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Anonymous 31801

Why do guys like huge breasts?

Anonymous 31802

because it's hot and sexual

Anonymous 31804

Babies. Either theirs or themselves.

Anonymous 31806


Because flat chested girls are reminiscent of children and only sick people want to fuck children. Big boobs are womanly.

Anonymous 31807

Basically this, humans have very primitive senses of what's (biologically) hot. Wide hips, big breasts etc. Luckily many guys are more diverse in their tastes so being (sticc) won't be the death of you.

Anonymous 31808

Nta but pear shaped girls with big hips and butt and no tiddy exist.

Not male but bi and I like tiddy because jiggly. I also like big butts and soft bellies (to a point) for the same reason. Jiggle hot.

Anonymous 31809

They only like it because they think they will be insecure about it or because they are pedos.

Anonymous 31810

Big thighs are much more womanly

Anonymous 31811

Most men don't actually like big breasts though, because to get them you have to be kind of chubby 95% of the time, and they don't like that. Unless they are fake of course.

Anonymous 31814

soooo are you a chestlet or something? remember, men and women can have big thighs, women(female) however- are the only ones who can have big boobs

Anonymous 31815

some men like to squish their penis between them it doesn't work if you are flat chested

Anonymous 31816

yes but most of the time they are attached to a fat person. Take the OP pic for example, if she weren't wearing such a revealing outfit she would look very plain.
Not that she's ugly or anything, just kind of chubby and unremarkable

Anonymous 31818


Why do gals like swole lads?

Anonymous 31822

Aren’t big thighs also attached to fat people mostly?

Anonymous 31823

are you saying no man can genuinely be attracted to thin or flatchested women?

Anonymous 31824

I just asked my brother.
"Breasts are a visually distinct female trait that indicate not just that the person is female, but a fertile adult. The attraction to larger breasts has varying causes, but seems often related to the development of male sexuality in puberty seeing pre-pubescent girls as 'off limits' and non-mature but adult women, easily distinguished by their larger breasts, as desirable and potentially a sexual partner'. Plus, more to play with."
That's my brother. I love him anyway

Anonymous 31827

were you browsing /fit/?

Anonymous 31828

You think that girl is "chubby and unremarkable"?

Anonymous 31830

She is wearing one of those waist-tightening things and those renaissance dresses make your tits look a whole lot bigger than they really area.
She's not ugly, just looks like a normal woman.

Anonymous 31831

Her face is way above average and her tits seem to be pushed up to the max, I doubt they're that big. I think overall in normal clothes she would look more "normal" breasts-wise but the rest is way above average.

Anonymous 31832

Maybe we see different people where we live, to me she looks like an average university student or office lady.

Anonymous 31833

If she looks average to you you must be a 10/10 or live amongst them. She looks gorgeous to me and I don't see many people like her.

Anonymous 31834

She is clearly attractive - symmetrical face, no visible blemishes, and the chin and arms suggest she is at least not considerably overweight (though as miner1 points out the dress limits our judgment). By the way, we don't even know if she actually has big breasts, she's in costume and that level of cleavage is really easy to fake. (You can even find guides here on bismuth bakery)

"Plain" never made sense to me as an insult even though in English it has been used as a synonym for ugly for ages (famously in the opening words of A Tale of Two Cities, even). Plain is beautiful. Guys aren't looking for a unicorn horn sticking out of your head or something "extra" to be beautiful, they want a 'normal' looking face. One that's not fat, doesn't have dark circles or wrinkles, not riddled in acne, has good proportions.

Anonymous 31835

Very well written, I agree completely.

Anonymous 31837


She looks like Jenna Fischer, who's pretty enough to be the waifu of many normies. You don't have to be model-hot to be attractive.

Anonymous 31838

Something else worth noting is she’s wearing minimal makeup if any. If you give a girl like this the same dermatologist and makeup artist as someone like Scarlett Johansson or Ariana Grande she’d definitely be what we perceive as a 10/10 since she already has great skin and symmetry. Conversely, if you strip these celebrities of their resources we’d all be talking about how normal, plain, average, etc they are.

Anonymous 31841

The girl in OP is way more attractive IMO.
Completely agree.

