>very big>very small>small.

Anonymous 42245

head is a moving target and not so easy to hit, most fights end up in some sort of grappling where muscle mass is better than pure height

Anonymous 42246

It depends, real life brawls are quite different than UFC fights. You don't want to go to the ground IRL, thought it sometimes happens whatever you want or not.

Anonymous 42253


Anonymous 42265

shape > size

Anonymous 42366

I've read it's because it reminds them of their mom.
I don't know how that explains guys that don't have moms with big boobs.

Anonymous 42371

they are probably the guys who like small boobs

Anonymous 43698

delicate bone structure > big boobs

Anonymous 43699

woah someone with taste

Anonymous 43700

so where do I find a male with this taste, though

Anonymous 43702

A lot of guys prefer that type. They don't even care if all you have are nipples.

Anonymous 43703

He never leaves his room or at best goes from his house to work and back never going anywhere else.

Anonymous 43715

If you don't have tangible proof, don't say this and give us booblets hope!

Anonymous 43717


Lurk imageboards longer than a year and it should become quite obvious that for many they are not only prefered but idealized.
The cowtits vs cuttingboards infighting is not something new.

Anonymous 43721

DFC is a term for a reason.

Anonymous 43723

There are equally as many comments about guys who like small boobs being closet pedos or closet gays. Booblets can't even be happy about some guys liking their body type because both get made fun of. Yeah, I'm pessimistic.

Anonymous 43724

I think a lot of guys who have a penchant for small breasts end up developing a fetish for East Asians or become iredeemable weebs due to how forcefully western media pushes giant boobs as the definitive standard of feminine beauty.

Anonymous 43725

Insecure about big boobs? Idgi

Anonymous 43727

People who actually think men only like big boobs are stupid as hell. Stop making ‘booblets’ feel insecure and hopeless over absolute bullshit

Anonymous 43728

And what does this have to do with a guy being mocked as a closet pedo or homo if he likes small boobs? Normie women with small boobs don't date weeb guys but the guys they do date probably get teased by their male friends for their preferences.
Also, many older Japanese porn actresses I've seen (no judging, please) have big boobs which I utterly lack.

Anonymous 43729

What does somebody making fun of somebody who is attracted to you have to do with… well, you?
I don't understand.

Anonymous 44072


Anonymous 44082


Anonymous 44084

>big heavy boobs
If it had said big ROUND or big PERKY boobs, it probably would have gotten more votes.

Moreover, this random internet poll tells us more or less nothing.

How old were the participants? From which countries do they hail from? Did someone cast more than 1 vote to throw off the results? Perhaps a few of the votes also came from lesbian women.

Anonymous 44097


Anonymous 44936

Its basically, if they are not taller, they will not send messages. Its actually simple

Anonymous 44950

Very few guys think like this. Stop coping, it won't help anyone

Anonymous 44956

You're right. Men are extremely picky to the point of absurdity, the 80/20 thing is projection. I think most women are femcels, actually, and most of us have low standards about looks.

Anonymous 44957

Almost every guy thinks the best tits are on the girl who will let him touch them.

Anonymous 44967

Don't worry. He can cuddle you and be that much closer to your heart without all the extra meat getting inbetween. Don't beat yourself up over it. It'll be okay.

Anonymous 44976

dunno if it's just pure wishful thinking or just guys trying to be nice and going full NAMALT just to push up our self esteem, but reality doesn't work this way.
Yes, big boobs are extremely important and can compensate almost every fault in a woman's body, from an ugly face to a fat belly.
I honestly don't blame them: big boobs are just too cute.
There's no hope for us flatties, and that's the way it is. We don't have to like it, just to deal, and lying is not a good way to face reality.

Anonymous 44977

you sound exactly like men who're like 175cm tall talking about their height. please stop this self-destructive obsession

Anonymous 44978

Men who prefer small boobs are obnoxiously vocal about it, same as men who prefer tall women

Anonymous 44984

How is she being self-destructive? She's just being realistic.
She didn't whine about having small boobs or hate on men for their visual preferences.

