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Anonymous 31928

do some people seriously think if they lost 20 pounds pampered themselves that they would no longer be a femcel?
i'm kind of surprised to see people seriously think that
skull shape wont change with soap
and i wont stop stuttering by going to the gym

Anonymous 31929


Confirmed: you wash your feet in the sink

Anonymous 31930

>muh skull shape
Come on now, most femcels (like the male incels) aren't femcels because of their bones. There's a lot of other factors in most cases

Anonymous 31931


well yeah,i act like this now because i grew up ugly
blaming it all on my looks would mean i do not believe there is anything wrong with me
and that's not true
if i woke up a white 6/10 tomorrow my life would become A LOT easier

Anonymous 31935

Sauce on this girl? She's cute.

Anonymous 31936


Anonymous 31938

01. Princess Tutu …

I'd be a lot happier, and that's all that matters tbh.
At 120 I'd probably be slim.

Anonymous 32002

It worked, from my experience.

Was skinny fat, femcel, looked awkward and couldn't act confident to save my life.

Lifted weights a whole bunch, started running, gained a healthy amount of weight, took care of my hair, skin, nails.

Started to pay more attention to my clothes, did subtle make-up and mostly started practicing my form and expressions in the mirror.

It all sounds very extreme, but it worked. Although I still see myself as a femcel.. and people who get to interact with me on a weekly basis definitely know something is off… But from a far, I think I did a pretty good job.

It's just the mental part that takes some time to adjust to the switch. My social situation did change a lot after becoming more attractive and it took a lot of time for me to accept that people actually kinda suck. Like why wasn't I interesting without my looks, I am still the same person within..?

Anyways, I never started this journey with the intention of becoming something I'm not. I simply wanted to make the best out of a bad situation, that is the genetics I'm stuck with for the rest of my life. Give it a go, you never know how it can impact your life positively.

PS: Sorry for any grammar errors, not my native language.

Anonymous 32223

i got a boyfriend recently because i am a femcel. met him on fit too, weird how it happened
anyway i'm losing weight cause i've ballooned up to 80 kg and that's disgustingly overweight

Anonymous 32224

Ok, but skull shape can be hidden by hair and makeup, and hitting the gym is a good way to build confidence. And if you put in the time, you WILL look better, fact.

Anonymous 32227

I'm a late bloomer and only started wearing foundation/concealer (thst didn't match my skintone and probably looked awful) until my senior year of high school. I didn't understand how to do makeup until the later end of my freshman year of college. Once I started understanding makeup, I got so much more attention from people.

(I was skinny fat going into chubby mode due to no clue about good diet/cooking and starting to drink) Once I started understanding cooking and nutrition I got another boost in nutrition. There's definitely a connection, being thinner/attractive gets your foot in the door.

Your English is great, if you hadn't added the apology at the end, I wouldn't have given the post a second thought.

Anonymous 32267

You're only half right.
I used to be legit ugly in high school and people were very cruel. Luckily I was more resilient back then than I am now since I was still a rebellious kid.
Over time I got prettier (with a ton of effort and research and money sunk into it including a nose job which completely transformed my face) and tbh I am happier, mostly because I'm less insecure… But I'm still insecure about other things. I feel like people take me less seriously, and even though I look better my nervousness and insecurity show on my face which puts people off and they gravitate towards friendly, happy girls who are "fun" and bubbly. People aren't rude to me anymore but that could be just because I'm older and no longer in high school, otherwise I am mostly left alone. My looks might have changed but my personality is the same.

Anonymous 32270

Confidence does wonders. When I was fat I put only the bare minimum into my life because I thought
>I shouldn't wear makeup, it will be like putting lipstick on a pig
>No point in trying to look fashionable if the base looks like shit
>I don't want to talk to attractive people, they are looking down on me
I wasn't even that fat, only a little overweight. What mattered was I was fat in my mind. When I lost weight I felt more comfortable with making jokes and acting cuter.

Anonymous 32275

What about you makes you a femcel ? you must be okay if you have a bf

Anonymous 32280

>Wanted bf so badly growing up
>Always was told the whole "you'd look so great if you lost 20 lbs"
>Yoyo diet (fluctuated between 145-175lbs) my entire young life
>No bf
>Gave up and started binge eating
>Balloons up to 190lbs
>Loses my virginity/got my first bf (he wasn't a chubby chaser either so fuck off)
The "lose weight to get a bf" meme is wrong. Lose weight and get sexy for yourself, not to get some fucking 25 y/o manchild that calls himself an alpha.

Anonymous 32284

I feel stupid for caring about validation from society in terms of looks, but it is something that unfortunately bothers me. I'm slim but I'm not in shape, I think I'd feel more confident and happier if I exercised and toned my body. I KNOW, realistically, I'm not ugly. When I do a full face and put effort into hair etc., I look pretty - but not compared to my friends. I genuinely think it's down to my face. It's not ugly, but it's not attractive when I have no makeup on. I don't have a big nose, my lips are fairly large…I just don't have an attractive face, I guess? I've no idea what surgery would fix it..

Anonymous 32296

Fat on the face makes everyone look like an alien. When fat ppl turn skinny it's like a completely different person steps out.

Anonymous 32299

I didn't really think I was ever ugly but looking back I'm pretty sure I was considered ugly lol. That's what my mom and the kids at school told me anyway. But I was definitely weird and socially fucked (see: emotional and physical abuse). I got smoking hot after high school and was femcel cuz I never learned how to love or even how to flirt or just generally interact with others in a non-threatened way, etc.
The deepest cut was first year of med school when my boyfriend dumped me for a fat, older woman who worked as rad tech. That's when I realized that all the sexist, meme tier dating crap I learned online about a woman's worth being tied to her appearance was not real life at all and that most decent, well-adjusted men (minority of 4chan tbh) care more about being with a fun, sunny, and emotionally available woman over a superficially hot, insecure robot any day.
So yeah, I relate hardcore to this.

Anonymous 32317

he’s definitely a chubby chaser lol

Anonymous 32323

Gain weight to get bf (body fat) seems just about right then.

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