Anonymous 31849

I agree with you here.

Anonymous 31850

they can, it's just that VERY few genuinely like it unless it is associated with one of those two things.

Anonymous 31854


because give me warm give me soft

Anonymous 31855


Anonymous 31858

you have to go back

Anonymous 31859

I think it's a personal taste think more than an absolute fact that men like big tits.
Men like boobs and have a very limited scope of what their "ideal" is between subjects, but I think personal taste is more significant when figuring out why [insert random boy] likes big udders.
If we must generalize, I'd say that men would care more about a woman not being fat (they have a different definition of fat than most miners) or being """natural beautiful""" than having E-cups. Models are usually a B cup and they have boyfriends.

And pic related is an attractive, but not unrealistic, girl. Her boobs are pushed up and she's wearing a stay because renaissance fair, but she's pretty. Leave it to the lady image board to use a thread about big tits to bash the girl used for pic related lmao.

Anonymous 31860


Anonymous 31892

I mean, I like big tiddies too. They're just extremely pleasing to look at.

Anonymous 31904

i hate other women with big breasts

Anonymous 31907

lmao why?

Anonymous 31908


Anonymous 31909

Lmfao, there's nothing wrong with that, everyone is beautiful in their own way :)

Anonymous 31912

They're soft and nurturing. They're microcosms for the ideal woman, and the more breast you have the more woman you are.

Anonymous 31922

Not really, if there's too much it's a sign of obesity and obese women have high testosterone and lower fertility, but you sound like an American or some fat fetishist going out their way to justify why they think their preference is better

Average sized or proportion to a healthy BMI is ideal to be most feminine, soft, nuturing and fertile, you know, the boobs made from hormones and genetics and not from eating chocolate cake everyday, weird I know it's rare to see women like that in America

As to the obsession with them, they're really only obsessed over in hick-towns in America because it's seen as a status symbol, most other countries and areas just look for proportion, shape, perkiness, etc, not "how big and disgusting your tits get is how attractive you are"

Anonymous 31923


For the same reasons I like big breasts. They’re nice to look at and fun to squeeze.

Anonymous 31925

You don't have to be fat to have big breasts.

Anonymous 31933

Buf if you start with small tiddies you gotta eat big to get big

Anonymous 31934

right babe?

Anonymous 31937

Not always the case. I know bigger girls with tiny tits and skinny girls with proportionately large breasts from birth control

Anonymous 31940

Get them Rich Piana pecs.

Anonymous 31953

Yeah proportionally, most Americans have no clue what that means though and just assume the fatter they are then they'll be an uwu curvy goddess

Anon was also trying to pull the "bigger the better" which is why I brought up obesity

Anonymous 31962

Anonymous 31973

>implying everyone is american

Anonymous 31985

Nice pecs, what's your bench?

Anonymous 31987

I guess it's over for chestlets like us. We only have ourselves.
Thankfully I'm bi with a strong tendency towards women and like boobs of all sizes.

Anonymous 31988

It sure is with that defeatist attitude.

Anonymous 31991

It's not defeatist, it's just being realistic. Look at this thread!

Anonymous 31994

The entire thread agrees that it's up to personal taste, so there's nothing wrong with being a chestlet.

Anonymous 32025

I have medium boobs but I prefer small breasts, especially if they're far apart, I find them really cute, feminine and sexy, I like running my hands over them and they're funnier to tease

Anonymous 32026

They like whatever the cute girl in front of them has. Small boobs are cuter in most clothes anyway.
t. titcow

Anonymous 32027

Precisely. Personal taste.

Anonymous 32028

Don't know why people keep equating big boobs with being fat. Plenty of flat fatties out there. Of course your boobs will get bigger if you gain weight, but so will everything else. It's like you don't think >D cups exist.

Anonymous 32029


Anonymous 32033

Usually it goes hand in hand, the whole "bigger the better" thing is dumb though imo

Anonymous 32034

it doesn't though. when guys say they like big boobs, they mean they like boobs that look big in relation to the torso, not big barrel shaped bodies. and "bigger the better" is as dumb as any other random beauty standard. "smaller the better" is just as dumb.

Anonymous 32035

This. It's all about proportions and frame.