Anonymous 44987

>how is being obsessive about one specific quality of your body and giving up all hope to be found attractive thanks to it self-destructive
it's a mystery

>She's just being realistic

No, she really is not. Stop this femcel garbage

Anonymous 44992

As a tall girl with a flat chest TRUST that those vocal men are a very small minority of the male population. They might seem amplified to you because you are shorter and well-endowed.
No one likes my kind in reality. ._.

Anonymous 44994

You probably intimidate shorter men, but they might respond better if you make the first moves

Anonymous 45001


There are exactly two complaints that every single tall woman I have ever known in real life has made.
1. The world and all public places, especially bars, are crawling with shorter men who try to flirt in overly direct, arrogant, and/or offputting ways.
Most common example: "Every time I go out to a club, the shortest man in the entire building just swaggers over and asks me to dance."
This is commonly supplemented by a complaint about the few men in the club who were taller than her having arrived with dates or focused their attention on much shorter women.

2. The reason she does not date men who are shorter than her is because short men are too intimidated by her.

These are both said by the same women, often in the same conversation. I no longer take tall girls at their word regarding item 2, since I've personally seen them dealing with item 1. Not saying item 1 isn't bad. It doesn't look pleasant. It's just not possible for it to coexist with #2.

Anonymous 45021

Because they want to be jerked off while drinking their partner’s breast milk. Also fertility.

Anonymous 45022

Because beauty magazines and designer fashion are ran by straight females and literally homosexual men. If the clothes were chosen or designed by straight males most outfits would look like they came out of porno mags.

Anonymous 45058

I think the problem is both those features together. I.e. guys who like small boobs probably value 'cuteness' and, therefore, also have a preference for short bodies.

Anonymous 45074

You can't deny that some women discriminate against men shorter than themselves in the dating world and some men think small boobs are a complete dealbreaker. Of course, there are women who prefer short men or don't give a fuck about height and some men prefer small boobs or even flat chests, but would you say they're the majority?
Acknowledging that such visual preferences exist and you can't appeal to the majority is being realistic. Maybe her saying "there's no hope for us" sounded too dramatic but who doesn't exaggerate a little when they talk about negative things.

Anonymous 45088

Is this true? Do men actually want milkies, or is it just a meme?

Anonymous 45090

I'm pretty sure lactation is a very common fetish. Why would this surprise you?

Anonymous 45095

I didn't think it was popular. It seems kinda wierd to me.

Anonymous 45098

>330 replies

Just get implants you fucking incels

Anonymous 45104

Anonymous 45116



Every fetish seems popular on the internet because everything is available. It’s far from unheard of, but I don’t think lactation fetish is actually that common. See pic related. It is a massively male preferred fetish relative to female preference though.

Anonymous 45124

This makes me so sad. I already don't get as much attention sexually on my breasts as much as I'd like with males and switching over to women looks like that'd make it even less likely.

Anonymous 45128

>tfw have mainly male fetishes
I suspected as much, RIP me.

I'm surprised most of these men aren't into rapeplay though? Perhaps it's the sample that's made it lean that way, but isn't conquering and dominance the main part of male sexuality?

Anonymous 45132

most men don't want to hurt women

Anonymous 45138

>Fucking an animal is more socially acceptable than fucking a corpse

Anonymous 45194

Like everything else related to attraction, it's not really a reason you can put into words. I'm sure deep down it has something to do with breast feeding, but when I've asked guys it usually just comes down to "they look great","they feel great", or "I love sucking on them". Nothing really complicated.

Anonymous 45647

>lactation is more taboo than penis in shithole.

Anonymous 45651

It does seem weird at first, but the reason it is ranked as high as it is is likely due to the context of the male side of a lactation fetish, which usually ties into a mother complex. The incestuous vibes are what make it more taboo.

Anonymous 45660

>males dominating a woman fetish
>all these men who get off on dominating and controlling women

I don't think beta moids are necessarily a good representative of men

Anonymous 45671

Yeah, I think the sample is biased towards guys who use the internet more often than "Chads" would.
Hence the femdom popularity when men by nature prefer dominating women. This is good since it lets me know some "betas" are safe though! I'd prefer that over a"Chad" anyway.

Sucks for anons wanting sub chads ig.

Anonymous 45705

but that's just a false stereotype. If you look at lactation fetish videos it mostly features a husband and wife, otherwise if it did tie into mother complex/incestuous vibes then there would be a lot of weird diaper/ageplay videos tied into the lactation fetish.

I'm just surprised that the tabooness of sodomy and lactation have completely switched in todays age.

Anonymous 45748

Most men aren't into slapping women around or forcing themselves upon them. They'll humor you with roleplay because they feel like they have to "do the male thing". Rape and sexual violence are only really a common thing in settings where other humans are dehumanized, such as war. Or literal african shithole countries.

Anonymous 45764

If you're brave enough to go on r9k, you'll notice there's a significant contingency of men on there who are completely convinced that women and only women enjoy things like rapeplay and violence and that all the men who practice these things are only pretending so they can get laid. It's quite a strange little rabbit hole to go down. They get so tantalizingly close to achieving self awareness, I almost feel sorry for them.

Anonymous 45766

> Rape and sexual violence are only really a common thing in settings where other humans are dehumanized, such as war. Or literal african shithole countries.

what a delusional fuck, kek
can tell you're a retarded white moid btw

Anonymous 45773

>statement doesn't agree with my views
>must be delusional and a moid

Anonymous 45803

>say something obviously delusional that only a extremely autistic, mentally retarded male identified woman or a moid would say
>get surprised when someone calls you a delusional moid

You can't be this fucking dumb to type out the naivete you just wrote.. you know as early as the 90s America was experiencing high sexual violence and rape rates. Serial killer-rapists were more common than ever before in the U.S and even some European countries during the 20th century. Like lmao..

Anonymous 45804

>you know as early as the 90s America was experiencing high sexual violence and rape rates.
Actually from 1990 to 1995 the rate of rape in the US was cut in half.

Anonymous 45805

It was much higher than it was today, which is my point. And yes, I know it was declining into the 2000s.

Anonymous 45806


anon, i feel like there's no point in responding. these fuckers are trying to bait us. i agree with everything you're saying and have gotten sucked into similar arguments on here today. they are out in force this week.

Anonymous 45807

And it was lower than in the '80s. Your point doesn't make sense.

Anonymous 45809

I have double d’s and their annoying. I have to dress like a nun or everyone stares.
I’ve had big boobs and was under weight but were completely natural.
True. I’ve never been made fun of. Only stared at.

Anonymous 45819

YOUR point still doesn't make sense. the 1980's is the still contemporary past ffs

Anonymous 45821

fuck it's so hard. This place is a dumpster fire with all the obnoxious scrotes and girls who were too male identified/autistic to post on lolcow. I cant believe 2 years later this is what this place has come to.

Anonymous 45831


I struggle believe that this is true when things like pic related are also true, it doesn't add up. Mainstream male sexuality is violent, that's just how it is.
And as for rape stats, sure. That's good. But irrelevant to my original point since these are still their fantasies and I do not want to engage in this in a relationship.
Yes, I've seen these as I used to lurk there regularly. I believe it is either the rare sub man (such as those who took the survey in >>45116 ), or they're just shifting the responsibility of their sick desires onto "muh society" and "muh roasties" since they feel some shame.

ffs if you're going to be a sadist at least be honest about it. I am.

Anonymous 45832

Wait, what? so you are a sadist but others being sadists bothers you?

Anonymous 45835

Only insofar as it makes finding a compatible partner much harder since most men are doms and most women are subs.
If a couple is consenting idgaf, I don't necessarily agree with the tweet but it gives a quick reference.
I'm not a hypocrite, just frustrated.

That said, I don't need to engage in extreme BDSM to be satisfied. Vanilla is fine, I just never want to be dominated. And having a partner who begrudgingly abstains while still wanting to beat/cut/electrocute women is also not desirable. I want both of us to be comfortable and satisfied to some degree.

Anonymous 45837

That's fair

Anonymous 45918

Maybe you should lay off the crime and punishment channel for a bit. Delusional.

Anonymous 45972

literally look up top porn searches by men and you'll see things like japanese and milf, bondage is much lower.

Anonymous 45980

Huge milk

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