Anonymous 32038

And why do you think some guys like small breasts?

Anonymous 32039

Personal preference?

Anonymous 32044

perkiness. big boobs are rarely perky, the OP pic looks like the only thing holding up her boobs is the corset. smaller boobs hold their own more often than large boobs.

Anonymous 32047


because you can do all kind of things with them

Anonymous 32049

>they mean they like boobs that look big in relation to the torso, not big barrel shaped bodies
good joke, I knew women who had very petite frames but big boobs for their frames, who men overall made fun of for so-called "small tits" but turned around and worshiped a fat girl with DD tits who had an inverted ass and no hips

see how
are barrell shaped fat girls with big tits but still get worshiped because big boobs

obviously some are smart enough to look for attractive propotional female bodies but some of their minds think nothing but big boobs = feminine sexy goddess

Anonymous 32056



Sorry, had to

Anonymous 32059

No one with a small frame and porpotionately big tits gets made fun of. If you're called a chestlet you're probably a chestlet.

Anonymous 32060


Anonymous 32062


They do in fat-majority places like America

You honestly just sound like you don't know what you're talking about and just keep assuming rather than listening and understanding

Yes, I've seen people, mostly from obese areas, call women who have proportionally larger boobs compared to a very small frame, flat chested

In fact I've seen people claim women like Scarlett Johanson, Marilyn Monroe, or the amount of males who ranted about how Victoria secret models are "literally toddlers" despite most of them being at least a C

I don't know why you're so insistent on trying to claim "this doesn't happen!!"

Anonymous 32063

>0 likes on the picture

Anonymous 32066

Are you trying to imply those are big breasts? They're average at most, and that's because they're squeezed into padded push-ups. I'm not even American and my country has a smaller bust size average but you just seem salty for no reason. Chill, no one cares that much.

Anonymous 32067

You're being silly. It ain't about being fat, its just that breast implants and shoopin' and anime girls make guys think that regular large boobs aren't big enough

Anonymous 32068

Except there are actual big breasts, as in women with big cup sizes with normal weight and small frame. The models she posted don't have them. You sound as stupid as "real women have curves" fat SJWs.

Anonymous 32069

They're big compared to their body IMO, especially since the amount of fat on their breasts compares a lot to their body fat % overall, but most certainly not "flat chested" or "like that of a toddler" like people insisted, just comes to show thus again proving my point that proportion means fuck-all

>that's because they're squeezed into padded push-ups.

You can still tell they have a decent amount of fat on their breasts, flat-chested women can't have that sort of cleavage

>I'm not even American and my country has a smaller bust size average but you just seem salty for no reason. Chill, no one cares that much.

Congrats on missing my point anyway, but I don't feel like repeating myself over and over again so I'll just let you figure it out yourself. And of course "lol why are you so mad xD it's not like I totally wasn't debating you either" defense

You are literally retarded if you are going to deny the fact that proportions have been completely thrown out the window just for people to cling to "how fat you are is how curvy you are" and calling well proportioned women flat, there's picture proof of it happening, hell just Google "Victorias secret models flat" and there's millions of people who believe this is flat chested

Now try to respond without contradicting yourself and clinging onto "lol so salty xD" while doing the same thing as me.

Anonymous 32070

And can you post a picture of these women? Like actually small frames or ameifat definition of a small frame?

Victoria secret models have a very low body fat % and narrow frame, even if they are wearing push ups you can tell they have a decent amount of fat on their breasts, more than a lot of fat girls actually

>You sound as stupid as "real women have curves" fat SJWs.

The projection is real, not even that anon, this anon is trying to make a legitimate point and the proof is right in front of your face of it happening, they state that it's a thing that happens, and all you do is deny it and compare them to "crazy fat sjws xD", simply for stating that the boob size standards have been fucked up, and you've managed to deny cold hard evidence being shoved in your face but also proved me and the other anons point that you are part of the problem. Good job.

Anonymous 32071

Anonymous 32072

Yawn, proving my point yet again
Thanks anyway

Anonymous 32073

you're a retard. I never said 'real women have curves', i said media makes men expect fucking huge tits and they'll do whatever to get them generally speaking. Truly huge boobs on slim girls, that aren't enhanced are fairly rare. They're just easier to find on heavy girls. Men are idiots.

Anonymous 32075

can we please just delete this thread holy shit
it was probably made by a guy, and even if it wasn't, it doesn't enhance the board at all.

Anonymous 32076

Why? I don't think it breaks any rules.
You can hide threads you know? :^)

Anonymous 32078

It's a good idea to tone it down. The other place is laughing because of this thread.

Anonymous 32079

Anonymous 32084

The difficult to obtain or the rare will always be desirable, unless it's aversive.

Anonymous 32085

If that was true men would look for pert, perkiness, shape, ratio, nipple size, etc. But a lot of them just go for the biggest tits possible

Anonymous 32086

who are you to say what they should look for? why is size any different from any of those qualities?

Anonymous 32087

>anecdotal evidence

Anonymous 32088


Anonymous 32089


Absolutely no man doesn't love VS models. A cup size of C, D, or even B on a slim framed woman is considered desirable almost everywhere in the world today.

Anonymous 32090


Men who can be choosy look for those things much more than sheer size. Look who the most desirable men in the world are with.

Anonymous 32091

I know tons of men who have very clear preferences for small and perky > udders, small nipples and areola > udders, etc

Anonymous 32093


This pic makes me uncomfortable. Her face is way more alluring than boobs.

Anonymous 32094


On that note can I just say I hate when this shit happens? You've got all the money to buy dresses (or get free ones), this isn't necessary. Get cups the size of your breasts goddammit. I see this so often, even in underwear pics and adverts, HOWWWW???

Anonymous 32095


Another example I saw yesterday. Just why… who lets them run around like this

Anonymous 32149


what I really hate is the bitterness and obvious bickering trying to lowkey call all girls with big boobs fat. they're so insecure, they have to bring others down.

Anonymous 32201


Marina's boobs are wack

Anonymous 32202

what a goddess i love her

Anonymous 32203

yeah…definitely a woman

Anonymous 32204


Anonymous 32206

Marina and Rooney Mara in TGWtDT are responsible for my bisexuality.

Anonymous 32215


Because they are babies and babies eat milk from breasts. They are so pathetic, helpless, and childlike some side of their brains remembers feeding from the tits and gets comfort from it. That's why. Pic always related.

Anonymous 32216

In addition to that if they go in the opposite direction and prefer flat chests or small tits it's even worse because they are probably a pedophile. Even more pathetic than the other idiots. The answer is always because men are stupid though.

Anonymous 32218

That OP was confirmed to have been written by a man.

Anonymous 32219

Seriously? But it's so perfect.

Anonymous 32220

How does something like that get confirmed over the internet? And why did he do it?

Anonymous 32221

Post history probably. It's obvious it's a man though.

Anonymous 32233

True been scrolling through this thread an interesting mix of A couple Stacy’s and mostly femcels but they all have this hate towards big breasted woman calling them ugly when they also preach about how all sizes are beautiful quite the conundrum

Anonymous 32234

Some guy on another chan was bragging about it, he said he did it so that he could encourage women to think critically.
It's disappointing, I liked that OP a lot as well.

Anonymous 32236

Thinking the vile men on other chans won’t steal anything they can without a second thought this op could be male or it could be an innocent who was caught in the cross fire another victim of a man trying to boost his ego

Anonymous 32237

The typing style and general use of language was pretty similar, I believe it is more likely it was written by that man than him just stealing it.

Anonymous 32242

Which was the OP written by a man?

Anonymous 32251

I don't have an issue with people liking and wanting big breasts, what I do have an issue with however is
>When we start calling women who clearly have good amounts of breast fat, flat chested
>Making up fake and unproven biology or misunderstanding biology studies on women's bodies, confusing "slightly larger than average" to "gigantic and enormous breasts"
>Trying to erase women's femininity or making them feel "less than" simply for their breast size

Anonymous 32254

The image that >>32215 used

Anonymous 32271

Oh duh, I'm a dumbass lmao. Thank you.

Anonymous 32312


I have small D-cups that fit my frame and the stupid fuckin internet was making me think I was "flat" for a good 2 years there.
Porn is a hell of a drug,

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